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Jobs for Teenagers: Where to Find One

Updated on February 10, 2011


 Many teenagers want to hold down a job. Jobs for teenagers offer many advantages. A job allows a teenager to build up a work history, earn spending money and become acquainted with on the job rules and regulations. A teenager who holds down a job can demonstrate to his future employers that he is responsible and reliable. Some jobs also offer additional benefits. Such benefits may include access to health care benefits, scholarship money and the opportunity to network with potential employers. A job can be an ideal way for the teenager to learn how to manage work and other concerns such as school. If you have a fifteen year old or sixteen year old who wants to find a job there are several places he can start to look for one. If possible supervise his job search closely. You want to make sure he and the job in question are right for each other.

The Local Mall

 Many local malls have jobs for teenagers. A job at a local mall can be an excellent place for any teenager to start learning about the field of work. Malls typically consist of small stores bunched together. A mall often has many stores in a single place. This allows the teenager to submit multiple applications by contacting each store directly. If one place says no, another might have openings. The local mall is also helpful because many offer weekend and evening hours. A part-time weekend job can fit in easily with your teenager's scheduling requirements. If possible accompany your teenager as he goes to the mall. The teen should be dressed appropriately with clean clothing and combed hair. A teenager should also have a brief resume on hand detailing his academic and social accomplishments. The resume should typed and doubled checked many times to make sure there are no typos.

Summer Jobs for Teens

 If your teenager just wants a job over the summer there are many places he can look. Many camps hire teenagers for the summer to assist with younger campers. If your child has attended a summer camp previously, the camp may be open to hiring him. Contact the camp in early spring. Find out if any openings exist. Speak with camp officials about your teen's qualifications and educational background.

Other companies also hire people for the summer. Retail establishments and amusement parks also need people during the summer. Get a list of local attractions. Contact officials and submit a resume. Find out what pay they offer. A summer job for your teenager might be right around the corner from you.

Working with Children

 Older teenagers can be very useful when supervising and teaching younger kids. An older teen might be easier for a child to relate to than a parent or teacher. Many parents appreciate teens who can act as a positive role model for their children. Your teenager can find a job babysitting or tutoring. Babysitting jobs require teenagers to be patient and observe parental rules. Tutoring jobs are available often at local elementary schools. A teenager can advertise his services at nearby bulletin boards and speak with local parents about his abilities. Contact elementary schools to find out about tutoring jobs. An afterschool program might need students who specialize in skills such as reading, math or writing. Jobs for teenagers in this case will require the teen to demonstrate that they have the right skills. However this sort of job can build lasting relationships and look very good on a future resume or college application.

Ideal Jobs for Teenagers


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