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I've Been Fired!

Updated on December 10, 2010

Hi There.

My name is Lew and I already have a few hubs here on Hubpages...unfortunately what I do not have at the moment is a JOB! That's correct as of yesterday afternoon I was unwillingly added to the thousands of people who are unemployed in the United States and naturally I'm not a very happy camper at the moment as I have to try to find a new way to earn a living and I've decided that I would share my job hunting search and my other ways of trying to pay the bills over the next few hubs, but to start things off I should provide everyone with some of my previous work history and how I wound up at this point.

Okay so let's turn the hand of time back to the year 1993. It's the beginning of November and I have just been let go from a local company owned Dairy Mart. I wound up going to the local unemployment office ( before most of their operations went online ) and wound up getting assistance from the Veterans Affairs person there at the time and wound up being sent to a new job opportunity after being out of work for the whole month of November. The name of the company was called Belmay Inc and was located in the Chester NY Industrial Park. Needless to say at the time being out of work for a whole month was pretty devastating back in 93 so I was pretty happy to have this job opportunity. The job was in Belmay's maintenance department. I had never worked in a maintenance department before but I thought so what I'm finally back at work thank god.

I would work my way through all of Belmay, from Maintenance to driving a forklift and finally after three years into the production compounding department, and this was the job that I had always wanted to do after the first time I saw what a compounder actually was doing on the factory floor. It was a job that gave me the chance to have pride in my work by putting out a product that I knew was created to the best of my ability.

As the years have past though, the way a person does a compound has changed and become more automated, using software on carts that you as a compounder walk behind and just do pours into the compounding vessel using the software to tell you just where the material locations are, and how much you are required to add to the vessel to complete your compound. By doing this, the company has essentially made the job of a compounder less of a skilled labor set and just more of a " Line Pouring " day to day drudgery.

Add to the way the job that I enjoyed doing had changed, the fact that from 2007 to today this company has not given out any type of a raise to at least help with the ever rising cost of living. I had started to become very unhappy with the job by this time, as I saw others leave to go onto other better paying compounding positions with companies that were either local or would require a commute.

I had decided that after almost 17 years here at this company it was time for a change and even an industry. I took a chance on becoming part of what I thought would be a great company to work for called President Container.

I went for this chance with my eyes wide open and gave my resignation to Belmay after almost 17 years of dedicated and unrecognized service. Unfortunately as to the job with the new company went...after two separate interviews with a three panel group of important people and then another separate interview with the person who I would actually be working for, I along with several others would receive a week's worth of training by this company which basically consisted of classroom and some tours of the factory and then we would be given our work assignments. I knew I was to work in the " Tool and Die " work shop of this new facility, but unfortunately for myself and two others we were assigned to what was called " Support " and that meant that we would not work entirely in the uncompleted work shop.

More unfortunately for me I wound up being assigned to a job that would basically keep me out of the shop just about everyday for several hours at least. I'm not a very QUIET person if you know what I mean and when there were issues with this job, such as corrugated board falling all over the place and no one stopping to even lend a hand to clean it up, I was less than thrilled with this. I also made it known that I did not like riding this transport car and that I did not want to be pigeon holed into the position.

Well, after two incidents ( accidents ) on the t-car that were actually caused by someone else who I imagine still has his job, I suddenly find myself scrambling for work in the Christmas Holiday Season!

I'll be sharing more of the job search and my observations along the way in future hubs.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Big Ocean, sorry about the late response to your comment here. Thanks a lot, since writing this hub, I have been doing some online writing, and I am looking at further employment with a life insurance company. Hopefully that will turn out well.

    • bigocean profile image

      George Bogosian 6 years ago from New England


      One door closes, another one opens....just keep your eyes peeled!! Be well, do well.