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Jobs in Canada: Find the Right Employment Opportunity for You

Updated on October 16, 2013

Working in Canada

Canada is a wonderful country to work in. Jobs are always available to citizens and migrants .Hundreds of job openings are presented to job seekers on different platforms daily and many of them are not filled up immediately .That means that finding a job opportunity in Canada is not so complicated as long as you have the required skills and right documents.

For Canadians, jobs can be easily found by checking out job listings on different job websites and handing in your resume in different recruitment agencies. These have a variety of career options .It can therefore be easy for you to get options that suit your skills. Besides this, connections are vital in your search .Consult family friends, old girls and boys, your former teachers or lecturers at your college .Sometimes opportunities matching our skills are available but some people remain unemployed because these opportunities are unknown to us. Keeping in touch with friends help us get to know such opportunities.

Graduates have high chances of getting jobs
Graduates have high chances of getting jobs

Canadian Jobs for Graduates

Jobs for graduates in Canada are listed in different media outlets daily. You can check out for opportunities matching your skills in different newspapers and job websites. Keep sharpening your skills as you search to appear relevant in the job market. Some graduates are however facing challenges in their job search because of changes in technology.

For instance With the continuing revolutionizing of the medical field, graduates have to weigh their skills with what is required in their fields in the job market .The latest reports in Canada indicate the Canadian Physician graduates like urologists, critical care specialists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons have been finding difficulty in getting jobs due to arriving in their job market with ‘yesterday skills’. You know what you do here.

Top Paying Jobs in Canada


Jobs for Students in Canada

Students seeking jobs in Canada can consider the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) campaign .The program helps students get hands on work experience in their field of study and other learning opportunities .In this program ,students are not required to have any past work experience to apply. It is through such programs that federal organizations recruit workers.

Canadian jobs for foreign workers

The Canadian government usually welcomes skilled citizens from other countries to contribute to their growing economy .You can apply for work in Canada .Successful applicants of the skilled immigration programs are issued with a Canadian Immigration or Permanent Resident Visa.

The Canadian government also allows companies to bring in temporary workers to Canada .You can wait for search for such opportunities in different media outlets if you do not wish to become a permanent worker in Canada. The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program is administered by two federal government departments, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Service Canada) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. There are hundreds of temporary foreign workers in Canada; you can become one of them. It is a matter of understanding Canadian labour standards and laws.


If you go to Canada without targeting any organization, you can start your search through your simple connections and friends and then proceed to other forms of searches. To find jobs in Canada easily, it is a matter of keeping focused, using the right tools and staying optimistic


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