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Jobs Hunting in Dubai is quite technical now a days

Updated on July 24, 2016

Finding a Good Job in Dubai is a technical game

Hello all of my friends. Today i am going to discuss with you, a very important topic regarding job finding / hunting now a days in United Arab Emirates; that how you could find a best job related to your field; what are the best methods to be short-listed for the interview for that concern job and finally how to be selected for that specific job.

I will also share one more important issue which is job scamming. Don't think the official of that state is quite intelligent then the master mind's and opportunity seeker's of that area. So in this article you will know completely about finding jobs securely in United Arab Emirates.

Kindly follow the following few steps below;

About Visa

First of all to find a good job in United Arab Emirates, you should have at-least more time to follow jobs and find a best one for yourself. Apply at-least for 3 months visit visa to stay long and find a good job for yourself.

About Accommodation/Food

If you are thinking about to stay at a hotel or to own an apartment for some time for stay purpose, so it shall be quite expensive for you to stay there for a long time because of expensive accommodation and food. The best way for this purpose is to stay with your friends or village mates to cover the living as well as food expense in the United Arab Emirates.

Hunting Jobs

There are few best methods for hunting or finding a job in Dubai


You can search on Google and other websites which are disclosed below in the websites section of this topic. It is the best way to find specific jobs related to your interest and mind.


You can search for jobs in newspaper also, for this purpose you can use Gulf-news. Search for jobs and make contact on the provided mobile number or may be practically visit there and meet face to face.


There are some pages of companies which will provide you real jobs on facebook. Most of the jobs posted on facebook are not real and they will demand you money for their own purpose at every step of the job procedure, and at last there will be no job. So be aware of facebook scams regarding jobs in United Arab Emirates.


Linkdin is also the best way to find good jobs in UAE. Linkdin is not a job provider website which will give you jobs, but it is one of the famous social website on internet and they will only provide job sources and will give you updated notification about new jobs opening.

Practical Visit to Companies & Offices

It is one of the best way to practically visit offices and companies head offices and to meet with their HR team and to discuss about your interest jobs, so if there will be some need for you, so they will hire you on the spot instead of giving advertisement for the job and searching candidates. So it is the good way for finding conform job. Search on the internet at night time, note the addresses of the high ranking companies and visit there with copy of documents and CV available.



This website will charge you at first amount of 2 AED just to check that you are currently in United Arab Emirates. After registration you may be able to apply and to search for related jobs and to choose the best one for yourself.


This site will not charge any amount and this is also the best one and reliable site for searching jobs in United Arab Emirates.


This website will also not charge any amount and this is also the best one and valuable site for searching jobs in United Arab Emirates.

CV / Resume

It doesn't matter how much you are educated and expert, but your CV should be short and to the point. Most of the companies will see your CV upto six seconds. So for finding a good job, your CV should be short and to the point detail of your education and experiences.

One more thing to remember to apply online for jobs. First of all study the complete job, then put all the duties and responsibilities of that job in your CV which will show to the search engines of that specific companies that the person is able to perform the specific duties and then you should be short-listed for the interview.

Best time for submitting CV for the jobs is the starting of the day time. For example the day starts at 12:00 AM, so from 12:00 to 12:10 Am, it is the best time for submitting CV for jobs, because such companies short-list the first number CV's received at starting of the day time and delete all others. So if you shall apply at that time then your CV will go to their mail at starting point and you shall be automatically short-listed for the job.

Beware Of Scam / Fraud Companies

There are mostly companies working on the government licences and offering jobs. But don't trust on that type of companies because they only want to collect money from you and showing you that we have selected you for a specific job.

I will give you a big example for this issue;

First of all i will give you an example of a big scam / fraud company working in United Arab Emirates and this company office is located in AL Moski; behind Al Moski Masjid, AL Faisal II tower, office no 208. This is one of the big scam company who's focus visitors and collect money from them in order to give them a good job. But after giving money to them for job purposes, they will even don't receive your phone call. This is an example to be aware of fraud companies like this. Also don't think that the Police of Sharjah and CID of share is more intelligent than the master minds. So, please be aware to pay money for jobs every where in United Arab Emirates because if you will pay them, then the government officials are not able to ask them why you collect this money and for what purpose. So there are also two many scam companies which will only offer jobs but you will see nothing at last.


There are two types of travel facility in United Arab Emirates but if you are living in Dubai, so you can also be facilitated by Metro Train.


It is not the most cheapest method to travel inside UAE but it is off course low cost method of travel as compared to other sources like taxi. You can travel through bus all the day inside UAE everywhere you need to go. You can buy ticket for traveling, as well as you can take RTA bus travel card and load money according your budget to travel inside Dubai and other places through bus by using RTA card.


If you will use taxi, so it shall be quite expensive for you, because while traveling it will count anything on your behalf, for example it will wait in the crowd and signals, so the check meter of time will not stop and you shall be charging amount for that, you shall also be charge personally for all taxes like Salik etc coming in the travel expenses. So using taxi for searching a job will quite be so difficult and expensive for you. So in place of taxi you can use bus services and if you are living in Dubai, so you can also use Metro Train which is the best source of travelling in the Dubai.

I hope this article shall be quite knowledgeable to you. Be with us for more and more learning from practical experiences.



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