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Jobs in London

Updated on August 16, 2012

The recent economic crisis has not spared London despite its being one of the major business capitals in the world. Businesses could no longer sustain their operations and were forced to shut down, resulting in many workers losing their jobs. Although the financial situation is slowly on the rise, there is still a fierce competition when it comes to finding jobs in London. People hold on tightly to highly coveted jobs. There is always a mad scramble when great jobs come out in the market. For those who are out of work and looking for jobs in London, though, here are some of the popular methods of find vacancies for jobs in London.

1. Job Center. Job centers in London are usually localized and there is bound to be one within your area. In job centers, there are people who will assist you search for jobs within your local area or find other jobs in London which may be outside of your area but will fit your education, skills, training and experience. The job centers have a database where employers can pay to advertise job vacancies that are usually posted in the job centers’ website.

2. Family and Friends. When you are looking for jobs in London, always be open about it especially to your family and friends. There are also forums where you can meet different people who help each other in finding jobs. If you are open, others might be in companies that have job vacancies or better yet, some might be in a position to give you a job. Sometimes, your family and friends or people you meet in the course of your job search might have connections to other people who are looking for some workers. You have an edge over other job seekers if you are able to get job information from reliable sources.

3. Newspapers. Many newspapers have special sections for job vacancies. Other newspapers have specific job vacancies advertised during particular days of the week so it is best to know what days of the week the job vacancies that you are interested in may come out so you can get that particular newspaper issue. Popular newspapers such as London Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph post vacancies for jobs in London. Their website features a searchable database that lets you search based on the parameters that you choose.

4.Recruitment Agencies. Recruitment agencies usually require you to undergo a test which depends on the job that you are looking for. Upon registration, you will also need to give in some personal information which will guide them in looking for the right job for you. It is best to register with many recruitment agencies and create good relationships with them so you get priority when a vacancy that fits your qualifications arises. You have to regularly check on them so that you do not just end up on the thick pile in their desk.

5.Online Job Website. Job websites are some of the best places to look for jobs in London nowadays. Many websites advertise jobs and have searchable databases that can narrow down the job search to your particular niche or skill. You just need to take time out to register and build up an online portfolio which interested employers can browse through. You can also apply directly to employers if you see job vacancies which you think you are qualified for. Be careful though that you only register with legitimate job websites by checking on their reputation online.


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