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Job Application: Personal and Professional History of an Applicant

Updated on October 16, 2012
Job Application
Job Application

Importance of a Job Application

What role does a Job Application plays in job selection? For any applied job, the employer or the hiring manager may want you to fill up the Job Application Form, even if you have already submitted your resume and cover letter.

Job Applications can be defined as a summary of Applicant’s academic background, professional work history and experiences usually prepared for a perspective employer. It is a common practice in the organizations to ask an applicant to fill up the Job application form with the personal and professional background. The completed form remains with the employer as a record and you, as an applicant, must sign and verify it. It is also necessary to remember that by signing the application form, you have stated that whatever details you have provided are true facts and correct.

The signed job Application must be complete with correct and actual facts, because during verification if it is found that you have furnished the wrong information or hidden certain details from the organization, a wrong impression will be created in the mind of employer and may deprive you of the applied job. Even if you are hired, the wrong information might get you fired from the job in future. You must also make sure your Application must be impressive and professionally written with the required information that can impress the employer or hiring manager and bag you the posted job.

Regardless of whether you submit a Job Application in-person, directly to the organization or online, it is necessary that you must collect all required information and write down on a plain sheet of paper, or prepare a resume to find out you have put down complete personal and professionals details. Such practice will assist you to fill up the Job Application Form correctly.

The basic information that must be filled and commonly required by the hiring manager of the organization includes:

Personal Information:

· Contact details including, temporary and permanent address, phone/cell number

· City, state and Zip code

· US work permit

· Criminal or felony convictions

· Under age work permit or certificate(optional)

Academic Information:

· Schools/Colleges

· Degrees/Diploma/Certificate Dates

· Graduation dates

· Additional Training or Qualification

Position Applied For Information:

· Position Applied

· Desired Shift hours/days

Joining Date

Prior Work Information:

· Contact details of previous employers (if worked in more than one organization, give all employer details)

· Name of the supervisor

· Work dates

· Salary drawn

· Leaving reasons


Three references (working or relationship) – contact details and job positions held.

Job Application Guides

Before completing your job application, collect all relevant facts of your professional work history and educational details and put them in proper format on a piece of paper. The best practice before filling the Application form is to prepare a well written resume with completed information and write details under required different sub-headings. Such practice will help you get all details without missing out important points that may be vital for your job application. You can even download a sample of Job Application Sample and practice filling it correctly. You must also remember the Job Applications of many retail sector companies such as Costco, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Home Depot, Family Dollar and others are available online. You can complete it online for the desired job. But, remember, you must sign your Application positively for verification before submitting it.


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