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Job Interview - A few tips how you can score more points

Updated on May 29, 2012

Following my hubs about presentation letters and criative resumes I'll try to give you a few tips on jobs interviews. I'm not a HR expert but I've been in a few interviews and I have also interviewed a few people, so this are only my suggestions. Just read me and see if they make sense to you.

  • Research the company

If you read my previous hub on this matter, before you sent your presentation letter and resume, and before you were called to the interview, you have already made a minor research about the company you're applying to.

But now, as you are called to the interview, research a little further! Go to their website and check every single page on it, read their mission statement, the "about us" info, who their clients are, what are the latests news on them. Also google them, to see what you can find, get to know the market where they operate, their business, their market share, and the rest you can find.

If possible, talk to someone you know that works there and get a little inside view of the things.

  • Research the competitors

Now that you know the market they operate in and their market share go and learn who their competitors are. Check their websites, news and other info you can find.

This way if during the interview some names show up you'll be prepared for it.

This maybe easy or not. When they call you saying you were choosen ask who the interviewer will be. If you haven't done it, call the company, say that you're just confirming the interview hour and try to get the name of the person.

If you can get the name, yep... research!!! Try the company website to see if they have info on the interviewer, google it, just try to know a little bit about him/her.

  • Read the newspapers

If you don't have this habbit, work on it! Specially the week before the interview, read the general newspappers, the economy ones, even the sports ones. Nowadays you don't even have to buy them, just check them online!

Again, during the interview a topic may show up, like an earthquake, a crisis in some sector, etc, and you have to know a little about it so you can't be caught of guard!

  • Prepare a few standard questions

There are a few standard questions that are asked in each interview. Things like "where do you imagine yourself in five years", "what are you career goals", "what's your jobs history"... Prepare yourself, train this kind of questions, try to focuses on the important things. Some people would say for you to write a script on them but I won't... Just prepare yourself, imagine you're been asked for this answers and do your best! The risk of writing a script is that if you forget something during the interview, the whole answer will sound false... So, just be yourself!

  • Get to know the place for the interview

This does't seem very important but it could be! You should go and see where your interview will be, get the car/train/bus/metro path till there, check the time it takes you to get there, etc.

Because remember that you will be a little nervous on the day of the interview and if you get lost, or in a jam, or something, the stress will rise up very fast and propably you'll compromise your interview and your chance!

  • Find out what to wear

Some interviews require a suit, others you can go less formal... Try to know what to where, ask the people who called you or when you call to confirm the hour, ask that. It could make the difference!

  • Don't be late

Last, but not least, don't be late! This is very important! Try to arrive 15m earlier, not more, or otherwise you could get more nervous waiting! But his is very important to cause a good first impression!

A great ebook to help you

You can also find lots of information on interviews on the web.

Here I present you a great Ebook by clickbank to help you in the interviews, the Big 4 Guru's Book of Secrets!

By reading it you will became prepared for any interview and be much closer to getting a job! And for a limited time only and just for $24.95, you'll also receive a copy of the 2009 Ultimate Interview Guide free (a 10% value), it's a chance you can't miss!

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    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 4 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you liked it :)

    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 7 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Yeah, everything helps! You just need to read a little about it, and train with people you know! You have to invest in yourself so the interview goes the best possible way.

    • profile image

      interview tips  8 years ago

      many companies list interview tips on their career pages these days so this would be a good starting point too!