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Is a Home Based Business for You?

Updated on June 16, 2014

Home Based Business

Are you looking for a great home based business? I have spent years looking and researching what the best home based business would be for me. The first thing that I have done is to make a list of what I love in my life. Once I had the list I made another list for each one, of the jobs or businesses that I could start because of my love of these things.

Finding the perfect business for you is not an easy task, and not all of us are cut out to be small business owners. For those of us that are, it takes patience and determination. You will not make very much money, if any the first year you are in business, so if you are looking to make a quick buck this is not for you.

I have done just about everything that direct sales have to offer. There are some really great companies out there. Right now I am selling for Tupperware and Tastefully Simple. This stems from my love of cooking and storing things.

In order to make direct sales work for you it is important that you are not afraid to put yourself out there and ask for bookings, or talk about your product. No one will know that you are selling a product if you don’t talk about it! One other thing, you must have a love and a passion for your product as well.

I have a love of cooking and my pets, my three red Pomeranians to be exact. So, I decided to start a dog treat business from my home. With all the recalls on pet treats I am naturally concerned about what might be in them. I want my pets to have nutritious treats that I have made myself.

You must find what you love, there’s the key to your home based business. Always keep in mind that building a business takes time and effort so, don’t be discouraged.

Home Based Business

Different Direct Sales Businesses

One of the direct sales businesses that I have worked for is Creative Memories. This is a home based direct sales business that deals in quality scrapbook supplies. I enjoyed working as a consultant for this company, but due to the area that I live in it didn’t work out the way that I thought it would.

However, this was very early in my search for the best direct sales company for me and I was not very good at putting myself out there. So, my failure here was my failure not the company’s.

I worked for Home Interiors back in the day. They are now out of business, but I didn’t do badly with that company.

Stampin’ Up was another company that I worked in direct sales with. This is a great company, but once again I didn’t put myself out there and tell everyone that I was selling it. Then again, people were buying there stamps on sale at the local craft store.

Right now I am working in direct sales with Tastefully Simple, and Tupperware. I have found that the best thing to sell is the product that is consumable. Once the customer has all the Tupperware they need that is the end of the sales.

What is needed to succeed with a Home Based Business

There are certain characteristics that one needs to be a successful home based business owner. They are as follows:

  • Goal setter, you must be ready to set goals and reach for them on a daily basis. Goals need to be set, written down and shared with others.

  • Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for your business.

  • Live your business, have a passion for learning more about your product and business.

  • Continue to educate yourself

  • Work toward customer satisfaction, without this your business will ultimately fail.

  • Learn how to market your business, promote your product and share with others.

  • Never give up, this is a key ingredient to a successful home based business.

Find your Passion

What are you passionate about? Make a list of things that you love, that you are really excited about that is where you will find your passion.

My father is a farmer, I grew up on a farm and I loved it, but I am not a farmer. I don’t have that passion. He had it, and he told me many times that he had never “worked” a day in his life because he loved what he did.

I have spent my entire adult life looking for a job that I loved and felt like I never had to work at. Honestly, I have found several things and one of them is writing.

Home Based Business

Home Based Business


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