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Job or School?

Updated on June 30, 2012

The Choices

My name is Miranda. I am 20 years old and (trying not to sound pompous) I am good at just about anything I try. I had a decent job for a bit and though I graduated in the top 10% of my high school, could never pick a career path to go to college for. Well, I wasn't happy with my job and I knew that I needed to better myself in any way that I could. College is a must for that nowadays. Even if you have extensive experience in a particular field (I own an animal rescue and have published novels) a job is not guaranteed to you unless you have a college diploma in your hand. So, I decided to go to school.

But what happens when you are good at everything you try? I have met quite a few people like me and all of them have the same problem choosing what to do. Stay in a dead-end job, or go to college with the knowledge that if you finish and get your degree, you might hate your career? What about if your dream job has no outlook? What if your company starts firing people for no good reason? What are the good people of the world supposed to do?

That is where I sit right now. I am in a position where I am going to have to make an extra lot of money to help a loved one. What should I do? I pondered this question for a very long time before coming to a conclusion I am comfortable with.

My Decision?

My dream job was to be an astronomy professor. Then a tattoo artist. Then a physicist. Then a child psychologist. Then a criminologist. Then a comic book artist. A painter, a sculptor, a psychologist for those coming off of addicting drugs, an art teacher, a literature teacher. You get the idea. My dream jobs change a lot.

My job for the being was a cashier. Not the glamorous job I wanted, but bills are bills and sometimes the best of us have to settle. People yelled at me, treated me like the scum of the earth and were generally awful. My bosses were no better and as they said to me "We have to yell at you because the customer is always right". Nonsense and poppycock, if you ask me. So I moved back to my hometown and rethought things over.

A job meant money now. School means no money at all. A job means having security. School means living at your Mom's house or even living in your car. A job means having people be snotty at you all day. School means having people (professors) be snotty at you BUT you know in the future you will be in charge of something amazing. A job means having your family think that you are doing something with your life. School makes them think that you are doing better and if you are like me (the first in my family to even graduate high school), your family might even want to be supportive and toss you a bag of ramen noodles every now and then for food.

You need money now? Or, say you want to get a job. There are plenty of retail jobs out there that only require a High School Diploma of a GED. Go for it; get your money and save up. Who knows? You might climb up the corporate ladder at some point. And honestly, there are people out there who have bachelor's degrees, but can't find the job that they wanted. In this economy, it might be best just to grab onto the dinky little job that you found and hold on for dear life.

You are not worried about the right now? You want a future shining bright and brag-worthy? Then head off for school again. You might have hated it before. The drama, the immaturity, the bland classwork. College is different. People grow up. Their schedules are usually based around you and your experience may be pleasant to say the least. If you cannot choose a career, get your general Associate's degree. You will need it later anyways.

Just can't pick between the two options?

Then do what I am doing. I am taking at least a first semester online at a nationally accredited school. This way, I have time and an open schedule for my job. Online classes can be a life-saver and are usually just as fulfilling as being in the classroom with today's technology. I decided on something in the Criminal Justice field to start with because most jobs love seeing Criminal Justice on your file. It means that you are honest, are trustworthy. You can twist the degree to a future employer for just about anything to fit any niche. Better yet, it is a good stepping stone, should I decide to go on with studying child psychology, as before planned.

Your Fate

Your fate is your fate. You can do as you please with your life. It is one of the perks of living in a free society. It is a hard decision, but one that will affect you forever. Sit down with someone you trust and talk to them. Be it your mother, your school counselor, or even a friend stuck in the same rut. Either way, hearing yourself talk about your problem can help you come to a conclusion.

Good luck out there.


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