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Is Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Course A Scam?

Updated on November 21, 2010

Has anyone heard of Andrew Reynolds before?

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand System?

The Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course - is it a scam? I am a bit worried about parting with my money with this guy as i have heard a lot of negative feedback online about him. Is it true what they say?I have set up this page in an attempt to draw comments and feedback on Andrew Reynolds, as well as a few ideas on some other home businesses i am considering.

I have recently seen an advert for something which he calls the "Cash On Demand" manual course. At 1st glance It looks amazing, and seems to imply that i could make a million pounds in 5 years if i follow the course. I dont need a million, but a nice lump sum would be ok! But i am skeptical - it seems a bit too good to be true, and i'm not too sure why he wants me to pay an on-going monthly subscription.

I am a married lady with 2 grown up kids, so i have some time to myself to get my mits into something. I don't have a lot of money spare though, and my mother is sick in hospital, so i need something which won't need a huge outlay and will still allow me time to see her too..

So before i decide yes or no, i want to get some feedback, primarily from guys and gals who have actually done the course. Is it any good? Is it worth the money? Is it a scam? Id be really grateful if anyone could leave some feedback on here. Not just for me, of course, as i am sure there are others who would benefit from such feedback too!

I would also like to hear from anybody who has suggestions regarding what is the best home based business model to follow. I am right now exploring ebay - setting up a lettings agency from home - sounds a bit too involved for me though that one! - home publishing - mlm -or starting a mortgage/ financial services agency. If you have any experience of any of these please give me some advice in that area too! Its either one of those or Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand! Help me please!


Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand System

oh dear, just being doing some research on the Cash on Demand course, found this post--

and this (even worse!)--

not very encouraging is it? looks like Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course is one of those long drawn out courses which doesn't do what it says on the tin. And wow seems there are more modules than i first thought! no wonder he wants to put me on a monthly subscription! he must be making a fortune!


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    • profile image

      paulfoward 9 months ago

      some sales crap dropped on my matt, seems reynolds the fraudster scammer is back with his latest scam The big favour, more bs for the suckers, who hand over £147 to charity make reynolds look good, haha, its time this scammer reynolds was sharing a cell with bernie madoff!

    • profile image

      TerryBlondie 22 months ago

      @The Shoeman and all the other posters with VERY LONG posts who stick up for Reynolds! you all must be Reynolds posting who else would write such long posts?!

      .....from someone above and this is the TRUTH!

      GET THIS PEOPLE YOU WILL...NEVER -NEVER -NEVER... make any money with this snake oil AR !

    • profile image

      The Shoeman 23 months ago

      I know as much about A.R cash on demand 2.o as being Prime minister ! Zilch the only success I have is teaching myself (self taught) selling on line Ebay has paid dividends it has turned my life around all this A.R scheme cash on demand has motivated me which it was designed to do and after 1 week looking at these comments terrifies me on people's experiences my grandmother always tried to install something to me from a very young age 'A fool and his or her money are easily parted' I tell you my vision what I've learnt in one week reading the 2 books and the three DVD supplied my honest view for what it's worth !! There's no doubt this system does and can work but if you're looking for A.R system to make you 50 million in a short while you might as well believe in Alice in Wonderland

      If you're financialy strapped like A.R once was and going to make your fortune like him then you might as well go out and dance with the fairies

      If you're a single mum thinking this is a life saver wake up and smell the coffee !

      In all fairness to A.R he does emphasise on a number of occasions s that this is not a quick fix its going to take a lot of time and money before u get to where u want to be

      In just week making enquiries looking on google prepared to treat this as a hobby and not a quick fix I have learnt a whole new world which is available to just not only me but millions of people out there IF you are prepared to set yourself a target of maybe 3-5 years to learn about the nuts and bolts and eventually after module 23 you may achieve this and do your homework things may just and maybe fall into place as mentioned here it's all about the individual and the determination application and success and I want to add to that. Key factor PATIENCE success will come it's a learning process one day at a time what A.R course will do is supply you with the tools what Google will do people like Mr De Marco and Dr Phil is show you how to put them into practice yes there will be Pitfalls yes there will be Fear but at the end of the day there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as I said earlier in one week I have learnt about the role of an fulfilment house I have secured 2 liscences for nothing and set up a domain name for a business I am very good at and know inside out !! All this achieved in one week can you imagine what can be achieved in the future weeks so to summarise

      It's all about you how much time and effort required being positive and open minded not relying on A.R but his principles and spreading out your knowledge on the internet but as I say I e made huge strides in one week it's all about the individual

    • profile image

      Akik 2 years ago


      I bought and went on Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand "Course " few years ago . I can tell you I never made a single penny.

      I sold this "course " on ebay to recoup some of the money but on the whole I lost quite a bit of money.

      My advise is don't buy it. He just wants your money and nothing else.



    • profile image

      NC 2 years ago

      Andrew Reynolds = SCAM Avoid HIM & HIS CRAP products like the plague!

    • profile image

      dave 2 years ago

      Got the yellow envelope today. Won't be attending. Thanks everyone.

    • profile image

      NM 2 years ago

      I've only read half the comments here but I think I got the gist of the general feeling about Andew Reynolds!

      I'm at Module 14 of the CoD course, and while I couldn't honestly say that it's been a value-packed, cutting edge course, what I can say is that I have definitely got a lot of value from it. Info that will help my business grow and will certainly pay me back many times more than the amount I'm paying each month. However, I do already run an established online info-publishing business so I'm simply applying some of his tactics to an already successful business.

      While Andrew Reynolds isn't actually doing anything wrong legally, I think some of his ethics are questionable. I've heard stories of people remortgaging their homes to buy his license packages or older people 'investing' all their pension money on his money-making plans, etc.

      Personally, my kids would have to be living on the streets and at the point of starvation before I could allow myself to stoop to taking money off people based on a false hope and who I KNEW were not going to make it back.

      However, my feelings is that most of the people who have written here has the wrong attitude and mentality. Instead of 'blaming' Reynolds and getting angry about him. Understand and accept who he is and instead step back and WATCH what he does. Detach yourself emotionally from his sales letters and hype. I've had all the sales letters too and have not once felt compelled to join in or attend his seminars. A few years ago I would have, but i've learned a lot since then.

      However, Andrews method of licensing products WORKS. It's how I've built my business. Buying old products and making them better and up-to-date and selling customers more of what they want (but do it in a more ethical way!).

      But, stop thinking that someone has the 'secret answer' that you're looking for. They don't. It's a futile and endless merry-go-round. Just get started. Do something! Fail forward. There is no excuse for anyone in this amazing day and age to not make a good second income online or replace your main income. There's so much info available online, it's insane.

      It comes down to your attitude and work ethic and seeing the 'guru's' for who they are and not following the herd. Be willing to sacrifice a few nights and work hard and stay focused. Have an absolute resolute belief that you WILL become financially independent no matter what.

      A few years ago I was so poor I literally lived on nothing but beans on toast for 14 months and felt like the biggest failure to my wife and kids. The pain of waking up in the night in fear of not being able to pay the mortgage and the tears I wept over my keyboard thinking I was a 'bad husband and dad' are permanently engraved into me. But, despite having crap GCSE's and getting booted out of college (for coming in p*ssed after lunch one day) and being told that I was 'thick' on more occasions than I can remember. I had one thing - belief and determination that I would do it. I realised how far I'd come quite recently when my 7 year old came home from school saying that every say's he's lucky because he's rich!

      Going back to Reynolds, I recommend that you buy Dr Phil's latest book 'Life Code'. It's a cracking read that is NOT your positive thinking bullsh*t. It's about how the world REALLY is and how to avoid the people who are already in your life and ready to take your lunch money. Best of all you learn how to ethically manipulate people like Reynolds by playing them at their own game! And no, I'm not Dr Phil. I can't f**king stand moustaches!

    • profile image

      Donna 2 years ago

      attended a business exhibition at the Excel Centre back in May 2015 with the intention of networking with other business owners and finding potential clients for my Coaching business. However, things didn’t quite go according to plan because first of all, I didn’t have my business cards with me and secondly I didn’t I feel confident to do the speed business networking session without my business cards. So I ended up spending most of the day attending business seminars and looking at the various exhibitions.

      I had invited my friend to the event also and had arrived a few hour before her. So I did a little wandering around Excel before she finally made her appearance. Whilst walking around the massive conference hall, stumbled upon a seminar hosted by a guy called Andrew Reynolds. I had never heard of him before, neither was I aware of what his seminar was going to be about, but I felt at ease entering and sitting in the room all the same.

      As he started to deliver the presentation, I was getting more and more interested in what he was saying. He spoke about things that I had never heard of before, which really captured my interest!

      The core theme of his presentation was that he made over £50 million pounds, yep you read correctly £50 million pounds by just selling things online and was giving everybody in the room the same opportunity to do the same. Now to be honest when I heard that he had made that amount of money online I initially thought that it sounded too good to be true because I am aware that there are loads of people trying to sell stuff online, who were only making peanuts, so it seemed rather far-fetched that it was possible to make that kind of money.

      Although I had my reservations about the whole thing, I continued to listen to the whole seminar right to the very end and was then pleasantly surprised when Andrew offered to give away his latest WHS best seller book ‘Copy This Idea’ completely Free of charge which currently retails at £9.99. The only cost I had to make was £1.00 for postage and packaging, nothing else. The seemed liked a good offer so I paid the £1.00 without any hesitation.

      I was so excited when I got my copy of the book in the post, because I wanted to know exactly what he had done to make so much money online. I was so hungry for the information that I spent the whole day reading the book from cover to end. The book gave me a basic overview of the methods he used to make his money online, plus it explained how to find the customers that would buy my products before I even purchased the goods.

      When I attended the Business Excel back in May I was not clued up about online businesses at all. However that has all now changed thanks to this amazing book because I am now in the process of starting my own online business from scratch thanks to the nuggets shared in this book and will have my business up and running by the end of this month (Aug 2015).

      The book ‘COPY THIS IDEA’ as mentioned above retails at £9.99, however for a limited time only it is being given away completely free charge. Moreover, there is a minimal charge of just £1.00 postage and packaging.

      If you would like a copy of the free book just click on the link

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago

      I followed up the link you provided and it was as I said a bunch of negative people. Stop coming on here Jamie and insulting people just because they don't subscribe to your view. There is no TRUTH - merely opinion. Some will succeed from ideas and some will fail - and most of those outcomes will be based on attitude.

    • profile image

      JamieBlack 2 years ago

      @Andy S

      Your arrogance just shows that you REALLY ARE AR!

      re: '' It is nothing more than a whole bunch of you all blogging how everything is a scam!''

      Andy S you are a liar, because You have NOT even visited that forum have you ?!

      BECAUSE if you did you would of found good info there you muppet!

      MJ DeMarco's forum that i refer to has many self made millionaires on it, all willing to help newbies, additionally go check out MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane book @ AND see the reviews...

      YES near on 900 and the majority are POSITIVE reviews ...unlike that GARBAGE 'copy this scam' OH sorry i meant idea...which is just a sale page funnel for AR to suck more cash out of you/suckers! just check ar's reviews says it all really!

      FOLKS, it your serious to start a REAL biz, buy MJ DeMarco's kindle book for a measly £4.38 ...AND You will see that i'm telling the TRUTH!

    • profile image

      sd 2 years ago

      I have somewhere, Andrew reynolds cash on demand course,and you can find me

    • profile image

      Jack. E 2 years ago

      I have subscribed to Andrew Reynolds cash on demand 3.0 caurse for 11 months now. Even though the course can run for 48 months, you only need 10 - 12 models to start seeing how the system works. £30 a month is a lot when you haven't got it however I got together with a like minded friend of mind who agreed we share the price and the information, I find spending £15 pounds a month a lot more manageable. Andrew teaches how you can find your own UP TO DATE products and how to rebrand old ones to make them new. Already I have enough information to start making it work and with little cost. Remember Andrew himself came from humble beginnings so if he can do so can I. I have found that a lot of people who have bad things to say about a business often fails to make it work because they expect it to fail. Think more positive check out THE SECRET on You Tube.

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago

      I went to the bootcamp and did deliberately decide to pay the £150 . I really can't see the argument for not making a donation to Blind Children UK.

      The conference was pretty full on - each session very broadly split 1//2 giving away info and ideas and the other half a pitch for their own training products. Yes there were many people who seemed to be spending fortunes and rushing for every course. Each course was roughly 1500 - 2000.

      However if you kept a col head you could ignore the buy now feeding frenzy and focus on all the free info. I took the view that if I needed a course from any of them (there's a couple of them whose offering looked pretty sound) then it would always be possible to follow up another day.

      I will do this once I have cash-flowed the cost. Now its back to continuing with the training modules paid for and getting products to market. I will also apply some of the stuff I learned in Brighton.

      I pass the mike back to the conspiracy theorists. My advice to the rest - make your own mind up and don't listen to the doubters. Think of every successful business and if you knew the founders at the start then imagine the comments from people around them as they set out to achieve. Those people will nearly always be broke and spreading their misery to new targets.

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago

      To follow up my previous response to JamieBlack I have followed up your suggested link. It is nothing more than a whole bunch of you all blogging how everything is a scam! I can see however you'd be more at home there with your fellow members of the Paranoid Society. As a teaching guide it is absolutely hopeless and one of the first lessons in business is to spend no time with losers dragging you down.

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago


      ffs - why am I AR simply because I don't think its a scam. If you read my earliest post on this site you will see I give a fairly honest appraisal of the CoD series which is far from one-sided. You need to grow up when expressing your opinions, which are all based on a glass half empty perspective.

      The negative attitude you display will no doubt hamper you throughout your life when you start from the basis that everyone is ripping you off. Yes you may keep all the money in your wallet but your outlook will also ensure that little enters it in the first place.

    • profile image

      mick m 2 years ago

      A.R is a very nice bloke, even though ive never actually met him! He recently held another of his bootcamps which i waz meant to attend but due to unforseen things i couldnt go! I never spent a penny on anytbing to do with the bootcamp etc as A.R sent me a ticket totally free!! And ive also received all the stuff your meant to get for the course! So i dont see how anyone can sit n write things about the guy when he does what he says hes going to!! But yet lots of people have slated him saying hes full of crap etc etc because they cant seem to figure out how to implement what he tells them and make themselves money from the internet like theyre thinking their going too! People seem to think the internet is something thatll just spew money into their bank accounts for them for basically doing nothing! If people arent prepared and willing to put a lot of effort into whatever theyre doing then to put it simply, you wont earn a penny from it!! Theres loads of scammers n con artists on the internet and you really do have to be very careful in who you deal with but one thing i can say for certainty and that is A.R is a genuine guy who will do his utmost to help you and get you on your way to being financially free, if you put the work and effort in!!! So i say to all the haters out there that theyre only jealous of him and what hes done so they need to really get themselves a life n stop hating on A.R!!!!

    • profile image

      Johnny 2 years ago


      I think you are mistaken as I signed up for free and have my tickets. I did get the pre launch tickets followed by the actual tickets a few weeks later and did not have to do anything else.

      Also the information provided in cash on demand is simply as it states information. You are not obliged to continue to purchase the modules in anyway which means you have a choice. I can honestly say tat having got to module 5 so far some of the information has been valuable. Having said that how much of the information have any of you honestly implemented so maybe if you realise that unless you actually take action and follow through then you won't achieve the success you are expecting anyway especially if you are too busy moaning about every little aspect of the course. After all you could take the info make your own product and market it

    • profile image

      MikeyE 2 years ago

      I tried to sign up for the Brighton course without donating, he sent me a pre-launch ticket which directed me back to the website to apply for an entry ticket, so no you cant go unless you donate. Does anybody have any idea how I can get removed from his mailing list.

    • profile image

      JamieBlack 2 years ago

      Andy S ....i mean AR !

      The ONLY reason i'm posting is cos i got a 4th begging letter!

      GET THIS PEOPLE YOU WILL...NEVER -NEVER -NEVER... make any money with this snake oil AR !

      check this out:

      OK, for serious people, search MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane.

      I wish this book was around 15 years ago it EXPOSES all the A***** like AR & co ...& MLM schemes.

      IF You don't want to buy the book, spent time at his site and your learn MORE in 1 day than AR could teach you in 20 years!

    • profile image

      JH 2 years ago

      Did anyone notice that you don`t have to make the donation? There is a "No thanks I want to come for free" button.

      AR in my opinion is making loads of dosh from people willing to pay him lots of cash for his insights. Maybe his income streams are built around his MLM schemes but I guess a lot of his income actually comes from his persuading people to part with their cash to buy his licenses etc.

      Scammer? Not sure but quite probably.

    • profile image

      Mark 2 years ago

      Whats the general consenseus then? I am sceptical to say the least, an rabid dogs couldnt part me from £1000's. I have booked a place in coming event, i figure 150 to charity, no biggie. Thing is i have a ticket for festival the same weekend. What i dont want to do is waste my Time. Will i gain anything useful from the 3day seminar, without signing up to any wacky training packages, or is it a complete waste of time? Never been to any such thing before an my natural reaction is. BS, but im willing to examine it.

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago

      Well I have signed up for the Brighton course - hardly thought the pitch was a begging one so quite a ridiculous comment Jamie. You can buy to go or choose to ignore it - its a simple choice so why do you need to make out this is a scam? I've no doubt there will be hard sell of products or further course at some point on this course but I'm going there purely to drain out any further detail I've not obtained elsewhere. I have my own ideas for products and not interested in paying anyone large amounts of money for their own.

      I don't make a habit of weekend courses and I fully intend to make this the first and last, irrespective of whether it is brilliant or a complete waste of time.

      The charity involved, Blind Children UK, is a worthwhile charity and I have already received separate communication from them, acknowledging and thanking me for the donation.

      I'll post my thoughts on the conference on here when I get back!

    • profile image

      RlDavis 2 years ago

      Well yes it is risk free because your getting £350 worth of product for £200! What business out there can you start up for a £200 investment? If you don't sell anything ( which won't happen as you have the support from who introduced you) then you have the incredle health and well being products which have helped my family so much!

      And no it's not about selling actually, I use and recommend! It's that simple! And I'm sorry I find your reply extremely rude to be honest! I was trying to be helpful. I don't think your response was helpful in the slightest Jamie.

      It wasn't spam! Because you have either tried & failed at MLM and your bitter because of it.... Or you haven't even been apart of MLM and therefore you have no idea what your talking about!

      However I am part of an MLM company and I am earning!

    • profile image

      JamieBlack 2 years ago

      Rebecca, SORRY.....But your post is nothing more than spam!

      risk free? £200 down the drain if you can't sell on these MLM bs products!

      RE: ''At the end of the day you need a product or service to be able to create a business, and therefore that costs money''

      almost but sorry you are...WRONG!!

      Find aWANTs/Solve problems, then built a biz around that, NOT some MLM or silly scammy get rich quick scheme like COD!

    • profile image

      RLDavis 2 years ago

      Wow... Lots of negativity drawn to this guy. I had not heard of him until today, I don't feel paying a company or a person to gain nothing in return apart from advice is the right way to go in starting a risk free business.

      I am a Forever Living Distributer, cost me £200 to get started which I received £350 worth of superior products to use and recommend to others. The best thing I ever did. And would highly recommend looking into this company if your wanting a home based business that is risk free with Free training, a positive journey surrounded by incredible people, to work alongside current commitments.

      At the end of the day you need a product or service to be able to create a business, and therefore that costs money.... If you was to start a business up from scratch then yes it would cost you a lot of money, time and staff in your conventional business.

      However with Forever Living you don't have any monthly subscription, you only make purchases when people buy, you don't handle stock, it doesn't cost you anything to run this business. I have only had financial gain. It's a risk free business that enables me to easily run whilst working a job to pay my bills and build up a business alongside to secure a better future.

      Please feel free to visit my web page. Contact details are also on there.

      Kind Regards


    • profile image

      JamieBlack 2 years ago

      I have just received a 3rd letter BEGGING me to attend Reynolds July 2015 Boot Camp which in fact is nothing More than a PITCH FEAST.......3 BEGGING LETTERS so far, boy this REPULSIVE old SCAMMER snake oil FART must be getting desperate in his old age!

      AND don't forget its FREE it hell, the usual £149 quid to charity so HE and ONLY Reynolds can make himself look SO great.

      Hey with any luck it'll get cancelled as most folks will have sussed out this BS artist!

    • profile image

      Andy S 2 years ago

      I'm in to Month 16 of CoD and have also been doing a social media marketing course. Both are on a part-time basis. I understand the cynics on here but to be honest this has opened up a whole new world to me.

      The concept is very much alive although I agree his manuals are full of waffle and he only leeks info gradually. There will be a point when I stop both but so far I am impressed with the info I have received and I have become a lot more computer literate than before, learning all manner of new software programmes.

      His manual and DVD on web-building was frustrating because it did not explain anywhere near enough. The instruction was to simply use a Wordpress site, which meant nothing to me. It took me 2 months of further research and endless videos to properly understand Wordpress. Yet now I can relatively easily put together a basic sales letter website using the plug-in tool he recommended. I also found out on my video travels how to put together a far more sophisticated website.

      His lesson on producing and rebranding DVD covers uses an old version of Photoshop and again, using countless YouTube videos, I have learnt how to do it. I can now rebrand DVDs.

      His info in 7 and 8 on sales letters was pretty good, if a bit boring, but I have used it as a template for my first long form sales letter.

      Meanwhile I have used the social media course, his recommendation and JV project, to build up a network of names as potential sales lists for fitness industry There has been some very good but pricey info on using Facebook and Twitter for advertising and how to maximise hit rates.

      Yes all of this info could probably be got somewhere else and for less money but the fact is before I read Copy This Idea it wasn't even on my radar.

      I can't yet tell you whether this will be financially successful. I believe it is a long game but I am not relying on this financially. My hope is that it creates an income stream that builds up over 5 - 10 years. I see no reason why it won't although I have taken no notice of the millions promised. It seems to me perfectly possible to make £5 - 10k per product cycle once you have this all sussed. Do that 4 or 5 x a year and you create an income stream of up to £50k for what ultimately is not much work once the learning curve is over.

      I also more importantly have ideas of my own for creation of my own digital products and this is where the process is far more exciting.

      As Anthony said some time ago, you really have to have an entrepreneurial mind for this.

      The course is expensive and is far from perfect with far too much waffle re AR's personal life and for far too long. However, I don't believe this is a scam as such - everything he says he is sending you he sends. He also answers my emails on specific questions.His courses provide the tools, as supplemented by the work you need to do to make it work, to provide the basis of a decent business that can be run anywhere.

    • profile image

      Paul 2 years ago

      Trust me keep away from him it's a scam 101 %.

    • profile image

      Fred 3 years ago

      @Dave are you AR ??

      the COD course jumps from direct mail to internet, and was supposed to be 12 modules but the scammer AR dragged it out to some 40 plus modules !!

      RE: ''I followed the information to the letter of the Law... and created good sales pulling sites markets away from home business.''

      Its all about getting traffic to your sites to make money ...and NO way does the COD course cover this.

      I AGREE with the above poster: It’s a sales funnel for ripping you off for a crappy course that never ever tells you the truth!

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      I have been subscribing to COD for some time... and after using the information presented to me... i was able to find markets away from home business... and delve into hobbies. I have created sites and products for these hobbies and have had success with them. The success of yourself depends on the effort you put in after reading the information. I followed the information to the letter of the Law... and created good sales pulling sites markets away from home business.

    • profile image

      Tony 3 years ago

      Andrew Reynolds is a great salesman - and thats how he makes his money. Firstly, you get taken in by his 'cash on demand' course and then you get spammed by emails and letters telling you about other courses. He also does seminars where he will charge people thousands of pounds - and yes, people do pay the money and then find out later that all the information given out at the seminar your could have gotten for free on the internet ! This is how Andrew Reynolds really makes his money, not by doing 'Cash On Demand' but charging thousands to attend his information seminars. A couple of years ago he gave away over £325000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital - good publicity for him and easy to do when you have a few hundred people turning up to seminars that have paid thousands to attend ! He did send me a lovely letter inviting me to one of his seminars for the sum of £8000, I decided not to attend !

    • profile image

      Mr B 3 years ago

      Thanks everyone some interesting info on AR. I just got the yellow envelope and its gone straight into the recycling. AR should appreciate that because that is what this scam is all about - recycling rubbish.

    • profile image

      Captain Peacock 3 years ago


      @antony73 you are AR or a fool...

      YOU can buy better info in a couple of books of amzon, all for under £30 - so why you want to read the COD with the snakeoil AR prattttling on about how much money hes made?

      There was a huge forum about AR on a scam forum it ran into thousands of posts, however it got pulled down by guess who…?


      NOT YOU...dear READERS, YOU've be warned.

      BTW, as this is a FREEbie website ... I HOPE IM WRONG...but this site will be pulled down soon by you know WHO!


    • profile image

      Mcmoulden 3 years ago

      I've just read his book ' here's an idea to make big money ' it was no 2 in the WH Smith business chart. I got it as I had a spare hour or two at Charing Cross ...

      Im a forensic detective ... A hard faced twenty year synical bloke ... Not to be taken in ... However I found myself hooked on the boom until my rationale told me ... Hang on ... Where's the evidence !!!

      There's a lot if repetition ... Suggestion ... A lot of ' one of my ' .... Take a look at Darren Brown ... He does a stage show where an entire live audience are duped into decisions by the power of positive suggestion ...

      That's exactly what this guy is doing .... If I see on the page one more time ... About his day seminars ...

      But !! I think he's actually being honestly dishonest ... He's telling you with every page how he's doing it ...and then sucking you in ... He's funnelling you ... !!!!! He's telling you he provides people what they're hungry for ... Money ... Choices ... Etc etc .... Your all hungry for those things ... Your exactly the type of people ( And I'm not being derogatory) who he's telling you to sell too !!!

      The guy who posted that he was an IT guy and hated his boss and tried every money making scheme ... And was going to make this one work ... Mate !!!

      It won't work because it's a con ...your falling for the same positive reinforcement this guy is selling ...

      My advice ... Find out what makes you happy ... Not rich can't buy happiness....

    • profile image

      Rob Jarvis 3 years ago

      While I believe this opportunity is too good to be true, I have been involved in a network or multi-level marketing business for a few months now and absolutely love it. It's not a get-rich quick scheme, it requires a persistent & consistent effort to attain a residual income and will take a few years working part-time to achieve a reasonable income. It's not a scam or a pyramid scheme, it's a FTSE-250 company with numerous Which! awards. It's not cold-calling, it's not selling. The company is fantastic, all my fellow distributors are goal-oriented, positive people and for doing something just once, I can get paid over and over again. It's not easy but it is simple!

    • profile image

      phil 3 years ago

      I signed up for the course.. And was excited about trying this out, i think if you apply yourself and work at it could work, its not a scam but it will only work if you apply yourself

    • profile image

      Andrew Reynolds 3 years ago

      Andrew Reynolds Don’t trust this twat!!! He ripped me off for £3k!! !!!!!

      Walk away from this can man! He is worth £50 million

      It’s a sales funnel for ripping you off for a crappy course that never ever tells you the truth!

    • profile image

      EJ 3 years ago

      Just received my yellow envelope in the post with my private invitation.

      No thanks Andrew.

    • profile image

      christina 3 years ago

      uum thanks for this....just read the book and thinking about the course...but realised this morning that he doesn't actually publish how long the course is on line until you sign up which is not a good sign....also i found the whole look at me and my bentley really sad that he's prepared to sell an outdated idea knowing that it cant possible work in today's world....sad man.......glad i found out now. cheers.

    • profile image

      Mua 3 years ago

      Hello All,

      I have received loads of info from this guy under the COPU THIS IDEA heading, about funding areas which people are interested in and then selling them INFORMATION, which they will pay for.

      I am pretty disturbed by what uve read on this blog.

      Can I ask........,,


      Please advise


    • profile image

      BOB 3 years ago

      ...the guy is a scammer. Stay away from him.

    • Louise Donnelly profile image

      Louise Donnelly 3 years ago from Workington

      Sarah I received the same 'invitation' today, and agree with everyting you say about the video. I recalls eeing him on the entrepreneur channel several years ago, and ws not convinced by him then, and am not now. If he has made over 50 million, why is he wanting to sell us a book for £9.99, sharing with us his insider knowledge, of how to do as he did? The unfortunate thing is, some people will be duped by his claims, because they are so desperate and will, consequently, end up financially and personally worse off than before. He is preying on the vulnerable. I don't know how/why I received this yellow envelope, with on a single card. It is certainly an effective marketing strategy, as most recipients won't know what the mail refers to, and will check it out.


    • profile image

      BOB 3 years ago

      Personally - I would steer WELL CLEAR of this guy.

      My dad went to one of his seminars years ago on the belief that this guy could make you into a millionaire by attending his seminars and following his advice (he basically sold various dvds on the web). My dad offered to take me with him to the seminar to see what it was all about, which I did.

      I foolishly, however, intercepted one of the emails, from Andrew Reynolds, to my dad (i was trying to protect my dad from being scammed) and posted some of the contents of the email onto DS Forums (the entire thread got removed after Andrew Reynolds's lawyers spotted it and took it down - they obviously scour the web for people giving him a bad name).

      I went along to the seminar, the next week (it was in a posh hotel conference room with about 20 to 30 people) and half way through it, Andrew Reynolds (being the smug git that he no doubt truly is), singled me out and read out aloud my post on DS, along with several of the replies from fellow DS posters, who ALL said to avoid the guy like the plague, and told everybody to totally not listen to 'the angry crowd' (as he put it) which referred to people on internet forums, saying he was a scammer. To say I was embarrassed, was an understatement but nevertheless - I was protecting my dad from paying this guy all his hard earned money.

      Yes, I shouldn't have posted contents of a private email from Reynolds to my dad on DS but if this guy was a true honest gentleman, he would not have singled me out in the seminar and publicly humiliated me in front of everybody (even some of the other members there commented, at lunch time, that he was a real jerk for doing that.)

      My advice - STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He may be no scammer BUT, you will not achieve the things he is promising you will achieve by following his EXPENSIVE advice.

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      This morning I received an envelope in the post saying that only a select few have been invited and giving me a website address which was, the website address just took me to a website that was a video of this Andrew Reynolds guy talking about how he found this great idea etc. Immediately I thought there's no point listening, it's a scam and if it isn't, it's a 'flash in the pan' thing that won't ever bring happiness and satisfaction.

      How can someone have been 'carefully selected' and one of a 'select few' when the envelope has one's address on a sticky label stuck on at an angle (sure sign of mass print out), the invitation doesn't include ANYTHING personal such as my name even. If you were that carefully selected, they'd be more personal, friendly and upfront!

      The website it takes you to.. one of those where the video starts playing and gives no option to stop it (I'm sorry but if people are genuine, they won't need to force stuff on you). A guy talking about how he found something wonderful, changed his life, made a lot of money etc, pay £5 get a lot more balh blah blah.. Trust, me that £5 will be better spent on food!

      You don't need someone to teach you how to make money (it's simple: do something that people like or need and they'll happily buy it) and you don't need a lot of money to be happy or change your life (also simple: material gain is simply stimulation, you need to be happy on a much deeper level for it to be sustainable).

    • profile image

      Andrew Reynolds 3 years ago

      hmmm. this looks bad for me...i think they are all getting wise to me..****

      Crikey, what if these people find out that I am a charlatan or worse find out about my Ltd company at companies house and look as the last few years turnover...might have to give the leased bentley back.. Im getting old now..I wish I had actually created a real company that actually adds value to the am i going to cope the more people find out the truth about me???

      Please help...

      Andrew Reynolds

    • profile image

      bigun69 3 years ago

      What a load of crap you lot are talking!!

      I agree totally 100% with antony73. For things to change you need to change, that's it top and bottom, I am a CISCO IT Engineer and if I have go to work one more day and kiss my bosses ass, I am going to kill myself. I have been looking for a way since 2000 out of the rat race, I have bought course after course after course, to just throw them aside once I come across a part where I have to put effort in, I was the mitigating factor not the course. And then a few months back I thought, hang on I have heard exactly the same waffle and bad mouthing, and all the rest of the crap for all the courses I have bought when looking for feedback, they can't be crap, when the only person I should have been listening to was me. And I realised the only reason people bad mouth these courses is because they are afraid of change, and they are trying to justify giving up so soon.

      I tell you now, this is going to work for me, cause I have had enough of saying yes sir! As from this point on I am a changed man!!

    • profile image

      SL 3 years ago

      I can't believe this.

    • ufk profile image

      Andy Fraser 3 years ago from Maidstone England

      Thanks for the info everybody. I was intrigued by the claims, I must admit. I'm pleased to have found this before wasting my money

    • profile image

      Gene Gems 3 years ago

      I got the 'personal letter' offering me the chance for the Bronze, Silver, Gold package but decided against it. It was simply a step too far as the 29 pounds a month for the Cash on Demand course is enough to pay out. Has anyone got an idea of what is in store with regards to where products can be sourced? I assume this comes in a later module and as many postings claim, the dangling carrot entices you to pay for yet another module. So far in the three modules I have received, there isn't really any substance. I have created a website, ready to go but don't know where to source the products, so any 'heads up' from later modules would be good.

    • profile image

      roystonwill 3 years ago


      I just signed up with Andrew and before I got my second course he was telling me to basically forget it via a mail shot he sent out asking me to join him on a joint venture which had four levels to it ranging from a grand to eight grand he offers a face to face at a special venue in Heathrow but does not give a date I suppose he is waiting to see how many he sells before committing to a room he basically said that for the lower price he will send you high quality recordings of the new course how can he do that if the course has not happened yet strange one would think,

      I then delve deeper to find the same thing whit out the face to face for $47 so pretty sure we are being scammed I challenge Andrew to invite me let me do the course for free he can keep all profit made 100% upto the first $100,000 then after that 50/50 had no reply as yet again strongly suggesting a scam also all he seems to do on any of his courses is tell you about him self it is all drip feed to keep the monthly coin coming in for him not us Stay away would be my recommendation

      Best of luck with your search


    • profile image

      Rob19 3 years ago

      Hey Anthony73,

      Interesting points of view. Maybe you are AR or someone but interesting all the same.

      I'm similar in that I have a 'day' job and dabble with other stuff, some works and some doesn't but I enjoy myself and my hobby. Should I make a million ('cos that would do nicely) then great, if not - no problem.

      Having just received my first 'opportunity' to spend £997 plus VAT and a further 24 months' coaching at £199 plus VAT a month, I have made further enquiries and shan't be entering into the project. I shall however get a couple more modules as I find the whole internet marketing world quite interesting. As you say, it's another tool in a box.

      I would be interested in hearing from likeminded people.


    • profile image

      pauline 4 years ago


      you must be AR then!

    • profile image

      unlucky me 4 years ago

      I have been following the Cash On Demand course since February. I must agree with other comments. The course looks nice, but sadly in the real

      world does not work out. Try writing a sales letter? Andrew gives you very little help when you look at how much you are paying him. What for?

      Nothing that's what. Don't waste your money on this course. Research what is out there. Buy a book about business and go from there. It worked for me.

    • profile image

      VicVagrant 4 years ago

      I stumbled across one of his books via a bookswap we have at work. Hilarious stuff indeed. 95% of the book is waffle about his jetset lifestyle and how he

      used to be 'just like you' and now he flies around the world between million-pound homes, occassionaly clicking on his laptop and rubbing his fat little hands

      with glee at the amount of money he's racking up without having to actually do anything.

      The entire thing system is an expanded version of those premium-rate phonelines where you have to sit through some 20-minute intro to claim a 'prize', with

      some added brainwashing: I've known urban conmen and can tell you that drumming a 'positive attitude' into people is one of the first stages of the long con.

      Ensure that they won't question what you're telling them, or will ignore anyone telling them that they're throwing their money away. So of course, the first two-

      thirds of the book are him telling you that you can become a millionaire with zero effort, as long as you have a positive attitude and don't question his system.

      His business model probably made him some money during the so-called Dot-Com bubble, before the saturation of the market. Since that model is now

      hopelessly outmoded, he's moved on to making money from the more gullible members of the general public.

      The funny thing is, just from reading his book, you can see that he blatantly tells you what the scam is: Production costs of pre-made Info DVD's are

      miniscule, but you market them and sell them for a vast profit. Lo and behold, at the end of the book, after a scant 6 pages of practical information in

      amongst all the pie-in-the-sky waffle, he offers to demonstrate his long as you're willing to invest £30 a month in...(drumroll)....a set of Info


      From what I can gather from searches of forum posts, those paying the two grand-odd to attend his seminars are sold licenses, which they can use to sell

      DVDs...but not licenses of independent products...instead they are sold licenses to sell on, yes, VIDEO OF HIM TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO GET RICH.

      That's Multi-Level Marketing people, a gray-area legal version of the infamous pyramid scheme. The only people who ever make money from these schemes

      are the top two or three people on the totem pole.

      If the above poster isn't a shill, then I respect them for making money off their own back. But that's the point: anyone promising to make you a millionaire of

      some scheme that requires no effort or ingenuity on your part is promising you something they simply can't deliver.

      If you want to start up your own business, go for it! But don't follow some naff scheme! Find something you enjoy and are good at, do your research, start

      small. Find demand, create supply. Buy low and sell high wherever possible. You have to graft for it, it's not going to fall into your lap courtesy of some

      random stranger.

    • profile image

      antony73 4 years ago

      Another thing I would just like to add is this...

      The Cash on Demand (CoD) is for me a hobby. I have a daytime job, but I enjoy tinkering with the CoD and making new products. Of course I hope to be successful in the future with the CoD, but it is just a hobby. I really enjoy it!!!

      If something doesn't work, it's no sweat, I would have only lost a little "hobby money." If it does work, great.

      I fail to understand why some throw endless money at Andrew with having no success and then bellyache and blame him over it.


    • profile image

      antony73 4 years ago

      I feel somewhat baffled by some of these replies. I had fair success from CoD 1.0 (a product I created myself), and am in the process of creating another new product... and no, my product is not internet marketing! (Actually modules 1-6 were enough to get me going. I cancelled after after 6).

      At the end of the day, a person creates their own success. What is your product? How is your marketing? A person cannot simply carry on giving money to Andrew without first having some success from the first CoD modules. If the profits are good, then a person may be able to afford later products. But the truth is, that the first CoD modules give you EVERYTHING you need... and all for 300 pounds. It's a great deal!!!

      Andrew's courses only give you the bare bones of a business model. The student must become more than a student, they must become a dynamic and creative business man or woman. They must be creative and look for gap in the market. After they've found it, they must creatively market it well. Adding or changing the CoD business model is simple common sense.

      All business people cannot only follow a certain model rigidly. If it works then fine. If not, pull your sock up, diversify, be proactive... CREATE, CREATE, CREATE.

      Some have rightly stated that some of the model may be outdated. Maybe. But the basics of the model are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. If outdated, modernize it yourself. Change it yourself. And have you ever thought, what once was outdated, may in time be so outdated and forgotten by the general public that it is ready to be re-packaged and re-marketed. The movie industry does just that.

      The Andrew Reynolds business model is absolutely great! Really! But the student is ultimately the one to carefully way up any business product and it marketing. If one follows rigidly Andrew's first course and it doesn't work, don't blame Andrew when you go on to give him more money. All successful people are great failures. Some people have great instant success. Some need to work harder. That's life.

      But don't blame Andrew. I advise anyone to buy at least CoD 1.0. Then get to work and make something new, original and exciting to sell. If it works, and the money is coming in, go on to the other courses. They may not be as information filled as the first course, I don't know, but it is inspirational. And if you are successful from CoD 1.0, it's pocket change.

      It's all about taking responsibility, hard work, creativity and original thinking.

      As a final note, there are others out there like Andrew. Some are very good. Each is just one tool in a tool box. The other option - research and try to teach yourself how to do all this stuff. Google search, trial and error etc.

      Don't blame Andrew. Andrew's CoD 1.0 is a fine course. It has everything you need. But you must be the one to actually get your hands on a product (that you personally believe in and feel excited by), and market it in a new and exciting way. That's your job. Not Andrew's.

    • profile image

      Edwin 5 years ago

      Indeed he is a con artist. He teaches other people to practise what he does: to find old products (often out of date products from the US), which are virtually always about making money online, and then sell them on to others by repackaging it and clever copyrighting. To say that he teaches others to sell "information products" as he likes to put it is putting it in a very charitable way. Don't expect to be told to learn how to set up a succesful online business selling a "guide to become an expert in fly fishing". After going through all the fluff "imagine what you would do with all the ££££'s". The only big money is in selling get rich quick schemes, because only then people can justify paying £1000 for an information product or £6000 for a seminar. And that what he teaches in his courses: how to make money off others in the same way as he makes money off you. I have ordered his systems to, while I can see that it might work, to me it just feels very wrong to make money in this way.

      He is extremely good in getting negative comments removed from websites, threatening them with legal action. Point in case: the negative comments at the being referred to in the beginning have been removed. In the UK this works. Now that he apparently moved to the US according one of the commentors above, it would be interesting to see if he will be able to squash negative comments once he starts selling his "information products" there. Free speech being protected better in the US I don't expect though that he will be as effective in getting negative comments removed.

    • profile image

      T Thomas 5 years ago

      In a word YES! This guy reynolds is a blant fraudster, and has lied and tricked us out nearly £5,000 that we cannot replace.

      His sales letters are clearly design to mislead and misrepresent his true intention...WHY??...Isnt £50million enough?

      He has pulled out all the stops to get his hands on honest peoples money. We feel phiscally sick to know he uses childrens charities to scamm us and ohters out of money.

    • profile image

      SCAMMED by Reynolds 6 years ago

      THIS BLOG SUMS THIS REPULSIVE Reynolds to a tee...

      Even an infamous forum has been closed down by him as he does NOT want people to know the truth! GOOD JOB THIS BLOG IS HERE!

    • profile image

      Jaylee 6 years ago

      Conan and Graham hit it on the head exactly.

      I too have been completely convinced by reading elsewhere that Mr Reynolds is a very clever con artist, who preys on people's dreams and aspirations by leading them to believe that they can make a respectful business out of what he offers.

      I have read numerous comments from people in forums etc that he basically finds stuff for free on the net, dresses it up with fancy working and glossy brochures, then tries to convince newcomers that he is offering people a pot of gold! Seems to me that he is playing a numbers game - whilst 99 people out of a hundred will see through his scam, there will always be one poor soul who gets taken in by it and hands over his life savings, one chunk at a time.No wonder is making so much money out of his scams.

      I hate people like Andrew Reynolds! they are completely without morals, and he has no shame from what i can see.

      Seems like he uses charities to tug on peoples heart strings and make himself look like a good guy - makes it easier for people to accept he is genuine and then hand over their money i suppose! what a crook he is!

    • profile image

      conanthe2nd 6 years ago

      I subscribed to Andrew Reynolds cash on demand system at £30 a month up until module 13.He then came with an offer of a £200 a month course that would "get me there quicker"and i also attended his 2009 bootcamp seminar.Here is my honest opinion of him and his systems.

      The cash on demand modules look nice and are of good quality but that is about all.The information contained within them is extremely difficult to implment in the real world and not to mention behind the times.A lot of stuff in the modules is about Reynolds and how he has made a fortune out of the information products business etc..etc...etc...Very shallow stuff indeed and it go's on and on and on.You see he deliberately drip feeds you false hope each month to keep you hooked and him in pocket.So for me the cod system is very poor and vague.

      His next system up from this which i unfortunately fell for(Reynolds is a master at reeling people in)was £200 a month for 24 months in total.He makes you believe that you will become one of his private students and how it is possible to make huge amnounts in no time blah blah blah.

      I cancelled after 4 months as all i received were some out of date dvds of seminars and workshops featuring marketers who like Reynolds give vague and mundane advice on making money online.The picture quality and sound on some of these dvds were appalling.I also received some software to help me create a website,database,and rebranding and so forth.Unfortunetely the software was 13 years out of date and didn't work on vista.So all in all for £800 i had received some pretty poor out of date materials.Hence why i cancelled after month 4.My honest opinion was absolutely disgusting and because it was a standing order i couldn't get a refund either,that's how Reynolds operates.How could i rebrand and sell these dvds that were several years out of date!

      Before subscribing to Reynolds £200 a month business in a box of horrors i attended the 2009 bootcamp that he organised.Now here is where Reynolds reels people in via the charity angle.Basically he sends you an email asking you to donate to the make a wish foundation charity for children at Great ormand street.Donate £150 and you get tickets to his 2009 bootcamp at the 02 in London.

      Now this event is nothing more than an opportunity for Reynolds and fellow marketers to sell you there ridiculously expensive and mostly useless internet business schemes.The sales pitch is enticing and puts pressure on the audience who are desperate to improve there lot in life to get there credit cards out.They the marketers do this by saying they will offer this brilliant groundbreaking system once and once only.Many people fell into the trap and no doubt regret it to this day.The only people to benefit from this disgusting charad was Reynolds and co and the sick children which i thought deserved the money in any case.

      My honest opinion of Reynolds is that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.Me and many others who have spent hundreds and some have spent thousands on his useless out of date products have been robbed financially and morally.Only 3-4 people have actually gone on to make a lot of money from his system however they all had a lot of captal to start off with.More importantly they got in on it during the mid-90's when internet marketing was in it's infancy with no competition and no saturation.

      Reynolds and fellow marketers are living off there reputations by selling systems that went out with the ark and giving people false hope.The days of making huge amounts of money by information products are long gone.Reynolds is crafty as he is devious and still making lots of money by ripping people off to this day.My advice is to find another way of making money because you won't make it with Reynolds,accept him of course.

    • profile image

      Graham 7 years ago

      Dear Business opportunity seeker, althou I don’t know you personally I have read your “post” asking about the Andrew Reynolds “Cash on Demand” home study course!. My own personal advise would be “don’t do it you’ll regret it!”. The cash on demand home study course consists of monthly modules or manuals which will cost you about £30 per month if you enrol. I believe the course goes on for about 36months, so it’s going to cost you about £1,100 for them. I have recently herd that Reynolds has added yet more manuals so it could even 42 months? So you could end up paying £1,240 for the lot. Don’t be fooled by that as people who have enrolled on it are then bombarded by high powered pressure sales advertising literature and e-mails to purchase “licenses” from Reynolds at £3,000 to £5,000 a pop! But it doesn’t stop there you’ll have to fork out a few thousand pounds extra for the products, DVD’s, CD’s, etc,,, .I read about one guys venture in to the Reynolds cash on demand course and he said that he personal spent between £9,000 and £11,000 for all the manuals, lecenses, DVD’s, CD, s etc and he started set up the business he never ever made a single penny out of it!. No doubt he had been “Scammed” by Reynolds, as many thousands of other people have.Apprently the products they are selling are all out of date and nobody wants to buy them anymore. I believe that the Reynolds scam has fleeced thousands of pounds of other people’s money and savings into his own personal bank accounts to the tune of £50millions! What I can find out on the web is that Reynolds has left the UK and moved to the USA to set up his “Cash on Demand” scam there. No doubt he has left a trail of disillusioned people, broken promises, wrecked lives, and penny less OAP’s. Reynolds must be laughing to himself all the way to the bank! Could Reynolds be Britain’s biggest “Con” man?