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Jump Start Your Direct Sales Business

Updated on September 11, 2012

Your New Direct Sales Business

by Mary Devor

Direct sales is a very exciting venture. It can also be a bit scary. But it does not have to be.

In the beginning of a new business, your excitement and enthusiasm will be high, you will want to keep in mind that you want the driving force of your eagerness to succeed to continue long into your business career.

Here are a few steps that will help you get a good jump start and keep that momentum going.

1. Write out a business plan.

It is proven that lack of direction and a plan is a recipe for failure. When you go on a vacation and are driving somewhere you are not familiar with you use a map, right? Running a successful business is the same. You do not have to make it a 50 page thesis, a simple plan with your mission statement, purpose, goals and action steps to achieve those goals is good enough to get you started. Keep your plan handy as it will evolve as your knowledge and business grows.

2. Know your industry / company.

You need to be knowledgeable in your industry. Learn all about the market, people’s purchasing habits concerning your type of product or service, is it a product that is a one time purchase or a consumable product that customers will need on a regular basis? What is the company’s compensation plan. What methods do they allow you to advertise and market? Do they provide you with tools necessary to properly market your product and yourself?

If your DS business is entirely done online, learn the buying habits of internet shoppers. Learn how to build a successful website and how to properly market it with the right key words, meta tags, verbiage (content), etc. There are many great websites that teach these things.

3. Have goals.

What is your WHY for wanting to have a DS business? Is it to earn part time income? Full time income? A total career change?

In DS recruiting is where the steady flow of income can lie, set a goal to have X number of recruits by X date. Ask your upline what the company averages are among the high income earners is concerning how many recruits they add monthly, how much income you can earn from a recruit, what are your requirements to receive the bonus income from those recruits. What are you going to do to be sure you can qualify every month for those bonus’? Write these goals down and keep them with your business plan. Check it every week or month and track your progress.

4. Use your Upline!

Be sure you chose a sponsor that you mesh with, talk to them on the phone before signing up under them. Be sure that they have their recruits best interest at heart so that when you need their guidance and advice, they are able and willing to help you. DS is a relationship business. Relationships between the DS Representatives as well as between you and your customers!


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