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Job Interview Tips - The Basics

Updated on July 15, 2013
Job Interview
Job Interview | Source

As a recruitment consultant I meet with and interview several candidates every day and am shocked as to what some people believe is appropriate when meeting with a potential employer.

Now I'm not going into too much detail, but here are the what should be obvious requirements when meeting an employer for a job interview.

Dress The Part

Regardless of the position you are applying for being working in a fruit shop or an accounting role you should always dress professionally.

You may think this is funny and/or obvious but I see this on a regular basis.

Do not wear:

  • Track suits or sweat pants
  • Flip flops
  • Runners
  • Anything too revealing


If you are neatly groomed you will be taken much more seriously that if you have not done your hair, have unclean clothing or have tattoos/piercings all over you.

Some employers do not have a problem with tattoos even if they are visibal however, if they can see too many or are offensive then it they may have an impact on their decision.

Be sure to shower and wear deoderant, this should be a given,

Professional | Source

Act The Part

Regardless of your experience, expertise or how qualified you might be for the role your behaviour will play a huge part in whether or not you are sucessfull in getting the position.


  • Smile
  • Be polite
  • Be friendly
  • Be positive
  • Be enthusiastic

Do not:

  • Use your cell phone during an interview
  • Bring someone else to the interview with you
  • Be disrespectful by making negative comments about previous employers or collegues
  • Make negative comments in general


As you know the interview process includes asking the candidates a series of questions related to both experience and behaviours.

It is important to really listen to the question as candidates often answer questions as if hey have been asked something completely different. It can be hard to fully take in the questions or not quite understand them as a result of nervousness. It is normal to be nervous in an interview so do not just answer a question right away. Think about the question asked and ensure you understand it before answering and if you do not, then feel free to ask them to repeat it.

Ask questions

Even though an interview is for the employer to get to know you, decide if you are the right fit for the role and the team that you will be working with, it is also a time for you to ask questions.

If there is anything that you do not quite understand then ask. Sometimes you may need further clarification as to what exactly the role entails and that is perfectly fine as you also want to make sure that the role is the right fit for you.

There is no point getting the role, starting and deciding quickly that this is not the role for you. You have wasted not only the time of your employer but also your own.

What to bring with you

Surprisingly many candidates come to an interview without a copy of their resume in hand.

Always bring a copy of your resume with you, even bring 2 if you can. Also I would suggest a pen and note pad incase you are provided with any important information. Its a good idea to write down who you interviewed with and any phone numbers/addresses you may need.

If you get a call back it is good to know who you are speaking with so that your not asking "who?" "from where?"


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