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Updated on May 1, 2009

Keeping A Good Work Ethic

Everyone was hit by the economic downturn.  Job cuts and reduced hours signified the effects of recession.  At work the first move was to close one unit of the three units the company occupied.  No long term hiring occurred. 

Two to three months were the longest hiring period of temporary workers from the agency. No new employee was absorbed by the company.

Working nine hours purely on standing position doing repetitive hand movement sometimes slowed down my performance. But my speed was not the main factor that I felt not to be laid -off but it is the end result and positive attitude on how I finished the product carefully.

"They looked real", as my co-worker described my work.  At one point I maybe a little bit slow than my other counterparts but the quality of my craftsmanship and unique painting clearly transformed the intricate designs of firelogs. These sets of firelogs are being supplied to fireplace assemblers and sold locally and for export. If not followed there is no art and beauty at all.  The whole artwork come to life.

In my mind, if I would be a business owner I wanted my products to be sold right away and make more profit to maintain the business.  That's what I think they observed the way I've done my  work.  Keep in mind workers help in building the business and employers look for these employees and become their key players in running their businesses.

The following tips can be helpful to anyone who wants to keep his/her job.

1.  Show some initiative into the task assigned to you.  Supplies like rubber gloves may not come on time that can be bought in dollar stores instead of waiting one to two weeks. Buy one for your personal use at work, your hand will stay in shape and be protected. The boss will notice and take note of this.

 2.  Observe your time diligently and conciously. When working be mindful of the volume not the time you spend working.  Dragging your pace if it is a piece work does not compensate you. Your wage will not increase.  The more you produce, the more you get paid.

3  Do your best.  It makes a difference working to kill time and working to make the most of it.  Consumers buy high quality and presentable home products.  The more sales generated by the company the more they increase wages to qualified employees.

4.  Be friendly. Develop an attitude to listen carefully to constructive criticisms. Take them as your guideline and blend them with your own injected strategies to improve your over-all performance.

5.  Be dependable.  Underquality work is more than an unfinish work.  Supervisors can be annoying checking your work frequently.  Most hiring ads look for people that could work independently with less supervison.


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