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Job Hunting In Japan

Updated on May 7, 2011

Well the first and obvious question is what type of visa do you have. Working can be quiet difficult depending on the type of Japanese entry visa you posses. After you have established that your visa allows you to work, then the next step is your language ability. Even the most simple jobs can require you to speak a high level of Japanese. There are some jobs available that do not require you to speak very little if any Japanese.

Teaching English

The best jobs available for those who do not speak any Japanese is teaching English. Teaching English can be a fun and rewarding job. It can be a bit tricky gaining employment in this field for the following reasons

  • Most companies require a degree
  • Smaller companies will let you work without a degree if you have a Child of a National resident visa.
  • The job market is competitive.
  • Some companies "trap" English teachers with tricky contracts.

I Don't Want To Teach English

If teaching isn't your cup of tea, then there are other jobs available. There a plenty of government jobs available for US citizens in Japan. Also There are clubs, restaurants and boutique stores that would love to have an English speaker on hand.

Depending on the area you are moving to in Japan, Job hunting would be fairly easy. Keep in mind, depending on your skills and language ability working in Japan will be a process that may take time. You may need to take smaller jobs to work up to larger more advanced jobs.


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