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Yes! There ARE Jobs in Antarctica

Updated on August 4, 2012

The number of jobs available in Antarctica is staggering. There are jobs in almost every imaginable position, but the applicants are few.

Why people do not wish to live and work in a location that is sub-zero most of the year, with only penguins and ice-flows to talk to, with darkness half of the year and a definite lack of discos and nightclubs, is a mystery, but they do.

There is a real need for a number of career positions in Antarctica, as listed below:

Snow removal: this job involves removing snow from major streets and thouroughfares every day of your waking and sleeping life. Do not apply unless you hate snow and wish to remove it. You will be removing it all the time and from every known location. Snow, snow, snow. Got it?

Snow Studies: this job is part of the government's interest in knowing more about snow. What is it? Why is it so white? Why doesn't it say anything? If you want to apply for Snow Studies, you need to have a real, deep, and abiding interest in why snow is snow, and not, say, pasta.

Snow Shop: There are a number of positions open for persons wishing to open retail snow-outlets. Snow can be sold by the cup, litre or gallon, provided you have a snow-seller's license. Successful applicants will have experience with selling snow, retailing and wholesale, and have some financial capital to set up their snow selling business.\

Snow Men: Can you make a snow man?  Due to the lack of human population Antarctica would be a much friendlier place if there were more people about...or even the 'appearance' of people. It you can make a Snow Man, and the more realistic the better, along with his Snow Wife and Snow Children, then there may be a job for you in the 'Re-population of Antarctica'. Apply today! And bring a shovel.


Jobs in Antarctica
OK so youve seen the pictures, watched the videos, read the books and now youve decided you want to actually go to Antarctica. Occasionally there are postings on the bulletin board on this site and other Antarctic sites from people who are hoping that making it known that they are available will be sufficient to find a job - It isnt. Reality check 3 - It is expensive to transport personnel to and from Antarctica, so while 3-6 months may suit you best, longer than this makes more sense for those who pay the bills. Jobs in Antarctica are almost exclusively on National Research Stations.

Employment in Antarctica
I don't blame you, I've been working in Antarctica for 10 years, and couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'm not going to go into why you might want to work in Antarctica, but will talk about how you go about finding the job, how to get it, and maybe why you shouldn't work in Antarctica. The Australian Antarctic Division is currently hiring a wide range of staff for the 2008/2009 summer and the 2009 winter. Types of jobs include chefs, bakers, dish washers, janitors, housing, retail, administrative, and hairstylists.

Working in Antarctica - Raytheon Jobs
Funded and managed by the National Science Foundation, the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) provides support to scientists conducting research in Antarctica. The majority of USAP participants work at McMurdo Station, but work is also available at the South Pole Station, Palmer Station, in remote field camps or on the research vessels. Most jobs are for four to six months during the austral summer season, October to February. Few people experience the beautiful and unique environment of Antarctica.

The USAP Portal: Science and Support in Antarctica - Jobs and ...
Managed by the National Science Foundation, the USAP deploys roughly 3,000 people to Antarctica every year to conduct scientific research, or provide support to researchers through the operation and maintenance of the research stations and vessels. Sendqueriesto the corresponding USAP agency (listed below). Photography (except as in the Artists and Writers Program For information on federal jobs and employment, go to USAJOBS

AAD - Jobs in Antarctica
This is the password that you received in your registration email. To use the Jobs in Antarctica system you must first register. If you are a current registered user, please enter your email address, password and the letters in the picture below to log in.

Antarctica, Jobs, Employment, Careers, Recruiting, Recruiters ... - Antarctica Career guide from You can also search over a million jobs nationwide directly from this site. Check out our featured Antarctica job listings below. Then use the dropdown menu to the right to find more jobs in other industries or states.


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