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Is there a proper way to multi- task?

Updated on June 2, 2017
The way one multi- tasks
The way one multi- tasks

Is there a proper way to multi-task to get things completed

Multi-Tasking, what is it? Multi- tasking is when you do a limitless number of things at once. At least that is my definition. Everyone goes through life, in their own way. Everyone has the things that they are be multi-tasking, in order to get things done, can be limitless, with everyone's busy lives, but does everyone know how to multi-task? Or do they multitask? With everyone’s lives being so busy, everyone has to know the art of limitlessness that we call multitask even a little bit in their everyday life. What is the proper way to do that? It depends on who you ask. Everyone has things do in their life, and most of the time if people don’t multi-task nothing ever gets done. Am I right? Multi-tasking comes in all forms. You can be at work, on the phone and typing on your computer, but does that actually accomplish things?

Sure, multi- tasking can help you get more done in less time, but is there a proper way to do it? There is, and I am going to list the five different ways to get something done by multi- tasking. One- give your full, attention to the task in front of you, two- setting special time frames for task completion, three- becoming effective at switching gears within like/ similar activities four- prioritizing high pay- off and low priority tasks, and number five honor thy calendar. Everyone who is busy knows all about multi- tasking and as I listed above these are the five helpful tips to multi- task properly.

If you have been multi- tasking for years then you know all about this, but have you been doing it properly? I know that after I read the five tips of how to multi-task properly I thought to myself, some of the things I am not doing right. Like setting special time frames for task completion I know that I try to do this but most of the time it doesn’t happen. I have to work better at doing that and then maybe things will be done. In order to properly multitask you have to be organized a bit anyway. For example, if you start something and the phone rings or you need to get up to do something else, go back finish what you started first rather than starting something else. Sure you can be doing a couple different things at once, but if you don’t finish one thing at a time nothing is going to get done.

Is there a proper way to multi-task?

Is there a proper way to multi-task?

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Let's do multiple things at once

For example, I remember one day about a month ago, I was really into my writing and I started to posts at once. How are you supposed to write two posts at once? Sure you can start both of them but you can’t write two at once because you will get the posts confused. That doesn’t mean you can’t multi-task, for example, you can be watching t.v. and writing at the same time, or listening to music and writing, or even cooking and writing at the same time. Sure Multi- tasking is easy if you know how to do it, and there is a proper way to do it. Just take one thing at a time, and if you can’t focus on that one thing that you are working on, then switch to something else. Then go back to the thing that was giving you trouble, I do that all the time and it seems to work. The best way to multi -task to get things completed is to prioritize what needs to get done, some things might have to be done first and those are the things you focus on first not something that can wait. But you need to be the one to figure that out.

If you write down all your tasks on a calendar and have due dates for them then work on that first. If you have things to do with no due dates then those things can wait. I don’t really use a calendar, and I should I know, but when I write I pick one topic and write about it, and then edit it and post it to my blog if I don’t do that first I don’t write something else. I plan my days out, for example, if I want it to be a busy blog day I plan on doing two- four posts a day and that is what I call a busy blog day. I have had days where I have written five posts a day, and done dishes and laundry in between, or been on the internet talking to people about other things and working all at the same time.

If you have a family, then your entire life is about multi- tasking you have to make dinner and watch what your kid is doing and do laundry and read your child a bedtime story sometimes all at once. If you have grown up multi- tasking or if you have a family then you know how to multi- task. Is the question though is there a proper way to multi- task? It depends on the person and who they are, everyone has their own way of multi- tasking, for example, I am writing this post and watching television, which I don’t really do, but I can at sometimes. I multi- task by telling myself, the most important things first start them and then move on to the less important things finish those up and go back to the important things that I put aside to do the less important ones. Everyone has their own way of multi- tasking how do you multi- task? Do you think there is a proper way to do so? I don’t everyone multi- tasks in their own way since nobody is the same as someone else.

Doing multiple things at once to get the job done
Doing multiple things at once to get the job done

Multi- tasking is Limitless

Multi- tasking is limitless because when you multi- task you are always doing more than one thing at a time. When you do more than one thing at a time you feel as though you are getting a limitless amount of things done at once don't you?

Do you think there is a proper way, to multi- task? Let's Discuss

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thanks for these tips, Ms. Louise! Honestly, I also have to learn the art of multi-tasking which I'm compelled to do at my office. But I must admit that it's also a disadvantage since some tasks are not properly finished due to lack of focus on them.