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Jobs with Federal Agencies

Updated on June 1, 2011

Jobs with Federal Agencies

Applying for a job with one of the United States' federal agencies can be a time-consuming task, but their websites provide a wealth of information and clear instructions about the application process.

Most law enforcement and related agencies conduct extensive background checks of applicants which can take a long time; be sure that everything in your application is complete and accurate so that the process is not slowed.

Remember to read all about the organization that you are applying to; know their history and mission. If you're interviewing with the FBI make sure you say your career goal is to work with them - don't say that you want to work for another agency!  Practice interviewing with a career counselor prior to meeting with an agency's recruiters. Of course, always dress professionally for the interview. This means conservative business suits for both men and women. Women, go easy on the jewelry and accessories; men, be clean shaven.

Click the links below to view career programs with some U.S. federal agencies:


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