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Key to Company Success

Updated on May 18, 2016

Some companies are too focused on internal linngkungan and forget about the external role, the company only weigh on profits and focus pursued in various ways that seem inconsequential. Let's change this paradigm, now is not the era of the 90s, the company not only rely on its internal role in the era of sophisticated yanng this time, the customer can menentukkan own products and can learn it yourself. It was no longer using the ratings SWOT (Strenghts Weakness, Opprtunnities, Threats) analysis but TOWS (Threats, opprtunities, Weakness, strenghts), look out first, then get your ammunition to enter the market are complicated.

Changes had to be done because Indonesia is now entering the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) ,, so tight competition between companies of ASEAN can not be avoided. take advantage of every opportunity, improve your service to the customer, note any existing threats, fix your internal.


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