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Tips For A Job Interview

Updated on May 29, 2012

Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-racking process because it’s impossible to predict what to expect, preparation is everything. The way you present yourself to possible employers is often the deciding factor as to whether or not you will be hired.

Job Interview Questions and Answers


It is important to remember that a job interview allows you to further inquire about the business you are interviewing for. Any questions asked during the interview should sound well-educated and show the employer that you are genuinely interested in the job or organization. Do your research first and formulate some intelligent, in-depth questions to ask about the corporation, this allows you to connect with the interviewer and prevents any lulls in conversation.

Know key information before you arrive for your interview:

  • The type of organization it is, for example profit, nonprofit or government
  • What service or product the business provides if any
  • How long the company has been established
  • Are there several branches or is it locally owned?
  • What position do you see yourself in?

The internet is a good place to start when conducting research. Use a search engine to find a company’s website then familiarize yourself with the company’s mission statement, the message that is being conveyed to potential clients and the products and services that are being offered.

Anticipate questions you might be asked during the interview:

Anticipating questions the employer might ask will allow you adequate time to formulate answers. Employers are known for asking straight forward questions during job interviews, for example:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
  • What are your career or educational accomplishments?
  • What are your occupational strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your reason for leaving your last job or current job?
  • What salary do you expect to receive?
  • Why should I hire you?

However, some employers take a behavioral approach to job interviews and rather than asking straightforward questions, instead ask questions based on how you would react to certain workplace situations, for example:

  • Describe a time when you experienced conflict while working with a team.
  • How have you showed leadership in previous job positions?
  • Describe a failure and what it taught you.
  • If you disagreed with a decision made by your boss how would you react?

Note: It is important to arrive for a job interview 10 to 15 minutes early in case you are given paperwork to fill out before hand. Always bring several copies of your job resume with you in case the employer asks to keep one.

Women's Job Interview Attire


Men's Job Interview Attire



Dress conservatively to the interview and avoid heavy fragrances. When you arrive thank the employer for their time and wait until you are offered a chair to be seated. A good sitting posture evokes confidence and assurance, it is important to remain relaxed and make eye contact with the interviewer. Focus your attention on the interviewer rather than jotting down notes. When answering questions yes or no answers are just as detrimental as rambling and straying from the topic. Say only what needs to be said in order to answer the question efficiently then stop short giving the interviewer time to respond to your answers. If there is a silence in the conversation calmly ask a well-informed question about the company.


At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for his or her time and communicate your interest in the job. End the interview with a smile and a firm handshake.


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    • dhimanreena profile image

      Reena Dhiman 2 years ago

      Great Hub, Thanks for elaborating on Job Interview Attire for men & women.

    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 2 years ago

      All interview tips are very helpful for me, all suggestions, description are very clear for all job seeker & we can take advantage from this hub.

    • Chelsea Vogel profile image

      Chelsea Vogel 5 years ago from Bradenton Florida

      Thank you for the helpful feedback tipstoretireearly and Paradise7! I completely agree. Though as a full-time student I'm somewhat new to job hunting, so far I've learned that coming to a job interview prepared and well-informed almost always yields positive results.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      I think you nailed all the important stuff. I've been on both sides of the interview table, and having someone come in prepared and with a little knowledge of the organization or company is always a refreshing relief, after six or eight interviews with people who apparently have no clue what the business does.

      From the interviewee's point of view, the better prepared I am, the more confidence I feel, and the better the interview goes.

    • tipstoretireearly profile image

      tipstoretireearly 5 years ago from New York

      You are so right that research before an interview is important. Its so easy to research a company online that not doing so shows a severe lack of interest. When I had the pleasure of conducting interviews, I tended to dismiss any candidate who failed to know at least something about my company and its business. Voted up!

    • Chelsea Vogel profile image

      Chelsea Vogel 5 years ago from Bradenton Florida

      Thank you I appreciate the feedback! In the future if you ever want to link your hub to a connected topic, I think you just hit the green suggest links button at the top of the page and highlight the keywords in your article.

    • messy marshella profile image

      messy marshella 5 years ago from Philippines

      This hub is very useful! I should've linked it to my hub since it is connected to the topic, but I don't know how.