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JCC's Job Search is Over

Updated on March 1, 2015

JCC's Job Search is Over

FairChanceProject is reporting the installment of Shelby Kass. One of our original four members saw Ms. Kass and she confirmed the lifetime appointment, "Like I told you three years ago, it will be full time when I graduate and then I will take over Rainbow Camp when my dad retires a few years after that".

A senior JCC human resources official with knowledge of the process confirmed that "Lenny Kass did the interview with Shelby Kass". Retiring part-time Assistant Director of Rainbow Camp, Sandie Kass, confirmed that the interview process was held at dinner some time last month. This was confirmed by Rainbow Camp's Program Director, Stephanie Kass and former program director Kim Kass.

FairChanceProject asked a human resources source about the fairness of Lenny hiring his daughter for this full-time job upon graduation. "I suppose if we posted the job, didn't allow relatives on the hiring committee and followed the spirit of equal opportunity employment laws by providing a level playing field, things may turn out differently."

When asked if this new job would result in a long career at the JCC, our human resources source said "As long as she remains Lenny's daughter, sure. As a human resources expert and a parent, I have a premonition her dad will rave about the job she does and push her to succeed him.".

We caught up with a long time JCC fitness center employee who had this comment for FairChanceProject "Are you sure? The JCC is a United Way funded organization and I had to apply for my job, be interviewed and get supervised by people not related to me. I doubt you got this right, guys". When shown our confidential paperwork, this fitness center employee shrugged and replied "Cool. The campers will never know that a real hiring process never occurred. They won't even know that nobody really searched for they best person to run their camp". When we asked "Won't everyone know she just got the job because of her dad", he employee commented, "Yea".

We reached the JCC's CEO Mark Shapiro by phone but he told us we had reached the donor line and could go to Helen Waite since we are non-donors.

We contacted Lenny Kass who had a brief statement he provided us "This is a family business. I don't interview others, nobody makes me. I hire all my family, they fill all the administrative summer jobs over more qualified people and can do whatever they want at work while I bust everyone else's balls. Now if that isn't a family business, what is?"

FairChanceProject will congregate soon, thanks for reading!

Very Insightful From the Best and Brightest

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