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Jewelry Direct Sales Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on January 10, 2012

Have style? Do people like the way you dress and compliment you on your jewelry? If you said "yes," jewelry sales may bring you a boatload of money!

The advantage of selling jewelry is that you can be a walking billboard! You can wear your product in your ears, around your neck, on your wrist... try that with cookware! If someone comments on your gorgeous necklace, tell them how they can get it for free, slip them a business card and a catalog. Easy peasy.

The tricky part with jewelry sales is that starting up can be expensive. You need the jewelry. And the more you have, the better. I sold jewelry for Lia Sophia (when they were Lady Remington) and got nine pieces with my starter kit. That sounded impressive, and I was happy to have the pieces to wear around and advertise. But when it came to setting up my first party, it didn't look like I had very much to show.

Here is a list of some jewelry companies.  Hopefully you can find a good fit here!

Accentz - Startup $199, make 30%, downline 8% 1 level

All Dazzle - Startup $150 & up, make 35% + bonuses, downline 4%

Blessings Unlimited - Startup $159, make 25%

Cookie Lee, Inc. - Startup $333 & up, make 50%

Earth's Elements

ENERGETIX GMBH & Co. (Germany) - make 20-45%

F.A.I.T.H. Company - Startup $195, make 50%

Fifth Avenue Collection, Inc.

GemStyle - Startup $179 ($80 rebated after qualifying sales), make 25-40%

Initial Outfitters - Startup $139, make 25-36% + bonuses

Jockey Person to Person - Startup $199 (sell $2400 in first month, get 7 {clothes} pieces free), make 25% + 5-15% bonuses, downline 3-7%

Latasia & Company - Startup $139, make 30-40%, downline 5 levels

Lia Sophia - Startup $149, make 30% + bonuses

M Studio, Inc. - Startup $139

Michele Baratta at Home - Startup $199 (or FREE with qualifying purchase), make 25-35%

Morgan Dane Designs - Startup $325 & up, make 30-35%, downline 4-14%

Nikken, Inc.

Pink Papaya, LLC

Premier Designs, Inc. - make 50%, downline 10% first three levels (which is HUGE!!!)

Purse Party, Inc.- Startup $200, make 30-40%, downline 3-10%

Sabika, Inc.

Silpada Designs - Startup $199 (or less with qualifying order), make 30%, downline 4-1% three levels

SMC Specialty Merchandise Corp. - Startup $300

Stella & Dot - Startup $199, make up to 30%, downline up to 18%

Sydney Andrews - Startup $149 & up (bonus jewelry if you are first in your area - sign up for information on their website), make 30-40% + bonuses, downline up to 10% for 5 levels

Team National

Touchstone Crystal, Inc. - Startup $199 & up

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry - Startup $199-630, make 50%

U Design Jewelry - Startup $125-2500

Vantani, Inc. - make 30-40%

Vantel Pearls in the Oyster - This is a neat idea, they send oysters to you and you take them to the party. Each oyster is guaranteed to have a pearl in it. Party-goers buy the oyster, you open it, and then sell the settings & stuff for the pearl. Pretty neat. Startup is $99, make 25%, downline 5 levels


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