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Jobs in Dubai and arrival of summers

Updated on April 21, 2016

As the expectations of Expo 2020 increasing day by day, huge population coming towards dubai for job purpose. Every one is interested to take the opportunity of getting the job with attractive salary in Dubai. Along with that lots of jobs related to driving and tourism coming every day as we all know that Dubai is famous for tourism, so lots of companies are targeting the tourists for their business and sales.

Apart from that Abu dhabi is focusing on oil production more than tourism. 90 percent of the economy of abu dhabi is relying on oil but Dubai is targeting tourism more than oil. Dubizzle Dubai is taking advantage of this situation and introducing lots of jobs for the people in Dubai. For this purpose we have arranged a team of people living in Dubai who are 24x7 working in contacting the companies and getting jobs published on our site by them


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