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Jobs and Family

Updated on November 16, 2015

I don’t like working a job because it takes away from the things that really matter in life which are your friends and family. I mean think about it if you work on the holiday and you get holiday pay how much does that really mean if you get into a wreck and die when you get off? Nothing. You can’t take the money where you’re going and you wished that you could have spent the last few moments with people you love and care about. Jobs take away from seeing kids and spending quality time with your love ones. Unless you’re lucky and get a job where it doesn’t interfere much with your social life then you’re lucky. But for many of us, we have to go somewhere and do things we don’t like just to pay the bills. While others say if you don’t like your job get a new one, like it’s just that easy. I think those who have jobs that they actually like and it doesn’t interfere with their life are lucky because it’s so many of us that do work and hate it because we don’t care about what we do. It doesn’t give you any fulfillment afterwards.

So it’s like what’s the point? All I do is come in make someone else rich and get harassed all day while others who don’t do their job have nothing said to them, I hate this place. That’s what the average person thinks in their head. So what’s the point of working? Paying bills and keeping food in the fridge, lights on and car up and running. If the world didn’t revolve around money then we would all be in a better place mentally. Some are depressed because of the stress that comes from jobs, but they won’t make the type of money to keep the lights on while working a lesser job. I just think that there’s a better way to live than having to work for a living and when I find it out I will share it with the people who want that type of freedom too. Cause the ones who have it seem to want to keep it a secret.


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