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Is Your Website Customer-Repellant? Make it an Ideal Website

Updated on August 26, 2014

In today’s Internet-driven world, your website is the sole face of your business and is supposed to attract, engage and then convert your visitors into your buyers. But what if it acts like a customer-repellent and instead of attracting visitors, it is pushing them away?

As a leading software development company, we understand that driving highly-targeted traffic to your website is actually a time-consuming and costly process. So what every one of us wants is that the visitors who are coming to your website don’t leave and, especially if it is because of something that could have been easily prevented.

Slow Load Time

What do you do when you land on a SUPER-SLOW website? You don’t show mercy on the website and keep on waiting till it loads completely. It is always so frustrating, and most of us won’t return to such a website again because of the horrible experience we had.

According to a recent survey from the online marketing giant KISSmetrics, almost 47 percent of the visitors expect a website to load as soon as they click ENTER. The study shows that most of the visitors wait for 2 seconds for a website to load and 40 percent of the visitors abandon websites that takes more than 3 seconds to open up.

Remedy- First of all, check out the speed of your website. You will get a lot of online tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix performance report for your website which will tell you the website’s speed and other performance details. These free tools not only provide you a score and grade, but also give you some suggestions to improve the overall speed and performance of your website.

Don’t Force people to Registration

We know that the websites also act as an efficient lead-generation tool and in order to get maximum leads in the form of email IDs and other contact details, website owners force their visitors to register on the website. The lengthy registration forms are only going to annoy your users and most of them tend to go away from your website. Why are you asking for their information without providing them any valuable details?

A lot of websites display pop-ups immediately after the webpages loads or even in worse cases, some of them keep their blog content and require an email registration to view the content. These things tend to push your visitors away. Instead of trying these annoying things, one should rather focus on providing quality content, your visitors will automatically sign-up for your updates. All you have to do is make them fall in love with your content.

Remedy- Your primary focus should be on providing value to your visitors and you will start growing naturally. If you want to convert your visitors before they leave your website, you should rather use a pop-up which features exit-intent technology which displays the offer once the visitor is planning to leave the website. According to a survey by Bounce Exchange, a majority of 70 to 96 percent of the visitors who have abandoned your website once would never return.

Avoid Music and Animations

Few years back, some web developers thought of introducing music and animations on the websites to attract engage visitors. Most of the outsourcing web development company India will tell you that NOBODY wants to hear cheesy music or animations on your websites if you are not providing them anything relevant. You need to understand one thing here- web designing is constantly evolving and music and animations have taken a back-seat long back. In addition to that, these things are going to slow down your website’s loading time.

Remedy- Almost all the top web development companies will advise you to focus on simple website designs which have fast loading times and allow your visitors to get the product or services they are looking for immediately. If your visitors aren’t able to find out what they are looking for easily, they are likely to leave your website.

Poor Layout and Navigation

You website should be designed in such a manner that your visitors must be able identify how to navigate the whole page on every device they are using.

If your visitors are not able to locate your menu options or the “BUY” button easily, they will become irritated and leave the website. Your website might have the best content, products or services, but if your visitors are not able to locate it properly on your website, it is of no use.

Remedy- visit any top software development company website and you will find it easily navigating with all the things properly organized in its place. You should have a single navigation menu that which is clearly defined and hence, easy to access. Try to keep your website responsive so that it provides a seamless experience across all devices- laptops, smartphones and tablets. Make the navigation experience effortless.

Analysis is one of the most crucial things. Analyze what your visitors are looking for on your website. In order to get a complete insight of what your users are doing on your website, use online heat map tools such as Crazy Egg, which helps you to identify the most surfed or popular areas of your website. These tools even tell you how far your visitors are scrolling and what your visitors are doing with your page. You can also check my last blog when should you redesign your business website.

Presentation is of course an important aspect of website design but what matters the most is an ORDERED PRESENTATION. Try to keep the things in order keeping your visitor’s usage habits in mind.


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