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Jobs in Bangalore for Under Employed.

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Any Job.

Home Worker.Maid Servent.

Having come to Bangalore you need a Job first and the rest will be next.Bangalore was a land so peaceful that you could walk with out bothering to look this way or that way.That was 59 years ago.

How the mad rush to Bangalore started was just few large labor oriented,skilled,unskilled and than the others who are required to run any industry.Bangalore entered 21st Century in 18th century infrastucture and planning.Time had no meaning to any person.This was a city run by Royal Family of Wodairs and White Turban Officials,Fancy dressed Peons,Drivers and even the Police.

The construction of Vidhana Sowdha by the Chief Minister Sri.Kengal Hanumanthaih opened construction activities and the enormas infrastructure that went with this considered huge unwanted expenditure.It even made the Chief Minister to scale down the Dome which he would have taken above any govt building in the country.

Over and above this was Govt of India owened large companies and the Army having all its branches including the Navy and Air Force.The training units and Air Craft Manufactureing company so large it even to day has over 20,000 employes and their famlies forming a seperate city like infrastructure.

The Hindustan Machine Tool Manufacturers,The Bharat Electronics,Indian Telephone Industries needed its own man power.The growth was going on unnoticed or uncared for in Town Planners and the Congress Party rule having its own agenda.No one saw what was comming and going or only comming not going.

The need for transport was so high that company's were running their own busses to ferry its employes and it was a sight that made young Bangalore boys to study well to join these companies.

T V manufacturers,Electronic Equipment Manufacturers like BPL went on to add further need of man power.The need for any kind of job was high.Even Auto Industry REVA today in the market with their Electric Car the only one of its kind in India had started manufacturing their Automobiles and the Small Scale Industry came in full swing.

The coming of Computers and Soft Ware Company's like Infosis,Wipro made inroads for highly educated people to come from all corners of India.

The Textile Mills in the city went rolling their fabrics in 24x7 day production.Even ApparelĀ  manufactures like Madura Coats and others made all kinds of men enter angalore from all directions.The Hospitals,The Hotels,The Restaurants,The 5 Star Hotels went side by side.What happened is we do not get what we need :-

(1) Water.

(2) Power.

(3) Houses.

Their is a need for any kind of workers and employment of all kind.Come to Bangalore where even many countries are represented with persons who came here but never went back.The people,the wheather and place with parks so huge are great.


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