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Is it possible to make to earn a living from Google Adsense, making on average 20 dollars per day.

Updated on July 31, 2015

I was looking for passive income for years ago, really hate working for other people and have to comply to they want and needs. Lousy bosses and clients. You know how irritating sometimes it can be when working with others. I had terrible experience with lots of my jobs.

Therefore, I have been looking for passive income on how to escape from the headache of working for others and trying to the best to please others. I should try the best to enjoy the best of my life. Not working and toiling for others and their mad KPI.

Sometimes when you work for other you really don't feel the freedom and happiness. The target is your boss and client target, not yours.

So, I have been searching for a way to escape all this. I have tried types of online marketing, moreniche, clickbank, ppc and tons of them and Google Adsense.

Sometimes your never see the light at the tunnel. I embarked on online marketing in 2008 or 2010 , I am not sure. 2008 I think, been through tough times, left on job to another. Always end up with nothing. Broke and bitter.

I started my luck with Google Adsense, not sure maybe 2008 or 2010. Started by put the adcode at my website design company, then started blogging. Then and also at other platform such as

The income from Adsense was soo damn poor that time. 1st year it was poor, second year ok a lit bit. Blogging and writing articles didn't show any result from my Google Adsense endeavor. You think if you can write thousand of articles and post it at or will really help you to achieve my dream of full time job from Adsense.

So, i figure out that the best is maybe to develop a portal where others will post their ads. I started with Alhamdullillah. From this portal, I got positive sign that I could make money from Adsense. In was not much in the beginning, but as the traffic get better I really realize that this is the best method to really achieve my dream. Yes, on average I can get USD 20 per day from the portal.

The best method after struggling for years is to develop your own portal. You can easily develop your own portal. It is not tough. There a custom made classified themes for wordpress that you can built a portal.

Me, I developed a free press release site that allow small business and pr agencies to release their pr. It took me 2 years to develop the site. Last month got USD 3 and this month got USD 6. It is growing. Hopefully this one also will be successful.

Just to share with you the experience of my life with Google Adsense, good luck.


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