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Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners

Updated on January 29, 2015

Are There Jobs for Foreigners in Malaysia?

Malaysian currency, called ringgit.
Malaysian currency, called ringgit. | Source

Foreigners in Malaysia can rest assured that there are plenty of jobs for them. No matter where you are from—from Pakistan to Nigeria or anywhere else in the world—these resources will help you find work.

If you have been struggling to find a job, there could be several things going on:

  • You may not have the right permit to work.
  • You may not have the necessary qualifications.
  • You do not know where to search for the right job for you.

If your challenge is obtaining the right work permit, information is available from the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Your qualifications are something that only you know about, but it is important to inform yourself about the types of jobs that are currently available where you are in Malaysia, so that you can prepare yourself and your resume accordingly.

As far as where to search for jobs, this article will help you with that. But first things first. In order to get nearly any job, you must first prepare your resume. Be as detailed as possible. Once your resume is prepared then you can use a number of online job sites that focus on Malaysia.

Where to Look for Jobs in Malaysia

In my experience, the three sites below are the most reliable for finding job opportunities in Malaysia. There are opportunities for every type of job, from consultants to professional business jobs, and maritime positions.

  • This site features opportunities in Malaysia, as well as Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • www.region.up This site features opportunities for professional positions in Asia.
  • This job site is specific to Malaysia.

Once you think a particular site might be helpful for you, sign up and upload your resume.

Use Your Contacts to Find a Job in Malaysia

Let everyone you know that you are searching for a job. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to find job opportunities. if you have any additional advice for job-seekers, please leave it in the comments section.

Finally, be patient! Keep looking, revising your resume, and working hard. I wish you all the best in your job search!

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    • profile image

      mary 2 years ago



    • profile image

      paul kc 2 years ago

      hi friends, i have been looking for jobs here but seems to be non, i am a medical practitioner with 8 years experience , i have worked in a pharmacist shop, i know much about drugs both the heard ones, 8 years experience , i can work with pharmacist or chemist i am sure i will give my best, currently i am in malaysia, ph,,,,+60102425104 thank you....

    • profile image

      faiz 2 years ago


      My name is Faiz

      Iam a graduate in managament also I have experience of 18months in accounts receivable, collections In IBM . Basisly a voice process work for US client.

      Iam looking out for a job in malaysia in BPO's, Please let me know if there is any openings.

      Contact details:

      PH# +918553888176

    • profile image

      Jimy 2 years ago

      Fcked up country studied 4years there wasted 1whole year in search of job but no positive reply sorry no jobs for foreigner at this moment .

    • profile image

      khalid 2 years ago

      Hi every one. I am from Pakistan now working in Malaysia last three months in agriculture sector, I have dine B.Com from Pakistan, can I get suitable job here. Please need me I am present this is contact 01125486144.


    • profile image

      pran krishna sarkar 2 years ago

      Dear sir,

      I am bangladeshi but I live in malaysia at 7years working fitting in oil & gas company. Now looking a new job per month rm4000 salary. as work have please infrom this email....prankrishna.sarkar.77@facebook.Com

    • profile image

      pran krishna sarkar 2 years ago

      Dear sir,

      I am bangladeshi but I live in malaysia at 7years working fitting in oil & gas company. Now looking a new job per month rm4000 salary. as work have please infrom this email....prankrishna.sarkar.77@facebook.Com

    • profile image

      Al amin 2 years ago

      I need job. I m from Bangladesh. I will do anything for job with out crime.I have no skills. I need 5000rm per months. so I m ready for any job. work time 12-16hour not more.

    • profile image

      Ben 2 years ago


      I am a British Expat in malaysia.I am looking for job.please if anyone have information about any company hiring,should please let me know.Interested in Sales Managerial Jobs.My email is;

    • profile image

      Joseph 3 years ago


      I am planning to shift to Malaysia soon does anyone know if Kent RO Water purifiers are available in Malaysia.

      I have a unit at my home here which i have been using for the past 5 years.

      Should i bring the unit over to malaysia or buy a unit from there itself.

      I am not keen on buying other brands.

    • profile image

      SuchiS 3 years ago

      I am an Indian had move to KL and looking for job. As i had work experience of 2.9 Years as Functional Analyst in Bank and Payment Solution domain

      Any opportunity please share,

      My mail id

    • profile image

      Benzy 3 years ago

      Hello Raymond,

      Hope you are doing great,

      I am pakistani and currently I am in Malaysia, looking for a job here from 6 months but helpless to find any job. Please help me in finding a job.

      my email id is

    • profile image

      Joy 3 years ago

      Hi! I'm a Filipino, looking for a job. I have a little knowledge about massage and slimming. Other than that I am unskilled worker. Currently I'm working as counter clerk in a massage shop but just a very simple task. I want to change my job that can earn 2000-5000 RM. Any company can hire me? I am willing to undergo training to have more skill.

    • profile image

      Rakesh From india 3 years ago

      i m look for a job.

      anytyp of job

      Salary 200-500 ringt pr month

      help if you can please

      mob. +918894827943

    • profile image 3 years ago


      Hi I'm 9 std pass and after electronic course and I have 5 year experience in Mani electronic item repairing I won't jobs in Malaysia and Singapore

    • profile image

      nanaappiah 3 years ago

      thanks Pushpa can I get your telephone number

    • profile image

      Mrs Pushpa Muthu 3 years ago

      Hi, We have recruit Malaysian and Foreigners for Certificate in Cruise Management , once you finished this course , you will sailing in ship . Salary will paid in USD. If Interested please details by email at Thanks

    • profile image

      uk 3 years ago

      i am looking for a place to do my internship

    • profile image

      nnns 3 years ago


    • profile image

      mabrur 3 years ago

      hi i am from bangladesh .. i am a web developer,i want to get the job on this track in malaysia..

      how can i get the job,pls anybody help me?

    • profile image

      jason 3 years ago

      Hi Guys,if you need a job to staying in malaysia.kindly email me for further detail.

    • profile image

      Kais 3 years ago

      My name is Kais i am in Malaysia i am from Iraq i have M.B.A i need a job my e-mail is .

    • profile image

      Gordon 3 years ago

      If you really want i job , i give you a simple tips , but you have made an effort to do it, okay. It's all based from the law of averages. Google that terms, don't be lazy. If you are lazy, should keep mumbling in this comments forever. Of basically like this ;

      1. All you have to do is email (better, write a letter) directly to 100 companies that is most likely desperate looking and ready to employing a foreigner without any hassle.

      2. Chances are 10%-30% will respond .

      3. Then get the interview and success.

      The law of averages stated that in 100 trying there is chance of 1% guaranteed success.

      You only need that 1%!

      Good luck...

      p/s I got that 400 list of that companies! It's kind of secret.

    • profile image

      mohammed albatta 3 years ago

      hello guys im mohammed 26 years old i have industrial engineeing degree with -A CGPA & recently finished my masters in MBA project management in malaysia with also -A CGPA i have 2 years of working experience in customer service as will , looking for a job here in malaysia

      my email

      my FB

    • profile image

      Nathan80s 3 years ago

      Hello buddies, Am Nathan from India working in Malaysia for Last March 2005 until now, as a technical support for an Indian well Know company, now am looking for job now , If please any can help me, please email me as soon as possible, am really want a job. Tq

    • profile image

      MUHAMMED RAFEEK K 3 years ago

      i seek Accounts and finance job i have two year experience in Accounting and Finance one year experience secretarial and I am Commerce graduate

    • profile image

      awal 3 years ago

      Hmm,is lt dat hard,

    • profile image

      paul ntaah 3 years ago

      want to study at malaysia for my master's programme in physical education and would like to know whether I can get some mini job to do to support myself .my email is am from Ghana.

    • profile image

      Wajid 3 years ago

      Salam & Hey Guys...Myself wajid & belong to Pakistan & living in Malaysia since 2 years & eight months also completed my one year studies here but could not get any decent job here besides offering of general worker,Security Guard,Waiter & many more such kind of low standard jobs so i wanna ask the Malaysians that why they are lying with foreigners & all over the world?

    • profile image

      kamalmuhamedirahim 3 years ago

      Respected sir

      i am from india right now i am in kuala lumpur now i am surching for a job , i was complet my instrumentation engineering and i had a 4 years experienced in instrumentation field so please help me my number 60182196896

    • profile image

      nayeem 3 years ago

      hi this is nayeem am looking hotel job in Malaysia present am working in Doha Qatar . Renaissance Hotel from last 2 years

    • profile image

      GOURY MAHATO 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Muhammad Arif butt 3 years ago

      I am experienced IT Hardware & Support Expert,Having more than 12 years of experience,I have done B-Tech(Honor) in electronics.I want job in Malaysia ,like It hardware support.Technical support-IT.Currently ,i am working as Sr.Hardwre Engineer-IT.Any one help me to find job in Malaysia,Is it possible to get job on one visit visa. Thanks ,my email add is

    • profile image

      Nasreen 3 years ago


    • profile image

      ali 3 years ago

      i am a pakistani boy, And right now i am in kualalampur and i am looking for job.I have got 4 years experience in retail marketing.i was doing the job in dubai as a salesman in dried fruit an nuts section.i have got driving licence from dubai international and i can work in shoping mall or any sales department . i can speak english , arabic, urdu, and malai but malai not 100% . My cell phone number i 0182890500, mail is mubashir46@ahoo.comAdd Your Comment...

    • profile image

      Mohammad Sami 3 years ago

      Right now i am in Kuala lumpur. I have completed MBA in marketing and having 6 experience in retail sales.i am looking for sales executive,marketing executive,sales supervisor, or retail store manager or store supervisor in Kuala lumpur please help.

    • profile image

      hameed awan 3 years ago

      Salam to everyone..i am a pakistani looking for a job in malaysia.have done bsc in medical sciences and have 3 years working experience in medicine sales and purchase..anyone assist me.plz contect 0112-6210452 0r mail

    • profile image

      Buchi 3 years ago

      I am a Nigerian and I have spent 8 years in Malaysia... Truth be told: It was extremely difficult to get a job as a NIGERIAN. For you to get a work permit, you need to get a job offer first (I have a work permit now so, I know first hand). After my first year of desperate searching, I found a part time job through a local friend (was paid RM5 per hour with food and transport). For my internship, I sent 75 applications and was rejected 75 times (possibly due to my race). I continued and finally got an internship position. 2 years later, I got a job offer in a RARE expertise and was granted a work permit. Within those years, I used my student pass while extending my internship period. Now, I am a professional here and earning well... This is after about 6 years of my journey... some horrible years of enduring numerous racist comments... they will call you names and say all sorts of nonsense about you and your race (Orang hitam...?! taboleh la...). They hate us deeply but, can't deny our value... The emotional trauma can kill you... the mind torture is ONLY for the strong... If you are bent on doing scams or drugs here, then my story is no good for you but, if you want to live a real life, you can convert scam time to search time or professional networking time (attend int'l conferences here - you'll be amazed at available connections, join n interact with pro communities)... If you can't handle the MALAYSIA ISSUE and have enough money and at good age, please find another country... This country is HARD!

    • profile image

      saqib 3 years ago

      hi this is Muhammad saqib i m assistant of architect i have 3years experience please contact me:00660129206547

    • profile image

      riyas 3 years ago

      my name is riyas from india,i will come to malaysia next week.can i get job in office work.or call center work

    • profile image

      oliver morris 4 years ago

      i'm a ghanaian,31years old and a graduate teacher(BA in EDUCATION)I have 9years woking experience as english teacher,very humble,hardworking,computer literate(microsoft office)and willing to work for hours.I would like to seek for employment in any reputable educational institution in malaysia for immedate contacts or mobile 0246202741.

    • profile image

      murali 4 years ago

      very easy to get the job in malaysia

    • profile image

      Kate 4 years ago

      Hi, im looking for job in kuala lumpur or around as a care assistent in nursing home, i have 5yrs experience with personal care, meal preparation, administrating medication, hoisting, i work with people with stroke and demencia.

      I used to work 10yrs as a waitress, i was looking after children and pets. And i was a cleaner as extra job. I will need to pay school for my son so will need some good hrs. We live in uk but my 4yrs old son is always ill so i realy need to move to wormer country, thank u for information. Kat

    • profile image

      Kate 4 years ago

      hi im looking for job in kuala lumpur or around as a care assistend. I have 5yrs experience. Im looking for job in nursing home. I have training with personal care, hoisting, medication. Meal preparation, domestics. Plus i have 10years experiences as a waitress and cleaner in hotel. I use to look after children or pets. I like to learn new things. Thank u for any information

    • profile image

      Alfred 4 years ago

      Am a Ghanaian I will be arrive at Malaysia on 20 of this months my problem is, my visa is a tourist visa which will expire on 11 Feb what should I do to get a stay there

    • profile image

      Mrs pushpa 4 years ago

      if any foreigner needs job, please email your resume at : we are genuinely with your contact . Thanks

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago

      i'm Raymond Dan. a Canadian employment agent, send your c.v for job in canada vis

    • profile image

      Mohammed 4 years ago

      Hi im mohammed frome algeria im in kuala lumpur city im looking for job in malaysia i have certificates in crane operator liebherr crane 1400 t and crane fix and bakhow loader operator please contacte me in

    • profile image

      Miss Zakiya 4 years ago

      Hi im Zakiya fr Thailand im looking for job in Malaysia I have 3 year HR, purchase&material control I can spoken and write Bahasa Malaysia

      I need work in Malaysia pls. contact

    • profile image

      Rainah 4 years ago jz wondering...i hv a foreign fren who reside in msia nw..n unfortunately..he jz lost his job as a driver n currently hes looking fr a job in anyone noes of any companies tt need a it personal driver or company driver..?? In dire needs to help my fren..thxs..appreciate it very much

      Any reply..pls email me at :

    • profile image

      madhusoodanan 4 years ago

      Im madhusoodanan from kerala.almost a year looking for job ....but I couldn't get any job aso....pls advise me what suppose I need to do

    • profile image

      ali 4 years ago

      it doesn't matter hw qualified u r , dey wil say jobs open for locals only ,so we can do shopping in their country,business,enjoyment,investtment but not do a job n work ,wat d hell !

    • profile image

      jossy okoli 4 years ago

      hei miss devi...thanks but do u quarantee afrian especially the nigerian going to be employ. I pity to hear the faith of this nigerian here. No t all are bad and Malaysian too and other foreigners did bad call human being ... we have brain and we can see with out two naked eyes. be fair and square and give them second choice.

    • profile image

      Alvin 4 years ago

      I am from the Philippines , I am now in Singapore for tourist permit only. Is there a chance to get jobs in Malaysia ? How? I am only college undergraduate.

    • profile image

      Miss Devi 4 years ago

      There is a lot of vacancy for foreigners in the Agricultural, Manufacturing & Service Sector fields for unskilled foreigners.

      Anyone needs my assistance, please mail me at

    • profile image

      Muhammad Qasim 4 years ago

      Asalam-o-Alaikum! Dear, This is Muhammad Qasim from Afghanistan, I am BS-IT [computer science and Information Technology] holder. I have 6 years of experience in Telecom Industry, could anyone help me to get a job in Malaysia. My Email Address:

    • profile image

      shobin cm 4 years ago

      I am Shobin from Bahrain as an elevator technician ,have any chance from Malaysia for ELEVATOR field or job offer letter please contact .



    • profile image

      SAM BASNET 4 years ago

      anyone could help to find IT jobs in MALAYSIA? hoep to see links soon or mail me on

      My Specialization




    • profile image

      vinoth kumar 4 years ago

      hi, This is vinoth from india, I am BE[computer science] holder. I have 2years of experience in Warehouse management, could anyone help me to get a job in malaysia.

    • profile image

      Mohd Sharjil Iqbal 4 years ago

      A@s all. I am from India, Completed my MBA from Pune University & have handsome 7 years of sales & Marketing experience. I am looking a job in Malaysia, Please call me on 016 – 2854257 if there is any job for me. Its really sad to experienced myself that the Malaysian people don't prefers Foreigners where the are getting promotions & exports mostly from India only, So why they are behaving as a dual attitude taking promotion & surviving need from Foreign but not giving us the job. As where we can be best,Honest,intelligent,hard worker & result oriented then may be from locals. Its my humble request to Malaysian nations please give us the chance to do a job in your companies & InshaALLAH you will get the excellent result from our end & from Allah to.

    • profile image

      marriott hotel 4 years ago

      Employment opportunity in Marriott hotels Canada,

      we kindly need Your assistance in

      order to assist us to get More applicants

      who is ready to work in Marriott hotel Toronto Canada,we take care Of your Traveling Air

      tickets and Accommodation Any other documents requested by immigration Remains for you to

      obtain,Please forward your CV/Resume To;

    • profile image

      MUHAMMAD NOOR SABER 4 years ago

      I am Afghan and have 5 years work experience with UN, International and National NGOs and have 2 diplomas (DBA and DBM) and I got my DBM diploma from ISBM India and now I am doing MBA from ISBM (Distance Learning), I want to have a small job or business in Malaysia If any one is interested and want to help me kindly contact me: Phone No: +93777507059


    • profile image

      Joanne 4 years ago

      Anyone keen for jobs in Singapore ? You can email me your resume, i will see what i can help. Opportunities for foreigners and young malaysians.


    • profile image

      StudentsComMalaysia 4 years ago

      if you want to settle in malaysia you should try to come here here for studying here first and then try to fit yourself.. if you want to study in malaysia and require any information contact me at All university and visa matters are handled.

    • profile image

      adnan 4 years ago

      i am pakistan and want to work in Malaysia please contact me at


      with best regards


    • profile image

      Janine 4 years ago

      Hi Im a Filipino. i really want to go to Malaysia and work. please someone help me look for a decent job.

    • profile image

      BBShrestha 4 years ago

      I seek for school administrative job/ A long year experience


      Stephens Int’l School

      (Principal/Secretary SMC/Teacher) 12/3/2010 to 29/04/2012

      (Full time)

      Image Academy

      (Math Teacher/Secretary SMC) 1/7/2006 to 10/2/2010

      (Full time)

      St.Johns School

      (Coordinator,PTTeacher) 5/1/2003 to 7/1/2005

      (Full time)

      Ideal English School

      (Math Teacher & Hostel In-charge) 30/4/2001 to 30/4/2002

      (Full time)

      Arunodaya Academy

      (Assistant.Principal/English Math Teacher) 15/8/1998 to 31/12/2000

      (Full time)

      Excel Language Centre Ltd.

      Language Teacher 4/9/2009 to going on

      (Part time)

      Light for Nepal Children Home

      Volunteer staff

      Hostelling International(NYHC)

      Volunteer Administrative Assistant 5/12/2008 to 7/10/2010

      (Part time)

      Current (part time)

      Jolly Kids Montessori School_ Founder /Director

      Office Phone+977 1 4390602

    • profile image

      adnan 4 years ago

      i need a job in Malaysia my email address is

    • profile image

      Mohanraj 4 years ago

      I have done MBA in Marketing from India in Anna university .i have 2 year experience in marketing field. i have Excellent presentation skills Good communication skills,marketing skills,

      i am interested Marketing and sales jobs

      Thanks & Regards


    • profile image

      Aqua 5 years ago

      Malaysia welcomes investors be them tourists, students, businessman or migrants bringing a huge chunk of money to settle by buying a house & starting a business.

      Although I like Malaysia but looks can be very deceiving. Underneath a european style metropolitan system there is a discrimination, racism and unfairness that will blow your mind unless you are solely here to visit and sightseeing. This is practised by everybody in Malaysia be that locals, adopted locals or expats.

      I feel very sorry for people trying to find a decent job in Malaysia on basis of their qualification and experience only. Most of what is stated in this blog is a pack of lies. the job websites are a joke. You simply cannot get a job at a mid level. Its either the high end or the low ranks. unless ofcourse you are a european or chinese; the two local royalities next to locals.

      First of all you need a work or a study permit to be considered for any sort of job legally. if you not a real student or worker you have to buy this permit and there is a very good chance you will loose your money the first time and it will probably be out of the hand of your best friend's advice or the charms of your countrymen. you cannot trust anyone really. i caution you; only pay a fraction of this money initially and never give your passport to any agent. i have seen many tragic cases.

      the best thing is to buy a low category low cost permit and find work via real contacts in contruction and food&beverage sector. most jobs can be done there.

      Then you need the language. Although english is used widely there most of the jobs requires competency in behasa melayu and chinese languages.

      Even then you have to be on your guard. Most employers will rob you of your salary. keep you on probation and will find excuses to fire you.

      business ethics mean nothing here. they may even not hire you even after a succesfull interview and handing you a contract of employment. scicom msc is one such employer, i cna tell you out of experience. & help yoou God if your visa expires meanwhile. you can simply kiss your chance good bye and start all over. the compnay will never call you back.

      I advice in all sincereity never to overstay your visa in malaysia. you will be at the mercy of everyone and eventually you get caught & then you will be devastated. no human rights exists in malaysian jails. or for that matter anywhere but here its worse.

      I also advice students to research a lot before chosing a program of study as you wont find it a very uplifting experience. there are certainly no glamorous career prospects in malaysia except in a very limitedarea of highly skilled technical jobs.

      The one exception in seeking a job is education & training but you must be very qualified to enter this market. & apply from your country for that via online. then visit. arrange accomodation and comeback on their visa.

      the next best thing is to form a company but that is a hugeinvestment even in sharing.

    • profile image

      Sugo 5 years ago

      Hi i am from india, i am a commerce post graduate, & i am having 6+ years of work experience, can i get any job in malayasia, can anybody plz help me in this regard, so that i will be very thankful to them, if any job plz mail me on my id :

    • profile image

      Devi 5 years ago

      I can always give an advice to all people who are looking for jobs or studies opportunities in Malaysia. We are a peaceful and harmony country.

      you can always refer to my fb :

    • profile image

      daniyal 5 years ago

      i am a young graduate with an hnd in marketing.want to study and work in malaysia.any help

    • profile image

      michael fajardo 5 years ago

      hi im michael fajardo im a filipino working as a system engineer almost 3yrs now in POS provider company here in the Philippines i just want to have job there in Malaysia.this is my number +639222385243..somebody like to help me getting a job there in Malaysia..

    • profile image

      imag 5 years ago

      I'm a Sri lankan i wish to find any sales,resturant or hotel job in malaysia accomadation and meal i can find by myself i have enough working expiriance you can contact me on +94772522557

    • profile image

      yar muhammad 5 years ago

      hi,,i did MBA(international human resource management),i want to do job in malaysia,,i have experince person,im living in pakistan,how could i get job there in malysia,,


    • Devi Madhavan profile image

      Devi Madhavan 5 years ago from Malaka, Melaka, Malaysia

      Hi i', from Malaysia.I notice alots of informations here, but here i just comment little bits. I been a lecturer before and currently i'm working as recruitment consultant ( sometimes education consultant at another subsidiary company under one flag). Even now i move to part time lecturing. I have a lots of foreign students especially from Nigeria , Ghana and so on. I just want to highlight that if you are in right track, there is no discrimination here in Malaysia in jobs or educations. Sometimes the company will prefer to hired locals. And as i knw many of my students are working part time in Malaysia. Even some already get a good career in Malaysia after their studies. There are some company who are really looking for workers from Nigeria , Ghana and so on, you just to look on and do more analysis . You will find a dream career in Malaysia. I'm not saying this because i'm working as recruitment consultant at my uncle firms ( Headquaters at Singapore), but because i been a lecturer with a wonderful Nigeria , Ghana n so on students. Hope all the best for them and you all here.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Suresh 5 years ago

      Hi i am from india, i am a commerce post graduate, & i am having 6+ years of work experience, can i get any job in malayasia, can anybody plz help me in this regard, so that i will be very thankful to them, if any job plz mail me on my id :

    • profile image

      syed 5 years ago


      i m a pakistani , thinking to move and work in malaysia these days. i m a graduate. what kind of work can i find here. how much money do i need minimum for a couple of months while i'll try to find a work.

    • profile image

      syed 5 years ago


      i m a pakistani , thinking to move and work in malaysia these days. i m a graduate. what kind of work can i find here. how much money do i need minimum for a couple of months while i'll try to find a work.

    • profile image

      lonely 5 years ago

      hi im malaysian and my fiancé is from india he wants to get a job here in malaysia anyone can help pls he has masters in business developmet.

    • woraesam profile image

      woraesam 5 years ago from Kuala Lumpur

      There are a lot of Jobs for Foreigners especially Blacks looking for Jobs in Malaysia. Our problem is with getting the right information about the availability of the jobs in question and how to get on board. There are both skilled and unskilled jobs available. Just get in touch through ( and i will give you more details on how to get employed within days. Good Luck!!!

    • profile image

      eshy 5 years ago

      all i can say is Malaysian schools should stop coming to advertise there schools in our country countries let the USA nad other European countries advertise since we can atleast get jobs there. there not many jobs but atleast we have a chance unlike Malaysia

    • profile image

      john marcus 5 years ago

      aaichya gavat.

    • profile image

      Saba 5 years ago

      Hi guys....

      I am Malaysian, and i have a lot foreigner frens... I feel sad because of the situation that u guys come across now.

      I agree that Malaysian very racist. I feel sad with malaysian mentality.

      What i can advice here, most foreigner who are able to work in malaysia such as working at petronas, that because they r a technical person. Most of them r engineer. But if u guys have a qualification in administration and business, it very difficult to find a job here..

      so guys, for me the best thing u all can do, proceed ur study until get PHD.. once u get the PHD it will increase a chances for u to get more job. Hmmm u also able to be a dean in some unversity in Malaysia...

      Just don't give up...

    • profile image

      irshad 5 years ago

      i am from pakistan i have passed one year in Malaysia i have qualification every thing although work permit but i dont find any type of job there is just racism nothing else only local can hire and prefer only locals we get only lower type of job like sweeper and security guard ext so it is good for us foreigners to leave this country and go back to our own home land.

    • profile image

      kazeem 5 years ago

      short words, @coolkubisambo : for u saying the only job nigerians do here is SCAM u must be stupid for that statement..... that one of the reason why we see you and laugh it you.... and you will die searching because of your stupid mindset.SAYING THEY ARE MAKING THE COUNTRY HARD FOR U not me, re the GOD...if u perceive the country to be so hard, it will continue to be hard for you. think as a graduate..... racism has been in existence for years and it will continue to be...... even if u go to Australia dey don't like Asians, if u go to Europe and some part of Ukraine they don't like like that all over d the world even in America the Melting point there is racism.... i would advice you to overlook it and move.....and it even a msg for we Africans to think and develop what we have....... so in conclusion whatever that will happen will happen, all u have to do is pray and workhard... i have seen black work with petronas in malaysia i have seen deans, and head of department of universities in Malaysia... so why u....Change ur life will see Change.. to debate my contact is 0163586407.

    • profile image

      coolkubisambo 5 years ago

      man and woman this page is full of lies i am in Malaysia now my number is 0163786893 i have live here almost 9 month i have my visa and everything besides i came here with good qualification trust me am a Ghanaian i have been through all the jobsite listed above even before you your self know we have more then that in here ,, they have alot of jobs here but at the end they don't give any black man job whether nigerian or Ghanaian or from liberia or any of african country , hell no they will tell you is FOR ONLY LOCALS please don't say any bullshit thing you have no idea what is going on here even to does fellow Nigerian man when they see a black man working they start laughing at him but the only JOB they do here in Malaysia is SCAM job which they are making the country very hard for black people to live so if you don't know anything thing stop talking bullshit and look for the truth and tell people or find another way to help instead of saying crap to upset job seekers

    • profile image

      enny 5 years ago

      they are malaysia working in nigeria and even having companies there,we show them love in nigeria but they hate us in there country.malaysia cant stop racist

    • profile image

      LOO 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Angel 5 years ago

      studied in Malaysia and got a degree then go back to your country. SUCKS...... !!!! no matter how qualified you are, still, only jobs availabel for Malaysians .......

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      Its so annoying how some malaysians can be racists and say no africans or no nigerians here...sorry..only malaysians..bla bla, I'm just so fed up with the job search here. I almost got one and as soon as they found out I was Nigerian..that was the end..they didn't bother employing me.. it is just so sad :((

    • profile image

      hamfred 5 years ago

      i wish i can get a job which fit my degree in commerce accounting option.

    • profile image

      Jamal 5 years ago

      Over 5 years of office management experience including solid computer skills and proven organization and planning skills.


    • profile image

      Jamal 5 years ago

      Over 5 years of office management experience including solid computer skills and proven organization and planning skills.

    • profile image

      Redeemer 5 years ago

      Any African looking for customer service job, apply at SCICOM (MSC)BHD, at Level 25, Menara TA One, Jalan P.Ramlee 52100 Kuala Lumpur. google it if you want.

      Come and see for yourself how many africans are working here, who says you cannot find a job. The most important thing is you can speak good British English, even if you have all the qualifications but cannot speak good english as in British English, not those trying to sound like American english :) you are given a youtube site to practice and come back.

      Try attending an interview, God Grace be with you. good luck.

    • profile image

      okechukwu ogechukwu 5 years ago

      i wish i could be offered a hotel receptionist. accommodation free, break fast free.

    • telltale profile image

      telltale 6 years ago

      Much as there are Internet Job Sites for job availability in Malaysia, for foreigners to get a job in Malaysia is something else. I don't think jobs will come knocking at your door, but agree that participating in social media do help in securing an opportunity to work. Not talking about foreigners, getting the right job for Malaysians seem to be harder than it was before - perhaps it is due to the economy of the country. Just stating my opinion on this.