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Keep Your Customers By Offering Unbeaten Support

Updated on July 14, 2014

Consumers today can log onto to any social media platform and express their displeasure. The negative comments posted on social media can have a significant impact on any company. We saw this outcome when musician Dave Carroll expressed his displeasure with United Airlines on social media. One thing that could have helped was better customer service. The best way to do this is to ensure a business uses the best help desk software.

Businesses that are providing poor customer service have often noticed the effects of social media. The accessibility of apps on a smartphone or other mobile device will mean voicing complaints is easy for just about any customer to do. Significant media attention will often be found on social media platforms. The result is usually bad PR for any company that is affected.

Many software vendors today are focusing their efforts on automation. This is the best option to help a business simplify the process of handing support tickets that are generated. Vendors may also include a variety of offering analytical products. These are software products that are able to help any company to address bottlenecks with their customer support process.

The improvement of help desk software means it is more accessible for many companies. Most options will use the Internet is some capacity. The changes go well beyond basic features. Businesses today are now realizing customers have a world-wide outlet to vent any problems or issues. Any responses to comments made on social media are crucial to a business's customer service. Vendors offer a variety of products that can aid companies in providing a better customer experience.


Kayako Fusion is this vendor's flagship product. This software has features which include the ability to have conversations via live chat, email, and even voice. There is also a remote desktop option. The use of remote desktop features will even allow sharing screenshots.

A help Sumo customer support software has new into marketplace as well as satisfied that using a peoples. The software is an easy to run, reliable, secure and fast and user-friendly with all basic & advanced features included.

The Software becomes a big competitor in the marketplace. Which software has positive reviews on social media sites out there.


There are many helpful features that are included with this software application. Emails from a customer can easily be converted into support tickets. Customer tickets may be customized for any purpose or need of a business. Integration with Google apps is also available.


Many well-known companies use this help desk software solution. This is a versatile product that has a variety of features. The latest release from this vendor is “Help Center” and is an app that can offer any customer a self-service solution to help solve problems and issues. Customer can also place a call if the issue was not adequately resolved.

This is a web-based help desk solution that requires minimal setup. Questions can come from an email or social media. Phone calls from customers are also supported.

Zoho Support

Businesses can use this vendor's web-based software to quickly address customer requests. There is an option to include a knowledge base and customization options for support tickets. Any requirements of a business can be included by making any changes that are necessary.


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