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Janitorial Service Bidding Software-Which one to buy?

Updated on March 28, 2011

Cleaning Service Software-Which One to Buy?

Have you been looking for a computer program that you can use for your cleaning service business?

A program that can help you to compute proposals for cleaning contracts and price quotations?

There are many bidding software available for cleaning service businesses.

So which one should you buy for your business?

It will depend on exactly what you are looking for and what type of cleaning service business you have.

Are you interested in software for residential cleaning service bidding, office cleaning service bidding, commercial properties, etc.?

If you do mostly commercial buildings with many employees, you should look into a program that can do more than simply bidding calculation. There is software for multi purposes, such as bidding calculation but also for managing and scheduling appointments for your company.

Some of these software price tags run at several thousand dollars to some where you pay a monthly service for using their online services.

So look for the software that is best suited for your company size, your budget and purpose of use.

Check into Google search and you will be able to find different bidding software where you can closely examine them before deciding to buy one.

For now, please take a look at this simple janitorial computer software that is designed for a small size cleaning service business or newly started cleaning service business.

Janitorial Contractors Help CD offers various bidding calculators that can help with cleaning service bidding calculations for cleaning contracts.

Program files are based on Microsoft Excel & Word 2007. It is simple to use and educational.

Please take a look at the video for more information on how it works and what the software offers.

For more information on Janitorial Contractors Help CD- Please visit at:

Janitorial Contractors Help CD- Introduction


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