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Job Hunting-Frustrating, but Rewarding in the End

Updated on May 30, 2015
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Job Hunting is Difficult!

Get a job, they said. It should be easy for you, they said. You are a US citizen so you should be able to get a job with no trouble. Yeah right! How little did they know! The process of applying and interviewing for a job is probably similar in different countries. However, it is not easy to find a job in my field. I searched far and wide for a position that I knew I could help others in the process, as this is what I love to do.

I must have applied to over one thousand jobs over a period of nine months in various states of the United States. Of those one thousand jobs, I only received 14-15 first interview calls. Out of all of these first interviews, I only got one second interview call and one job offer from one first interview via Skype (Job A). I had to travel to the place where the second interview was held, only 3 hours away from where I currently live (Job B). I actually enjoyed the drive; the place where the interview was held was a very nice town and I hoped I would be hired there. While I was waiting to hear back from Job B, I got the call with a job offer from Job A.

The job offer from Job A was a good one, but the place itself was not a safe place, as it borders Mexico and the United States. I heard from many people that it was not a great place to live as well. I thought over it for a day. I then called back and tried to negotiate the offer to a little higher one, as it was a big move from where I currently live (a 24 hour drive by car), it would be expensive to drive there with a moving truck, and I would be far away from family. The employer said she would try to see what she could do. In the meantime, I was still waiting to hear back from Job B. I was also trying to find other places to interview, and got one about three hours south from where I currently live. I called a friend who lives about two hours from the place and she told me to come stay with her the day before.

I was driving to my friend’s place the day before the new interview and had almost reached her home when I got the call from Job B with a job offer. I was so ecstatic that I almost veered off the road! When I got to my friend’s place, I told her the news. She was very happy for me, and told me to cancel all the other interviews I had so that I could relax. I also called my parents and my husband who were also very happy to hear the news. They told me to go for it if that was what I really wanted. I thought about it but by then knew that Job B was the place I wanted to be.

I called Job B back, told them that I accepted their terms and mentioned that I was very much honored that they chose me as the final candidate for the position. I then called Job A to tell them that I had decided to go with another offer. The lady wished me luck with my new job.

It has been a long road and tough struggle to find a job so soon after graduating from my master’s program. Finding a job has not been as easy as people told me that it would be regardless of the fact that I am a U. S. citizen. Neither having just an impressive resume and cover letter nor having just a great first or second interview with the employers will guarantee the job seeker of landing a position. It is a combination of everything. On top of that, if the employer likes the job seeker’s personality, if the job seeker is genuine and polite, and if the employer feels that the job seeker would be a good fit for the team, then only will the job seeker be seriously considered for the position.


Published 05/30/2015

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