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Is Your Job Absolutely Redundant? Do Not Panic

Updated on April 5, 2017


In today’s society, it is okay to say that employers usually face scenarios of being redundant in their job. Redundancy mainly occurs when businesses feel the need to lessen their workforce. The job market in the 21st century has become very competitive and getting jobs has become severe. Many companies all over the world are looking forward to outsourcing services, especially to developing countries, and they are sincerely attempting to decrease costs and gain profits. It is critical to check if your job is redundant. If it is true, consequently it is imperative that you act smart and improve the chances of sustaining your position for a longer duration than your peers.

The 3 Most Certified Categories of Jobs in the World

Jobs mainly fall into three categories which include technical, sales, and administrative. If you come under the category of administrative and technical, then your position is riskier. The main reason being those two jobs are usually outsourced by companies as the pay is much lesser for better designers overseas. The business practices change over time; positions and skills that are highly priced today may not have a high demand in the coming years. Anybody’s job for that matter is not safe, and they may become subjected to redundancy.

How to Easily Check If Your Job Is Redundant

If you are at a risk of redundancy, it is imperative to check if your employer has separated you from the people you work with because you are disabled, pregnant, or older. There are chances that due to sex discrimination and because you are a woman caring for a relative that your employer is making the job of people with minimum flexible hours redundant. Whatever may be the situation, checking is your job redundant is crucial as you can challenge your redundancy and contact the nearest Citizen advice.

Simple Features to Check for Fair Redundancy

You must also check if you are a part of unified redundancy and whether more than 20 people are redundant. It is eminently obligatory that the employer conducts a collective consultation in such group redundancy. If you have been working with a company for two years, it is important that you even check if your redundancy is genuine. The employer must have a real reason to terminate you from the job. The reasons for termination could be a decline in business, the location of business has moved to a different place, the company has stopped operating, or your skills are no longer required.


There is no need to feel humiliated if your job is redundant, as in the job market today, it is a fact of life. Three things you must consider if you have a feeling that your job is redundant. Those mainly include reviewing your financial situation, establishing a daily routine, and talking to the support networks. One must not panic and try their best to look out for alternative options. These three things must be done straight away in case of redundancy.

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