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Junk Mail - Some of it is Fun to Look At

Updated on April 15, 2016

Cover Shows Sandals

The cover has a pair of Keen sandals. The sandals are a flat piece of sole with about 40 cords woven across. I like them. They look interesting. They look like a basketball net, with a tennis shoe sewed to the top.

What else is in this catalog? It's not like I have never gotten catalogs before, and it's not like I never order. I have gotten some interesting things that were in catalogs that just appeared at my door, so their direct marketing is effective now and again.

Direct Marketing

Isn't that the point of direct marketing? You send someone a catalog. Your investment is in printing and postage.

They might look through it, or they might not. The chance is 50/50 percent.

The photo on the front of the catalog may or may not get them to look. On my catalog, there is a picture of a sandal and a waterproof camera. You have to turn to page 49 to see the camera.

Good idea. Look at page 49. First of all, I'm going to turn to page 49.

To Page 49

Musing: When I try to go to page 49, it takes me how many attempts to find the right page.

Here we go. Opening catalog: my first attempt, lands me on page 25. Ooops. Well. What is on page 25? [See how this works? I'm forced to look for the page number, which is hard to read and I look at the pictures on the page. These two pages [pages 24 and 25] have 5 paragraphs of sales information and17 photos of things like CD's, photo albums, cabinets, radios, stereos, magnifying glass, lights and a picture of a couch with glasses and slippers.

Second Attempt to Find 49

Of course, I need to flip the pages to the right, since page 49 should be further into the catalog.

Here goes: page 45. Huh. Well. Getting closer. Still not on page 49.

What's on page 45? And, 44. Let's see. We have: 9 in 1 pens. Secure, electronic password organizer, iPad storage booster, aluminum power pack for your iPhone, Bluetooth keyboard, low light vision boosters, recharging HQ for your entire family.

I'm interested in the pen that contains tools. I don't have an iPhone. On to page? 47/48, 49.

Page 49

I'm here. I'm really here.

But, you know what? I'm so interested on getting to page 49, after all my page shifting, that when I look at the photos on page 49, I see the sandals from the cover, a snorkel, and drumroll, the camera on page 49.

The camera, that I have forgotten. I was so interested in page 49, that I forgot that page 49 contained the camera featured on the cover. Personally, I don't want a camera that goes underwater, but, then again.


I remember, years ago, swimming underwater and opening up my eyes.

Yes. You can open your eyes. How much damage you are doing to your eyes with the goop in the water is beside the point. Anyway.

Would I want a camera to take pictures while I was opening up my eyes? Taking a picture would involve focusing the camera - looking through a view finder, while simultaneously holding my breath. I would have 2.2 seconds to decide whether I had a good shot or not, and then, I'd have to swim back to the surface, carrying a camera.

I am not a good swimmer. I'd have to drop the camera. Maybe it has a strap. Oh, I don't know about the strap, yet, but one of their descriptive words to describe your picture taking experience is that the experience is breathtaking.

Yeah. I can even imagine that without going in the water.

You Want to Try?

Get a Herrington Spring 2016 catalog, and try this for yourself.


Did you see how this is done?

I'm going to share something with you. This catalog was thrown away and sitting by my wood stove. I rescued it from the fingers of fire because of you, dear reader. I wanted to share this moment with you.

Thanks for reading!


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      2 years ago from Shelton

      this was entertaining at best.. kind of enjoyed the read :)


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