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Is it really easy to make money from home?

Updated on July 3, 2013
C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan is a retired Engineer and a spiritual seeker.With inquisitive observation of life, he writes on several human relationship issues.

It is never easy to answer the question "Is it easy to make money from home?". A lot depends on your answer to this question: "How much money is good enough for you when you want to work from home?"

One's choice or preference to work from home can have many reasons. For example, one of the spouses (say, the husband) may have a well paying and secure job and the other (wife) may opt to stay-at-home with the purport of taking full time care of the children. She might want to spare her free time to work from home and earn some money, the amount of which might be quite insignificant, that can supplement the family income to get a few extra goodies. It might also help to boost her sense of self-worth.

Is this your idea of Home office?!
Is this your idea of Home office?! | Source

In such a scenario, it depends on what sorts of skills she possesses that she can make use of in earning from home. If earning through the internet is the idea, then web content writing, freelance writing, designing of logos, providing private tuition to distant children through the internet, selling pictures and photos as a freelancer, doing market surveys, writing product reviews etc are some options available, which can be done based on availability of skills/ experience in respective areas. These activities can be engaged in with zero capital investment.

How much of income can be obtained through the above activities is a difficult question to answer; a lot depends on the extent of skill one has, the amount of time one spends, the amount of research one does, the extent of sales promotion that one does etc.

Is Web content writing a good work-from-home option?

If you take web content writing/ article writing for example, there are people who earn anywhere from $10 a month to $400 a month (or even more).

As an experienced web content writer, I can say based on personal experience that it cannot be an adequate or reliable source of income. If you enjoy writing and it is a hobby for you, then you may very well spend your hours in Internet writing your articles to your heart's content! You can feel proud about a few dollars trickling in and boast about it to your friends, but that can never lead you to quitting your full time job and plunging into a home based business of writing!

Designing logos or T-shirts- will it bring money?

My son who is in the visual communications field, at one point of time spent quite a lot of time in websites seeking logo designs for a fee. While one of his logos got selected at one point of time and he did receive a payment for it, he found the following stark realities:

a) There were simply too many people willing to pump-in their valuable time competing to win the order with different logos

b) While the buyers get a plethora of designs to choose, the payment the creator gets is paltry

c) The work selected to work done ratio is too thin. In other words, one spends time in creating twenty to thirty different logos to different people in competition with others. Finally, if one is lucky, he gets one item selected. The amount he gets for that one winning logo is far too low when compared to professional rates and that in reality is for having done some thirty designs!

Home business with some investments

If a people who want to work from home have funds to invest, they can engage in share/ stock trading, selling goods through sites like ebay, website design and hosting etc. Again, a lot depends on the amount invested, the skills possessed, the tricks of the trade that one masters, the extent of competition involved in the business etc that will decide the extent of earning one can make.

There are also people who have a job outside, but spend their time at night and on holidays at home and engage in the above said activities and earn extra money. This way, working from home is akin to part time working for them.

But there are also people, who, due to some very compelling reasons to work from home, work assiduously full-time and even more from home and try to earn their livelihood exclusively from home. Their nature of work need not depend entirely on Internet, though working through Internet too can be an option of money making avenues discussed previously.

Or is this your dream home office?!
Or is this your dream home office?! | Source

Professions like design consultancy/ CAD, tax consultancy, catering service, insurance agency, tele-marketing, computerized accounting service, software development, website development, data entry services, medical transcription etc can be done from a home office without any major capital investment.

To conclude, it is quite easy to make "some" money from home, provided you possess or acquire the essential basic skills. But there is really no avenue for making "easy money". If one wants to earn substantially or at least to the extent of quitting one's day job, it must be forewarned that it involves lots of hard work and concentrated dedication.


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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Your hub is put into a true sense of the situation.