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Job Search And The Internet

Updated on April 30, 2014

According to Janet Scarborough Civitelli, a career coach, Internet has not brought about drastic changes as far as job searches are concerned. You have to submit your resume in which you should show your qualifications, experience and track record. In fact, most of the employers will judge your abilities based on your resume and covering letter. Therefore, never fail to highlight the achievements you have made in a persuasive and compelling manner.

Internet has certainly opened up quicker ways to contact your prospective employers and send them your resume and covering letters. You can apply for multiple jobs simultaneously also.

Use LinkedIn And Connect With People

Thanks to the Internet, you can connect with a number of people. By positioning yourself as a robust candidate with the right type of skills, you can increase your chances of getting hired. You should focus on sites like LinkedIn, says Renee Zung of Career Transition Coaching. So, don't delay updating your LinkedIn-Headline so that hiring managers will know what you can offer as a candidate.

Use The LinkedIn Site Appropriately

Further, add a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile, advises Karin Lewis, an employment counsellor. In addition to that, use the right keywords and details and update your profile regularly. If you use the LinkedIn site appropriately, you can easily develop the right contacts that may open the floodgate of new opportunities.

Find The Real Employers

Internet has made job searching a tricky affair because you may sometimes not be able to decipher job listings online. There may be several hoops that may make it difficult for you to access the real employers. At the same time, you have certain sites on which you can find the real job opportunities that may have emanated from employers who stand verified. Use such sites, access the application system of such employers directly and send in your applications.
Best Benefits Of The Internet In Job Searching
One of the best benefits of the Internet is that you can keep your attempts and job searching efforts confidential. Especially, if you are already employed, you may not like your current employer to know that you are looking for a career change.
Secondly, updating your resume is quite easy with the Internet. Likewise, customizing the resume and the cover letter is also easy. There may be several jobs that may be suitable for the skills you have. But you may not get any response if you send the same copied-and-pasted resume and cover letter to the hiring managers of all the companies. The same strategy holds good for interview presentations also. Have a customized interview presentation for every interview you attend.
The Internet has quickened the interviewing process also. For example, a hiring manager can communicate to you the interview schedule more quickly. Nowadays, hiring managers are conducting video interviews also with the help of the Internet. According to a study conducted by the Forbes magazine, 6 out of 10 hiring managers use the concept of video interviewing. The magazine adds that more number of companies are likely to use this concept because it accelerates the hiring process.


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