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Jessica Simpson Tries To Prevent Release of SpeedFit Workout DVD

Updated on February 9, 2011

Imagine you’re a young singer just trying to make it in the entertainment world, when all of a sudden someone tells you that you can make a fortune if only you star in a video where you’re scantily clad and writhing around, all sweaty, grunty and short of breath. Of course you’d say yes, this is L.A. But then you’d come to regret it, and try to prevent the public release of this tape years later. That’s exactly what Jessica Simpson is doing with an exercise tape she filmed in 2005. Wait, you didn’t think it was a sex tape did you? Get your mind out of the gutter.

Simpson made a workout video six years ago for a company called Speedfit, but once it was finished, she blocked the release of said tape because she felt it “was not good enough to be sold.” This led to a long court case which only just ruled in Simpson’s favor in 2010. What could possibly be caught on film that Simpson was willing to spend five years in court battling over? We aren’t sure, but you may get a chance to see because a man named Ed Meyer bought the rights to the tape from Speedfit and is threatening to release it. Simpson’s lawyers have warned him saying “You have no enforceable rights of any sort in the so-called Jessica Simpson exercise video from SpeedFit,” and they plan legal action against him if he makes it public, but we have to admit, this only makes us want to see this mysterious exercise tape even more.


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