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Online Jobsearch Resources

Updated on December 15, 2015

Loads of Resources to Help You Find the Job You Want

This hub links to lots of resources including articles, blogs, audios, videos, and websites to help you get the job you want.

We have articles including "How to Get a Job without Experience", "10 Reasons Why You Won't Get Promoted This Year" and "Why the Jobs Gap between Old and Young Is Wider than Ever".

In today's job market, we need the most effective methods and resources to achieve job and career success. Want to stop chasing jobs and get employers to chase you? Download my free report on 4 Steps to Finding the Job You Want. See the Books section for details.

I will keep adding articles and other resources, so keep coming back!

How Erin Brockovich Got Her Job

Job Search Tips from Erin Brockovich

With no training and no background in the legal field, Erin Brockovich got her job and built her career in a very unusual way. In case you have forgotten, click here to read more.

See also: Employing the Unemployable.

7 Essential Skills and Qualities You Need to Land Your Next High Paying Job - Article on How to Find a High-Paying Job

An employer is looking for you, seeking your talents and skills. Even in down economies, creative business leaders are hiring.

Read this article for information and tips.

7 Essential Skills and Qualities You Need to Land Your Next High Paying Job

Creative business leaders seek a range of specific skills and qualities in employees. It doesn't matter what your occupation is.

Audios - Free audios to help with your jobsearch

Listen to or download these great audios.

Books for Your Jobsearch

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you in your job search.

One of the books I have listed her explains how Emotional Freedom Technique can help you in your job search. The calmer you are, the clearer you are and the more easily you can work out your best jobsearch strategy.

Click here for Books for Your Jobsearch.

For ongoing support and advice, join The Key to Everything Community..

Scoll down for lots more articles, blogs and other resources.

Employing the Unemployable

Employing Big Fat Gypsy Traveller Girls

Seamstress Thelma Madine, whose huge, flamboyant frocks featured in Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, has taken on a new challenge. She is employing Gypsy traveller girls who are normally considered unemployable.

Traveller girls usually expect to leave school at 11, get married at 16 and spend their lives doing housework and looking after their children.

Thelma, who got to know the traveller community well, discovered that some traveller girls wanted a lifestyle that offered more independence. If they learned to sew, she knew they would have a skill which meant they could always find employment.

Jamie Oliver, when he began his 15 venture, set out to employ long-term unemployed young people. His recruits needed to learn things such as turning up to work on time, and turning up at all.

But Thelma faced an even bigger challenge, as many of the traveller girls couldn't even read or write. But they knew their own community and understood the dress sense of their peers.

Articles - Articles to help you with your job search

These articles will help you with your job search.

Explore this page for more articles including how to Ace Your Next Job Interview.

See also the lists of websites and blogs, below.

Websites - Websites for Jobseekers

Looking for a job? Seeking employment? Check out these sites.

International Job Search - Resources for Your International Job Search

Looking for a job overseas? These resources can help you.


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