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How to find a better job?

Updated on July 5, 2015
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Hi there! I am Johnne who loves to share knowledge and ideas to other and help people who are really in need.

Career Opportunity
Career Opportunity

Graduation! The most excitement part of life being a student. However, most of us knows that this is the start of our new beginning for our future success.

As we know job hunting / working is very difficult but yet interesting. Companies most especially the top ranked are looking for those who have lots of experience rather than don't have. Nevertheless, there are some companies that give chances to those fresh graduates to be part of their leading and growing company.

Despite of it, the mean point is on how you can be able to execute and perform your task and responsibilities as a worker of the company. And showing all your knowledge and capabilities in order to contribute the needs of your company.

As we all know, millions of people are looking for a job which will costly give a lots of penny on their pocket. But haven't you think on how we can find a better job?

Well on this article, i'll try to help you on how to develop and i'll share it to you my experience in finding a better career.


~shared Experienced~

Several times I applied for different companies. In fact, I was usually rejected I don't know why. And it comes into my mind that competition is rarely and very tough for me especially I am a fresh graduate. But as what as my supportive family said, "Never give up on anyone else as you know that you can do it and as you know that you believe in yourself that you can do it." At that moment I never stop thinking that there will be a "BIG" change for my "BIG" dream seeking a better career.

As I tried again to apply for another job vacant post. I never imagined that I was called for an interview. An interview which I never expect what will happen next and that will lead me for finding a better career.

So before anything else, and before you take any course in college, set your mind that whatever you'll take up on. Because finding and knowing what you wanted will use is you'll going to use it after you finish your studies. Be career wise and think what is in-demand right now in the society. Competition is getting more bigger and wider as the time getting more faster and faster.

However in order to find a better career, you should consider this thing;

  1. Knowing the best for you
  2. Grooming / Attitude
  3. Self-Confidence
  4. Knowing the background
  5. Sportsmanship

Building those things in your career is just a jam-packed and for sure you will find a better career.


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Knowing the best for you

Learning what is the right for you is one of the most important thing which will help you for your success in finding a better job. As I said earlier be a career wise. A career which will satisfy the wants, likes and will lead you throughout finding a career.

Consult someone if you have confusion about knowing what is right for you. Take some advice's from your parents or friend and look into majestic world which is really in demand career in society. Be a researcher as possible to learn and gain more knowledge of getting the best for your wants.


Self-confidence has been directly connected to an individual's social network, activities, participation and personal judgment for applying a post . Building a positive self-esteem has been linked to factors in such a way logical health, mattering to others, and both body image and physical health well help you increasing self-confidence. On the contrary, self-confidence is important towards job hunting.Understanding and expressing yourself is measured explicitly your self-esteem. Try to talk in front of a mirror to make is sure that confidence is there at the time.

Grooming / Attitude

Upon applying any job vacancies, you should consider yourself to have a proper hygiene, grooming and that will looks you like a professional. Because as far as we're concerned, physical appearance is one of the factor for applying a post. Usually, interviewers they first see on how you handle properly you attire, from each tip of the shoe till head they'll judge you.

Sometimes, interviewer are psychologist. They know what kind of a person you are and they know how to read every body language. Just be careful and always make yourself neat and clean.

Indeed, be nice and be good to every applicants. As much as possible try to communicate with them in order get some ideas and experiences with your co-applicants.


It's very sad if you haven't accepted nor you were not hired. Be sports and that's life in applying a job. There are some who got hired very quickly and there are some they don't. Don't loose any hope maybe that's not the right for you. Better luck next time and throughout that kind of experience try to develop more confident and believe in yourself.

Stand out among the rest and be more competitive as what the others do. If your competitors and long enough to aim of what they wanted. Try to challenge yourself and be more passionate because everything lies with in you.

Company Background

Once you applied on that company, try to research and explore some things about their background which will help you once the interview will be done.

Knowing the background of the company is an advantages for the applicant and at the same time interviewer will probably say that you are really interested to be part of their team. Make sure that everything you said about their company is true and everything you should know. And knowing the best in applying for job is easier and faster to hire.


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