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Jobs in Delhi for Freshers to Carve a Flourishing Career

Updated on June 23, 2014

Delhi has always been thronged by people from various walks of life, to earn a living in the national capital. Finding Jobs in Delhi for freshers, is indeed a mammoth task, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to find one for yourself. Some of you must be aiming at the same objective, to find the right Job in Delhi for yourself as a fresher allowing you to be independent and kick start your career. Delhi being a center for importance, in all aspects; especially for commerce and trade which has led to the mushrooming of big and small companies since pre-independence days of our country.

Many organizations from all over the world, and even domestic companies have established offices in Delhi to maximize their outreach and increased revenue collections. The establishment of operations by these companies does lead to the increase in demand of human-resource; both skilled and unskilled, which are employed on various levels and for varied responsibilities. Earning work experience, by taking a job in Delhi will help you to further apply for jobs which would uplift your career as well as increase your earning potential.

Talking about the job sectors thriving in Delhi; which are wide and varied. One can find a job in Delhi in the sector of their choice. Being a commercial hub all the sectors are deeply rooted and one can find job in Delhi with sectors like; medicine, hospitality, infrastructure, real estate, tourism, banking to name a few. Let us take a broad look at the sectors which offer Jobs in Delhi for Freshers, allowing them to learn while on the job and to grow as a professional in the domain of their choice. So here are the sectors where you can look for Jobs in Delhi for Freshers.



Advertising is a great career option for those who are good at writing, have a never ending urge to move the masses, then this is the right career option for you. The best part working for this sector is that, you as a fresher will be absorbed as an intern, and will be entitled to a monthly stipend. Client servicing, copywriting, and art direction are some of the profiles in this sector, you can go for. Once you have displayed your potential, your role might be turned into a full-time role depending on your performance as an intern. Advertising is a very promising career option, considering the swift career growth that it offers along with the job satisfaction, which is the part of the package.


Call Centers

When conducting searches over the internet for finding Jobs in Delhi for Freshers, you will come across numerous job openings with call centers. These call centers provide rewarding opportunities for those without any experience. As a fresher, you will be hired for operations role, which would entail talking on the phone with customers or prospective customers depending upon the process managed by your company. The remuneration offered will be at par with your qualification, you will need to work in rotational shifts and your transportation from home to work will be taken care off by the employer. So this makes the best option for those moving to Delhi for the first time as a job in a call center will help you to settle and may be to continue your search for finding Jobs in Delhi for Freshers, unless you find one which you had always been dreaming of.


Digital Marketing

This is probably one of the new job sectors which has come up in the recent years. Delhi has a wide base of digital marketing agencies which look for candidates with some basic communication skills, ability to write in english and a pinch of creativity. As a fresher, you will be hired as an intern and you will be imparted with skills which coincide with those required for the business. All you need to posses is working knowledge of the Internet along with the urge to keep yourself updated with the recent developments in this domain. Digital marketing offers high growth prospects, as this sector is relatively new and is facing a resource crunch.


How to find Jobs in Delhi for Freshers

There is no running around involved, except when you will be appearing for interviews. Jobs in Delhi for Freshers are constantly updated over the internet on various job sites. Making a resume which is not cluttered and has unwanted information, is the best in order to get interviewed as a resume is the only tool which you can use in order to market yourself. So make a resume by looking at various sample resumes over the internet, and success shall be yours!


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