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Retire To A New Career

Updated on October 28, 2013


My name is Kay, I'm Irish living in Australia, and when we were here for only 5 years my husband was invited to France to assist with the implementation of the reservation system for the new Eurostar fast train, which now carries millions of people across Europe, via under the English channel. There are actually 2 of these trains, the other which is called the "chunnel" also carries cars and trucks etc.

Anyway, my husband's contract was to be for 1 to 2 years but lasted for 10.

I joined him in France during the 3rd year, having "to"d and "fro"d" many times in this period. We had an exciting time exploring all the neighbouring countries and made some great French friends and many from other nations too. We loved every moment of it, including the famous French cuisine.

I find Ann Sieg

Attraction Marketing

My husbandstill enjoys his full-time career and has no wish to retire,which is admirable and healthy for him, and so, I also wanted another interest for myself. It was while "surfing" the net I came across a lady named Ann Sieg. I read her Ebook, & having dabbled very briefly with traditional MLM I totally related to everything she wrote, it has been a challenge, but I'm so happy that I signed up with Ann. I'm now so busy with my business, having followed up with The Renegade University that I just about fit in, my gym, painting and playing the piano. I wish there were more hours in the day. Life is good.

Renegade University

Step-By-Step-Instructions & Tutorials

I really wanted to do something productive for me, at the same time help others, such as my daughters and other "want to work at home mums",and retirees too, (and for all you empty nesters out there, there is, life after the children ) to be able to work, based at home, so having read Ann's Ebook I decided to take it a step further & sign up for The Renegade University, teaching Attraction Marketing. It is certainly a much more interesting & rewarding way of Internet Network Marketing that I have seen to date, along with Magnetic Sponsoring by a chap called Mike Dillard, & even if you're not very computer literate Mike Klingler ( who's a bit of a hero to me ) will take you step-by-step through all the training at the University & then get you started on The Renegade Professional at step 3. It's my new career.


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