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JDs Waste Company: What a waste of Money?!

Updated on June 20, 2012

Waste Company or Waste of Time

The names says it all they pick up trash because they display trashy professionalism

Professionalism as I am learning from this company is a foreign concept and quality customer service is a foreign language. I have recently relocated from Atlanta to a rural town in South Carolina. I have noticed (haven't lived here since 2001) the slow pace, but I will endure for three years so my sister can finish high school at least. I promised Mom to make sure my little sister reaches her highest potential and I will see to it. So, I will endure this new dragging feet paced town for three years.

So, I have been dealing with my mom and uncle's death, however, there are certain responsibilities that have to be taken care of. One is waste management. I am a Virgo and when I say something (much like my Mom) you can take it to the bank. So last Thursday I opened up an account with this company. They required me to pay three months in advance (ok, no problem), so I told the lady sure I would have the payment in ten minutes. I followed through and they were supposed to drop off the can as soon as possible.

Since, I'm in a rural area, I didn't get the translation that meant on their leisure time. If you require the monies promptly, then the service should be just as prompt. They capitalize on the fact that this is a rural area and they are the only company in a 20 mile radius. So, I call (I gave them Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and tell them I still don't have a can. I told her I am from Atlanta and accustomed to things being done prompt and in a timely manner.

She says, "Welcome to the South, you ain't in the city no more!?" It took every bite of my strength not to use some colorful words for this obvious, Gone With the Wind, fan. Then, she says, "We can't push your order no sooner, I told him and he will come when he can." I was very disappointed and pissed at the whole Andy Griffin attitude, so I hung up. I thought to myself, what happened to customer service and being treated like a valued customer.

Was that lost upon this lady through the thickness of her southern accent, where was her since of value in that I am a customer? Was that lost upon her simplistic country living, was her brain that fried over easy, I thought? I have worked in customer service during my undergraduate studies. I am the daughter of a woman who spent almost two decades in customer service and both parents ran their own businesses. Am I suppose to believe that all that goes out the window, because my address has changed.

I have noticed that in rural areas, there is usually one company no other competitors, so for them that translates into, we got you now and we will treat you how we want. It is as if I have literally stepped into the twilight zone of the 1950's. If you place and order on the 8th it will arrive on the 21st. I have learned and it has not even been a month, that country living is not for the faint at heart.

I think that these companies need a nice healthy dose of competition, so that the quality of valuing your customers is not lost. They have traded quality service for nonchalant rude behavior. If I had talked to a customer in that manner in which this woman spoke to me anywhere else I would have been fired on the spot. I have a low tolerance for disrespect and degrading of any kind. I hope this isn't God's way of teaching me tolerance, I do not want to learn that lesson in the South.

The way the system in the rural Southern areas seems to work is to lock people into the little monopolies, treat them how you want, and less you service them nicely, the more you will feel defenseless and dependant on them. I listened to some of my classmates give me the skinny on our hometown and I was horrified to be honest at the mindset, mentality, and treatment of individuals living there. I know my value, so the things I hear some take I refuse to stand for.

I have never been the type to sit there and take stuff lying down. I am about liberation, fighting for justice, equality for all, and respect. If you can't get with it, get out of the way. (seems harsh, but true.) The issue for me is that I am beating a dead horse. (not entirely dead, but in a deep sleep.) They have the mentality of its their way or the highway, well, so do I. I have a feeling this will not be my last battle, but best believe I am smart, young, and ready for fight for justice at anytime. My advice is simply this know the full scope of what you are getting yourself into, before you move. Research the area, talk to the locals, visit, scope out the local companies, the job market, because trust me when I say simple is not always better or even cheaper for that matter.


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