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Key Cabinets – what you need to know to store your keys safely

Updated on February 12, 2010

Key cabinets have been around for a lot of years, safely storing keys and managing key organization.  But they’ve come a long ways since the simple days of a lock box hanging on the wall.  Modern key cabinets have the capacity to store hundreds of keys and keep them organized with proper labeling and modular key separation.  Also, for easy access for multiple personnel, the electronic key cabinet has an electronic keypad for punching in a combination.  These key cabinets are essential for keeping your keys organized and safe, but there are a few things you should know before finding your next one.

Whether you’re replacing an old key cabinet or buying a brand new one, one of the most important things you’ll want to consider is your key capacity.  There’s going to be a significant price difference between the simple lockable key cabinet and the 100 key capacity one.  Don’t forget to keep in mind your future key capacity.  If you think there’s a potential to need a bigger size now it’s worth the investment, it’ll cost you a lot more in the long run to buy another one down the road

The combination key cabinet has become very affordable.  These cabinets can be either a simple punch code, much like you’d use on a door, or a more elaborate electronic model.  The electronic key cabinets are nice because they provide an additional layer of security.  Being electronic they can provide longer more elaborate passwords to keep visitors and would-be thieves from trying to crack the punch code.  However, because these can be expensive, most people will opt to go with a simple combination key cabinet. A nice and simple model is the ShurLok combination key cabinet.  It has a sleek black design, a rotary combination dial and a 48 key capacity.  What’s nice about this model is that you never have to worry about wearing out buttons or the battery dying; this comes in handy if the key cabinet is being accessed dozens of times a day.

Every once in a while there’s a time when you need to have a key locked up (just one) but don’t want to use a giant key cabinet.  For this occasion, GE has a Stor-a-key locking key case that has room enough for one key and locks closed with a combination wheel similar to a bike lock.  Just stash your key there and scroll in your combination to gain access; it’s real simple.  In fact, this is actually cheaper than most of the combination key cabinets.  So if you need a cost effective way for multiple people to access the cabinet, you can use the single key case to store the key for the key cabinet.  It’s an additional step so it all depends on how much of a pain it is.

Now to find the best price on key cabinets you’ll need to do a little bit of homework.  First, you’ll need to have identified which type of cabinet you need.  Once you have that in mind, check around online to get an idea of the prices for the particular model or models that you want.  With a little bit of research you should be able to find the best price on cheap key cabinets.


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