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Joomla tips and tricks

Updated on December 15, 2013


Joomla is an extensive CMS tool for your website, with an array of extensions and plugins there is very little you can't do. I have endeavored on a new project setting up a website from scratch and not out sourced.

I believe Joomla is one of the best for managing your site, as it is logical, and provides easy to use menus to help you navigate. There are many You Tube videos online to help you do this, but it's just as good to visit there are many brilliant plugins and extensions that will help you build your website. The joomla navigation area lets you do complex tasks and create what you want with ease.

Sometimes when using Joomla there are some obvious improvements that can be made for new users that seem to be lacking in all CMS. Which is where to start and what is the next course of action to achieve your goal, which is what you need for a beginner but also for when you get technical it can get a little messy with settings in different places at times but that's a personal opinion.

I think, if you use an overlay as a help guide when laying out the structure of your site. To do this open layout of your template for your positions, go to menu........ rather than having to look for documentation and/or videos relating to logistics of where to go to find the button to turn a widget off or something of that nature.

404 Errors

These errors mainly occur because nothing has been assigned to that page, or there there is no module to be found connecting that page.

In these cases you need to find out what your module is assigned to an article, once you have checked and corrected this you should find the error gone. I often found it to be a human error.

JCE Editor (tip)

The JCE editor gives your more options when writing articles and will come in handy if you use Joomla a lot as it will speed up your tasks.

This adds a HTML editor in the article box, as well as giving you options for copy and paste, and other useful features. It's an essential tool to have in my opinion, and it's free.

JCE slideshow (tip)

If you are looking for a way to display your pictures nicely look no further this is a fantastic its easy to use and makes your website look professional.

It looks as if this is a standard slideshow display with arrows on each side to scroll through and you can add many pictures and captions. This will enhance the look and feel of the site.

Assigning a menu

You need to assign a menu to a module and don't forget to select the position in order for it to have a location on your site.

Create a module select Menu and then choose the Menu you have created.

Templates and Previews

Go to Extensions and select Templates and press on the eye next to the template you have chosen. Please note you will need to have enabled the previews within Joomla for this too work. Once you have done this, you can view positions within the website, to place your modules in an orderly fashion.

Of course once you have familiarized yourself with the modules and previews everything starts to become clear how it all fits together.

Joomla and Extensions

Joomla gives you plenty of tools and options to expand the functionality of your website, It does take a little getting used to finding out how to put articles up and what the options do. You also need to consider when you are adding extensions that they may over ride some of Joomla's features resulting in confusion sometimes.

Before you start, you need to plan your website well, because in each step you take to build your website in Joomla you have options that drastically change how your menu or article is shown, so knowing how you want your website function is important.

Installing Addons

When your installing a new Widget into your website, you need to use your extensions tab and install it through this. You can also view and edit all your extensions from here, although I would not touch them unless you know what you are doing.

It is quick and easy to use, find your file (new template or Add on ) and hit upload and that's it. Once the file has been uploaded it will light up green at the top of the page and say "successfully installed".


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    • profile image

      Gregory Sears 4 years ago from United States

      According to my view point on Joomla is a tool with lots of possibilities and you can use the system in a huge variety of configurations, depending on your ideas.