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Key to Unlock Doors of SAP fresher jobs

Updated on July 14, 2015
CareerBuilder India SAP Fresher Jobs
CareerBuilder India SAP Fresher Jobs | Source


One cannot transform into an expert from being a fresher in an overnight. It takes dedication, effort, diligence, willingness to learn and grow as a professional, be it any job domain, industry or a sector. Similarly, the road which leads to being an expert SAP consultant begins from SAP fresher jobs, from where you start your journey in this dynamic and ever-changing skill pool.

There is no potion that would make you an expert SAP consultant, except your own self. Those who are driven by passion, an urge to refresh and share the knowledge that they possess, are the ones who can unlock the doors of success, over a period of time.

Here in this hub, I have shared all the vital ingredients of developing an expertise in SAP, right from your first SAP fresher job.

CareerBuilder India SAP fresher Jobs
CareerBuilder India SAP fresher Jobs | Source

Conceptual Knowledge

A SAP Certification doesn't serve as the key to success, moreover, your success is dependent on your passion and career goals. To become an expert in SAP, you can't just rely on the conceptual knowledge that you possess, as SAP is highly dynamic, where new concepts, functionality and features are added on a regular basis, making it highly essential for a SAP consultant to keep themselves updated with the developments.

Learning never ends and is a lifelong process, which is the key determinant of your success as a SAP consultant. SAP consultant is not a profession, it is a life long journey where you need to constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills in SAP.

A strong foundation of fundamentals and no gaps in the conceptual knowledge, are the two pillars on which your career will grow vertically upwards to touch the sky.

Business Process Knowledge

Business process knowledge means the know-how of all the processes that are involved in the functioning of a business, leading to a common business goal. As a consultant it is essential to know, how and where an activity begins and what are the next iterations in the process that are performed. This is one practise that you must begin to learn at the initial stages of each project, so to ensure, efficiency and productivity once the project is in a full swing. Business processes are dynamic and are not similar across industries, organizations or sectors. Hence, over a period of time, with experience you will develop a deep know-how of business processes from diversified industry.

However, the mantra here is to, acquire as much as you can about business processes from day one of your SAP Fresher job. As learning on a day to day basis, will culminate into a bigger and extensive knowledge base.

To help you gain clarity over these, here are some examples of Business Processes; Stock Taking, Inventory Management, Invoice Generation, Cost Sheets, Fund Flows, Banking Operations, Purchase Order, Procurement, Profit and Loss Accounts, Forecasting and et cetera.


Configuration Skills

If you don't know how to drive, then you have to depend upon someone else to drive you around. Similar is the case with SAP, if you do not develop an expertise or even an outline of how to configure SAP, then you would be dependent on other SAP consultants, which will have major impact not only in your productivity, but also in your growth and learning.

Practise is the only way to enhance your skills in configuration, exploring the options yourself shall serve you with the confidence to pursue a project. Also, understanding the impact from end user standpoint, following the business processes and guidelines are also a component of being a maestro in configuration skills.

Community Network

SAP has a network of consultants based in various locations all across the globe. This community network serves a platform for SAP consultants to share their knowledge as articles, blogs, discussion forums, videos et cetera. Knowledge multiplies when shared, and sharing your knowledge or insights on the community network will help you develop a better understanding of the concepts along with the recognition for making a contribution towards the enrichment of the community.

This is a highly active network of SAP consultants where they share their knowledge, answer questions asked by a SAP consultant and keep the community updated with the latest findings and developments in SAP.

Interview Tips for SAP Fresher Jobs

We all know how crucial it is to perform in the interview when you apply for SAP fresher jobs. Being a fresher, you have to prove yourself worthy and efficient to get hired, which makes it essential for you to prepare for an interview, with stress on certain aspects of your professional profile, on the basis of which recruiters will judge your feasibility as a potential hire.

So here are some guidelines which will help you crack an interview and get a head start in your career with SAP Fresher jobs.

1. Be Presentable

As the proverb says, “First Impression is the last impression”. Hence, how you present yourself is the most important aspect, as it is the first thing a recruiter will notice in you. Your body language, your clothing, your communication and your gestures, are a pointer towards judging your personality. As a consultant, you would be facing the client, which makes it highly essential for recruiters to hire candidates who are presentable and are confident.

For the interview wear a business suit, maintain correct body posture and look confident, as these are the points that play a major role in determining your candidature.

2. Strengthen your Weak Areas

You must have appeared for interviews in the past, which might not have resulted into a job offer, do not bother about your failures, rather learn from them. Identify your weak areas, where you could not perform in your previous interviews and work towards strengthening them for the next interview.

The more interviews you appear for, the more confidence you will gain. Don't loose hope if you couldn't perform in your first interview, as no body is perfect, it's just that one has to work towards achieving perfection in whatever they do.

3. Give Real World Examples

While being interviewed, give examples of how you can implement SAP in any of the Business Processes of a company. This would give you an upper hand, confidence and will definitely help you impress the interviewer. While preparing for an interview, search for case studies and think of how you can implement SAP to enhance the business processes, this would help the recruiter know about your analytical skills and abilities.

4. Demonstrate Flexibility

SAP is a career where one treads a career path along with being aligned to the learning curve. This makes it important to judge a candidate on his openness to learn and grow. Demonstrate a positive attitude, your willingness to learn and share. Let the recruiter know how you get inspired to know and learn about things that captivate your interest and how you get interested in knowing what other individuals around you are doing.

This is one of the most essential aspect of your professional being, even if you have strong base of technical knowledge and other competencies, but the lack of openness to learn and grow would give you every reason to fail in an interview.


These are the guidelines, if you follow these your search for SAP fresher job will end soon and without towering your disappointments, which you might have had went through in the past. However, there is no sure-shot means to land with a job after the first interview, once you follow these tips, taking steps in the direction of building up on these attributes shall unlock the doors of SAP Fresher jobs sooner or later.

This video shall help you crafting a resume for SAP fresher jobs


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