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Keep your life as simple as possible and everything will fall into place

Updated on September 17, 2016

Meditation, I find, can come in many forms. Self talk is the most prevalent. That little voice that dictates your life, it can be inescapable at times and sometimes your worst enemy. But like anything else you can change it through training and discipline. Owning your own business is one of the most complex things you can do in life. It takes so much out of you and tests your worth every day, so questioning your own worth should be a constant in many aspects for a long time.
It is only going to be about you and your point of view until you realize how little that actually means when you are relying on more and more people to do the necessary work, and just when you think you have everything figured out, you will face a bigger hurdle with even more powerful people telling you why you cannot do something.
Mr. Burns from The Simpsons is the perfect character, the typical Scrooge who wants more and more when he doesn’t even realize what good things he has. You need to be that guy sometimes and the more you get away from that cocaine high and rarer it becomes the more people will be drawn to your success.
It is not difficult for people to impress a stranger. All you need is a smile and the feeling that everything is going to be alright. That becomes effortless and so beautiful it can bring some people to tears because it is becoming something you only see on phony TV. Oh and by the way, if you think you can learn a damn thing on TV you should dig your own grave. If you want the news, go on the internet; it is 2016, no one watches TV anywhere not even at Grandma’s.
Tone it down on your interests, if you are too crazy for one thing in particular bring another interest to the table, or if you are like me, you need to focus more on one thing instead of being all over the place and as I have been told, spreading myself too thin. Moderation is King in business but so is momentum and remembering exactly what you did when you felt like you ran your own world, just remember how critical humility can be.


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