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Is Triond a scam?

Updated on April 26, 2014

What is a scam?

First off, let's look at what "scam" actually means to in fact see if triond is just that. We all know what a con is but what are the different criteria for something being a scam.

Sometimes a scam can be very obvious and it can still take people in. its goal IS to take everyone in in its path and leave not a SINGLE person with what was offered or promised - I would term that as a short term or short lived scam, as it cannot last too long.

Sometimes a scam is only semi-scamtastic - seeking to take advantage of those who cannot actually hold the faceless company to account yet allow others to prop their company's reputation up with positive reviews as they have been selected to get some or all of the money promised.

Sometimes, people have just broken the rules and have been caught and THEY in fact were the scammers and they are bitter or unaware of what they have done to deserve the boot or no payment.

Is Triond a scam or not?

I personally believe, and have personally experienced the second of the three mentioned above that they are a scam of sort, let's look at why.

I feel - and pretty much know now - that Triond are semi-scammers. At best, I think they have a very small staff and have a poor way of dealing with customers and are not investing their time in their writers correctly. Relying on others desperation and reaping the rewards most likely.

- I have heard that some people writing for bubblews did not get paid. I personally - so far, to date - have not had any problems with them though have found it hard to get a reply via email from them as many others have also. It is hard to know if these people broke the rules or not and that is why they did not get paid. at least Bubblews's site works. Most of the time. I stuck to the rules with them, I got paid.

In order to 'make some real money' with Triond, you need to have access to adsense. However, when I tried to associate my adsense account I was told - and have been told for over a month of trying - that:

There is a problem on this form. Please correct and resubmit.
SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from ''

All the information I entered was correct. I emailed Triond asking for help and questioned Triond politely about it on their forum about this problem as any normal person would. Triond flagged my question as spam and deleted it. An internet search turns up no real results, or rather, no answers. Just a question outside of Triond's control, sitting in a waste land of silence.

And so now, the Verdict: Scam or Not a Scam?

Triond does not answer this question and you will see this question pop up on google and then disappear. This is down to Triond deleting this question I suspect - and no doubt, others that seem to keep popping up then vanishing.

Sure, I have seen some really stupid threats - I mean, who thinks threats on the internet actually work - I suspect the staff at Triond were laughing quite hard when they read those. All four of them..

I was dubious at first as the site looks like a poor man's Hubpages so I did write the required amount of posts to gain access to adsense - Triond make you write five posts or articles before letting you have access to adsense. All were published and accepted within 10 seconds of being submitted yet took a while - on and off two/three days - to appear.

I can see now that the plan is for me to get annoyed and leave.. and leave my work up, making Triond money or making me droplets of cents. I took the work down and closed my account.

Yes, they are a scam, they might not mean to be but they are through appalling and non-existent customer service which seems to have seen little improvement over the last year or more - avoid them like the plague!


After looking around a little harder and a little further I can deduce that Triond and adsense are no longer working together. Triond no longer have access to adsense's API code and therefore anyone writing for them will not have it either.

There are also many suggestions that the site has just been left on autopilot with someone or some people keeping things ticking over.

I cannot think of any reason now why anyone would/should want to go and invest time in a misleading, abandoned, and slowly sinking ship.


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    • Tyler Bracken profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Bracken 

      4 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      No problem :)

    • RanaKm profile image


      4 years ago

      Oh wow, I just submitted an article there but when I checked the section under my pending button, I found no articles at all so I clicked on the back button on my browser and I gained access to the article that I wrote and I submitted again then I found it under that pending section, now after reading your review I believe you! It seems honest.

      I'm deleting that article now and I will be posting it on another site. Thank you!

    • Tyler Bracken profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Bracken 

      4 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Yes, I think they are just on autopilot.. I have been told by many people that adsense do not work with them anymore for some reason to it is not possible to link your adsense up. Pretty sure they are the same people behind the personalpaper website.

    • HLesley profile image

      Lesley Hebert 

      4 years ago from New Westminster, BC Canada

      I also recently joined Triond because I found the process of writing an article, adding images and posting painlessly easy. It took a couple of days for my first two articles to get accepted, and then the views went crazy for a couple of days., and I quickly received a badge for 5000 impressions (views). I was pleasantly surprised and posted some more articles, but none of the other articles have garnered any traffic. In addition the popularity of my first two articles now seems to have tanked, so my earnings have ceased to grow. When I had 5 articles posted I tried to link to Adsense and got the same error message. I checked the Triond community forum and found a lot of angry people who had received the same message.

      I also tried Googling my articles and they didn't show up in any searches, which doesn't bode well for future earnings.

      I am now thinking of taking my modest earnings and deleting my articles so that I can post them elsewhere.

    • Writer David profile image

      Writer David 

      5 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I briefly was at Triond a few years back. I realized quickly it was a total waste of time. You are right, they are a scam. But, just as importantly, Adsense is a scam itself just by using your rule of "...Sometimes a scam is only semi-scamtastic - seeking to take advantage of those who cannot actually hold the faceless company to account." That is Adsense in a nutshell. Once you start making money, they interpret that as "invalid click activity." They get free advertising all over the internet by gullible users and then take your money when you actually start to make money.


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