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Is There a Market for My Product?

Updated on June 8, 2013

I recently discovered an interesting book called The Millionaire Fast Lane, by MJ Demarco. I downloaded the first three chapters for free and also listened to many of his Youtube videos. Very interesting concepts.

He really preaches about the “gurus” of life and how they tell people to follow their passion and everything will be ok and you will be rich. He really hates these guys and states that it is a bunch of bull. I liked the analogy he used when he said go to the grocery store and tell them you did not make any money in your business, but you are passionate about it, so let me have my groceries!

Which brings me to the reason for writing my hub. For over 30 years, I have been helping people lower their taxes. I got into it by default. I could not figure out what to do when I was in High School, so my dad suggested accounting. I liked it and I was good at it, so there I was. I only really made good money a few years back when I started to really hone in on the niche market of home based businesses.

I watched a few more of MJ’s videos and he really makes you think about the market for your product. Is there really a market or are you just doing what you love and trying to make a living from that? I am preparing for a course in internet marketing and I have done some blogging, etc in the past few months. I have not had the greatest success, so I decided I would do some market research!

The question is, Is there a market for my product? I have several products which I developed over the years and have sold with modest success. Are they still marketable today? I have a few polls here that I would like you to take if you wish. After taking the polls, you can

click on this link and get a free download of my report 12 Steps to Financial Freedom just for taking the poll. I am going on the honor system here and I appreciate your feedback! Thank you in advance

Update for 2013

It has been almost two years since I originally wrote this piece. It is amazing that nothing has really changed since then. The market is still right...all the time. What confuses me is that the market is always looking for quick fixes.

People in business want long term income, but look for short term fixes. They want the magic pill to:


Weight loss


Relationships and so on.

It is also amazing that 74 people have looked at this hub, yet only 3 voted in the poll.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Good or bad. If it is worthless chatter, let me know. Thx!

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If you are not (or do not know) getting all the deductions, would you pay for that knowledge?

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