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Miami and Fort Lauderdale for Business and Jobs

Updated on August 16, 2017
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish is an award-winning Employment & Training pro with regional records and tens of thousands placed into gainful employment.

Miami Sunset
Miami Sunset | Source

A Large Metro Area for Tourism and Retirement

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach combined Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is made up of the Southeast Florida counties of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. This large MSA is called the Gateway to the Americas, leading into the USA from international nations and especially from nearby Central and South America.

Increasing numbers of people are relocating to Florida for retirement and employment, making the metropolitan centers gathering places for many new people and sites for new businesses.

Greater Fort Lauderdale includes Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach, all located in Broward County on the southeast coast of Florida.

Metro Area on the Map

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A markerPampano Beach -
Pompano Beach, FL, USA
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About 11 miles from Fort Lauderdale.

B markerFort Lauderdale -
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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C markerHollywood, Florida -
Hollywood, FL, USA
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Just 11 miles to Fort Lauderdale.

D markerMiami -
Miami, FL, USA
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About 30 miles to Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale beach seen from the sir.
Fort Lauderdale beach seen from the sir. | Source

Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County, and largest city in South Florida where many vacationers travel every year. The market area runs alongside interstate highway I-95.

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Miami NightsMiami TrolleyA beach in Fort Lauderdale.Miami Beach
Miami Nights
Miami Nights | Source
Miami Trolley
Miami Trolley
A beach in Fort Lauderdale.
A beach in Fort Lauderdale.
Miami Beach
Miami Beach

Southeast Florida Traditions

Indigenous peoples and the Spanish first settled in the area of the Everglades long ago, leaving their traditions for generations of the future.

Hispanic and Seminole Nation influences are seen in many aspects of modern culture in this market area, from architecture to cuisine. Varieties of tours are available up and down the coastal area as well as out into the Everglades and its multiple parks. Tourism jobs are in high demand for workers every year, particularly in the summer and winter peak seasons.

Numerous celebrities have lived in this area and Jackie Gleason (1916 - 1987) filmed his 1960s Jackie Gleason Variety Show in this area. He used a mock up of a publication called American Scene Magazine in some of his skits, like his series about Joe the Bartender.

Many famous people still live on Miami's Indian Creek Island, where the private police force is said to patrol 24/7 on jet-skis. Julio Iglesias, former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula, and several billionaires live on the island, and Jay-Z and Beyonce owned a mansion there for some time.

A markerIndian Creek Island, Miami -
Indian Creek Island Rd, Florida 33154, USA
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It’s like Fantasy Island.

— Adam Auriemma,
Everglades Sunset
Everglades Sunset | Source

Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Pompano Beach Metro Area covers three counties with thousands of jobs available in high-paying careers.

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Miami BeachA Blue Heron of MiamiFort Lauderdale Skyline
Miami Beach
Miami Beach | Source
A Blue Heron of Miami
A Blue Heron of Miami
Fort Lauderdale Skyline
Fort Lauderdale Skyline | Source

Over 40,000 Jobs Advertised

The Fort Lauderdale Area saw a consistent 40,000+ jobs advertised from 2016 through 2017.

Top 10 Occupational Fields

The highest demand jobs in the following list are in

  • Financial Products (sales & administration),
  • Education, and
  • Healthcare.

In addition, since the Millennials of America born from about 1985 - 2005 comprise nearly as many people as do the Baby Boom Generation, the Healthcare Industry, especially RNs, will experience dramatic job increases through 2100 AD or longer.

  1. Financial Products, Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Investments -- Bank of America Plaza, PNC Center, American Express, SunTrust Center.
  2. Educational Services
  3. Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
  4. Ambulatory Health Care Services
  5. Health Care and Social Assistance
  6. Hospitals - Memorial Healthcare System, North Shore Medical Center, Jackson Health System, Holy Cross Hospital, Baptist Hospital of Miami.
  7. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  8. Management - IT, Retail, Food Services
  9. Administrative and Support Services
  10. Waste Management and Remediation Service (Green Industries)

Jobs in Fort Lauderdale, FL are concentrated in tourism, hospitality, yachting, and healthcare.


Top 5 Highest Paid Occupations In The Metro Area

  1. Management Careers in several fields: Average pay of $114,600
  2. Legal Occupations: $95,000+
  3. Healthcare Practitioners and Tech Occupations: $71,000
  4. Computer and Mathematical Occupations: $71,000
  5. Architecture and Engineering: $70,600


Top 10 Hot Jobs to 2020

  1. Sales Representatives, including big ticket financial products and services.
  2. Salespeople
  3. Physical Therapists
  4. Administrative Assistants
  5. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  6. Occupational Therapists
  7. Store Managers
  8. Physical Therapy Aides
  9. Baristas and similar - Full-time and part-time
  10. Shift Supervisors in a number of industries

Additional High Demand Jobs

  • Sales Managers, Project Managers, Cashiers and Customer Service Reps, Account Executives, Senior Accountants, Receptionists, and Medical Support Staff.
  • The City of Fort Lauderdale supports over 100 marinas and boatyards that employ many people.

Security & Commodity Broker Jobs

  • Angus Jackson Inc (954) 772-1166
  • Barkley Financial Corporation (954) 489-0888
  • Futuros Trading LLC (954) 659-7724
  • Sun State Resources (954) 472-3840
  • Universal Commodity Corporation (954) 938-0869

Top 5 Fort Lauderdale Currency Trading Firms:

  • Pro Finance Group
  • Gain Capital Group
  • Global Forex Trading
  • Western Capital Forex
  • Saxo Bank

Other Major Investment Houses

Recreational Sports Teams

Recreation and City Sporting Venues for the general public offer seasonal and full-time employment throughout the year, with marked tourist-season increases in jobs.

Some of these can lead to full-time employment as well. Internships can be found for students majoring in physical education and recreation or sports, sports medicine, and movement arts.

Associated Tourism, Travel, and Retail businesses are boosted by these venues and sporting centers for a healthy Southeast Florida Economy.

Higher Education for Local Jobs

Local colleges and universities often partner with businesses and government agencies to provide free or low cost Employment and Training Programs and internships opportunities to adults of all ages, as well as summer jobs for youth ages 14 - 21. These institutions include:

© 2008 Patty Inglish


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