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Keep a Positive Social Media Plan

Updated on July 6, 2010

Keep a Positive Social Media Plan

When developing your social media marketing plan, you’ll want to remember to keep everything on the positive side, in both your own postings and your commentary on other people’s Facebook official page. Your plan will include such tactics as promotion strategy, content strategy and engagement strategy to make sure that it brings you sales leads, for that’s the purpose of engaging in social media for your business.

To get listeners, and fans for your Facebook official page, you have to first get people to notice you with a promotion strategy that can include putting your page names and blog site on everything you print and email. Secondly, you need to offer content that is of value to people. Your social media plan can be made of all types of content – articles, photos, videos and podcasts – that provides new information and something that makes people want to respond. Some of the ideas are to post a contest on Facebook, or the cheaper route of asking people what they like or don’t like.  A survey is another fun way to get lots of input. This is also part of your engagement strategy to keep people to continue visiting your site or page.

When you have other sites that you’re following on your social media dashboard, you’ll want to make sure that when you comment that you always post positive messages. You never want to take away from the main topic when commenting, for that is not only inconsiderate social media marketing etiquette, it just doesn’t get you business.  When you comment where others are answering questions and responding to observations, realize that others are listening in. Your comments should be a part of your social media plan to become the expert in your industry. You’ve got to look at every comment you make as either positive marketing or possibly un-marketing.


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    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 7 years ago

      Excellent advice. Well written.

    • stevebuchalter profile image

      stevebuchalter 7 years ago from Knysna, South Africa

      Great info Dough - I like the idea of keeping everthing positive. No-one wants to be connected with a loser or a negative person