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Is it possible to make decent money with Adfly and similar Url Shortening Services?

Updated on November 6, 2016

Url Shorteners are Here but are They Practical?

If you are a student who is seeking a job there are many opportunities for jobs on the web. These include answering surveys, reviewing products, making videos or blogging. One of the popular options out there is using URL Shortening services that pay you cash to post their links on the internet. the question is can you actually make any decent amount of money off these websites or are they just bogus?

To find out I went out and tried two of the most popular options for a month Adfly and

People claim to be making over 200 dollars a month off these websites and i wanted to test what I an average Internet Joe could make off these websites in a month. NOTE: The minimum checkout for Adfly is when you reach 5 dollars and is when you reach 10 dollars.

Adfly claims that you get 5 dollars for every 10,000 visitors that click your link. Me personally i'm big on Flickr with over 2900 followers. I decided to add links to all my photos advertising my Facebook page. I also added links to my forums about gaming with codes for games such a GTA. I also added links in my YouTube page. I followed the advice from a video that I saw which tries to explain how you can make a decent profit from Adfly.

After probably hours of shortening links and adding them to my different social media sites I sat back and waited for the results.

The first week I got 100 people to click my links and made 15 cents. The second week I made another 13 cents. By week 4 I had 750 people who had clicked my links and had made a meager 45 cents. Now remember, the minimum cash you have to have in your account to be able to check out is 5 dollars. I would basically have to wait about half a year to be able to check out my earnings. was no help either earning me 55 cents. has a minimum pay-pal checkout of 10 dollars.

Now both sites have a referral program where you can post a referral link on your social media and any person that uses the link and signs up you earn 20% of their earnings for life. On my Facebook not a single person clicked on my referral link. Now all together my potential audience was HUGE, but the truth is that people don't like Adfly links and generally don't click them.

The million dollar question: Can you make money with URL shorteners? Highly unlikely unless you are a celebrity who can get their fans to do anything for them.

My results After a month: The minimum checkout is 5 dollars, I would have to wait half a year or more to be able to make a checkout.
My results After a month: The minimum checkout is 5 dollars, I would have to wait half a year or more to be able to make a checkout.


Adfly Link: Link:

Worth it? The simple answer is no.

Have you Managed to Make Money With Url Shorteners?

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