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Job Profiles in CA Jobs to choose from

Updated on June 19, 2014

Since you have cleared your CA Final Exams, time has arrived for you to start looking for CA Jobs. You might come across various profiles under these jobs,which might leave you perplexed when it comes to making a choice. The idea here is to choose that profile which fits in with your skills and interests. Audit and Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment banking, banking and Finance, and Consultancy are some of the domains of chartered accountancy which you can for depending upon your skills and interests in these domains. So lets take a look at what responsibilities these profiles offered in CA Jobs revolve around

1. Audit and Taxation

Under this job role, Audit which is further divided into various sub-branches like Statutory Audit, Information Technology Audit, Internal Audit and Tax Audit. As far as tatxation is concerned, it also has further branches which are highly specialized roles which further make you a specialist in any of the branches. Taxation is branched majorly as; Direct Tax & Indirect Tax. Direct Taxation includes Taxation Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Tax Filings & Compliances. Indirect Taxation comprises of excise & customs, service tax and sales tax, if you work under this profile you will be responsible for taking care of filing these taxes and maintaining compliance.
Audit & Taxation; as a profession is of repute as this is the prime function that a CA does. This profile needs you to keep yourself updated with all the recent developments in your domain on a regular basis.

2. Financial Analyst and Consutant

This is one of the most glamorous profile that a CA can hold. Hefty Pay check and job satisfaction are the underlying benefits that makes this profile glamorous. In order to get hired for this profile, you might have to get yourself certified as a financial analyst. With this profile you will be entitled to decision making powers, montoring and controlling the finances of your clients or your organization. After working for an employer for a couple of years you can work independently with your own set of clients to help them with managing their finances. Financial Consultants or analysts are eligible to apply for jobs internationally, as both your certifications as a CA & CFA are recognized globally.

3. Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a dream job for CA professionals. Investment bankers advise individuals and businesses to raise capital by investing in private equity, IPOs, or securities. This job profile is highly rewarding, a handsome pay check and performance based incentives makes it arguably the highest paid profile all across the world. As an Investment Banker you may provide advisory for Mergers & Acqusitions. Trading, research, and risk management are the other functions which you will be responsible for as an Investment Banker.

4. Banking & Finance

This sector is one of the biggest provider of CA Jobs. In Banking & Finance Sector you will be responsible for banking operations and various critical tasks like financial product development, credit management, equity research, loan processing, treasury management, compliance, valuation and fund management. Banking and Finance sectors offer higher growth prospects and greater career progression.


This profile is for those who have not been able to find a job which suits their interests and skills. While you are looking for a full-time CA job, joining an institute which conducts CA coaching classes is a great option. Working in this sector for a longer period of time is highly advisable, as it will allow you to stay in practice with all the skills that you need to master as a CA and stay in touch with academia. Starting your own coaching institute is another viable option as the satisfaction you will get from working in this sector is un-beatable and highly rewarding.

6. Corporate Sector

Corporate sector is another major sector absorbing CAs. One of the primary benefits of working for the corporate sector is remuneration, which is incomparable to any other sector. Once you are promoted to a senior management level position you will be leading many operations such as productions, operations, marketing and logistics as well as finance. Entry-Level Roles in this sector will revolve around Finance & Accounting, Internal Audits, Book-Keeping, and Corporate Finance.

So when you start looking for a CA Job keep in mind your skills and interests; as they will not allow monotony to crop in to your daily life. Going by interests will allow you to climb the ladders of success swiftly.


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